Strata Conference NY: The Accidental Chief Privacy Officer


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Strata Conference
New York
September 23, 2011

The first generation of chief privacy officers were typically attorneys, charged with the formulation and enforcement of privacy policies. Times have changed. Given the speed and complexity of technology, the privacy policy is necessary but hardly sufficient. Because we live much of our lives in public, both online and offline, the Internet is transforming the anonymity of our cities into the familiarity of small towns. Privacy is deeply ingrained within the technology that manages this personal data. The products and services driving this transformation must consider privacy from the earliest design sessions.

Today’s engineer CPO, and I’m one, must deeply involve themselves with the technology and product design process to bake-in privacy. This new breed of CPO is comfortable in an engineering scrum, product focus group, reviewing pending regulations, or analyzing A/B test results. They have the historical awareness, frontier spirit, regulatory caution, technical chops, and innovator’s curiosity to work through the toughest data issues. The promise of the engineer CPO is that products, not only safeguard privacy, but compete on it.

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Strata Conference NY: The Accidental Chief Privacy Officer

  1. Austin Alleman@allemanau<br />The Accidental Chief Privacy Officer<br />Jim AdlerChief Privacy Officer & General Manager, Data SystemsIntelius<br />twitter: @jim_adler<br />Strata Conference, New YorkSeptember 2011<br />
  2. Direct-to-consumer provider of public information about people and businesses. <br />Discover each other to make better decisions and empower yourself to take control of your reputation.<br />comScore top 100 site, 11M unique, paying customers.<br />About INTELIUS<br />
  3. Billions of Records<br />300 Million People<br />The “Big Data” People Search Problem<br />213 records mapped <br />to the correct 37 Jim Adlers<br />Randolph Hutchins<br />5 People<br />Philip Collins<br />375 People<br />Jim Adler<br />213 Records37 People<br />Jim Adler<br />McKinney, TX<br />Age 57<br />Gwen Fleming<br />2 People<br />Jim Adler<br />Houston, TX<br />Age 68<br />Carol Brooks<br />9800 Records<br />1250 People<br />Jim Adler<br />Hastings, NE<br />Age 32<br />Jim Adler<br />Canaan, NH<br />Age 59<br />Jim Adler<br />Redmond, WA<br />Age 48<br />Jim Adler<br />Denver, CO<br />Age 48<br />
  4. “Dennis Rodman” Profile<br />
  5. Intelligence<br />I am not an<br />Attorney<br />Geek<br />Dweeb<br />Nerd<br />SocialIneptitude<br />Obsession<br />Dork<br />
  6. Mark Zuckerberg<br />Real Names<br />Richard Feynman<br />Physics<br />Norio Ohga<br />Sony President<br />74 min CD<br />Jeff Jonas<br />Big Data<br />Privacy by Design<br />Steve Jobs<br />‘nuff said<br />Eclectic Innovators<br />
  7. Agenda<br />Innocence<br />Frontier<br />Regulation<br />Innovation<br />Austin Alleman@allemanau<br />
  8. Frontier<br />
  9. The surface web is small…<br />167 Terabytes<br />
  10. Compared to the deep web…<br />91,000 Terabytes<br />
  11. ~20Exabytes<br />(20B GB)<br />Data from <br />dawn of civilization<br />through 2002<br />Data from <br />April 2011<br />
  12. Reconnecting out-of-touch family members<br />Online shoppers verifying online sellers<br />Caller ID of harassing phone calls<br />Law enforcement<br />Banking Services<br />Adopted kids seeking their biological parents<br />Learning about a business<br />Airlines trying to return lost luggage<br />Networkers seeking business opportunities<br />Social networkers looking to expand their friends list<br />Professionals learning about colleagues at conferences<br />Social workers who need to know more about their clients<br />Singles curious about the people they meet<br />Lawyers needing quick access to court records<br />Find owner of dog’s relative for transplant<br />Genealogists cultivating their family tree<br />Investigative journalists running down leads<br />Checking out a prospective tenant<br />Research<br />Sales professionals looking for new prospects<br />Non-profit organizations looking for supporters<br />Alumni groups arranging reunions<br />Parents ensuring who their kids safety<br />Anyone retrieving court records<br />Businesses that need to update contact information on customers<br />Checking out a prospective date<br />Finding people that have the same illness as you<br />Sharing<br />Those in legally entangled looking for court records<br />Anyone who need address histories for passports<br />Fiancés and their curious family members<br />Anyone curious about who's emailing or calling them<br />Checking out a prospective social network connection<br />Finding long-lost friends, military buddies, roommates, or classmates<br />Researching a prospective employee<br />Regulated<br />For lots of reasons… (some regulated)<br />
  13. Providing major benefits…<br />51% “major benefit” is ease and convenience<br />41% “major benefit” is portability<br />39% “major benefit is sharing<br />Use of Cloud Computing Applications and Services, Pew 2008<br />
  14. But real concerns…<br />90% “very concerned” if data sold<br />80% “very concerned” if photos used for marketing<br />68% “very concerned” if data used to serve them ads<br />Use of Cloud Computing Applications and Services, Pew 2008<br />
  15. A Prescient Venn Diagram?<br />
  16. Innocence<br />
  17. When towns were small …<br />
  18. “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”− Oscar Wilde<br />Density↓ ->Anonymity↓ ->Privacy Expectation↓<br />
  19. “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” - Mending Wall, Robert Frost<br />Density↑ ->Anonymity↑ ->Privacy Expectation↑<br />
  20. “In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.” − J. Paul Getty<br />#@?$!!<br />“Privacy Vertigo”<br />Density↓ ->Anonymity↓ ->Privacy Expectation↓<br />
  21. What’s in a Nym?<br />Source: Intelius<br />
  22. Regulation<br />
  23. So, how do we think about public and private now?<br />
  24. Public speaking is publicly public<br />
  25. Voting is a privately public<br />
  26. And some things are publicly private<br />
  27. Your home is clearly private<br />
  28. And the Constitution protects your privacy from government …<br />
  29. But no Constitutional protections between citizens<br />
  30. It would be nice … to use familiar framework<br />
  31. Cloud banking clearly private<br />
  32. Tweeting is (mostly) public<br />
  33. Cloud dating is public confidential<br />
  34. FIPPs<br />“Privacy by Design”<br />Consent unnecessary for commonly accepted practices<br />Increased transparency<br />Federal Trade Commission Guidance<br />
  35. Confusion Matrix<br />Predicted<br />Actual<br />
  36. “Policy” Confusion Matrix<br />Regulations<br />Violations<br />
  37. Innovation<br />
  38. Compliance “Evolved”<br />Raw Materials<br />CPO<br />Product Development<br />Marketing<br />Quality Acceptance<br />Release<br />Compliance<br />
  39.  <br />Hilary Mason’s Maxim<br />Math + Code = Awesome<br />Quants<br />Making a killing on Wall Street but still can’t impress the chicks<br /><br />
  40. Corollary to Mason’s Maxim<br />Values * (Math + Code) = Awesome<br />
  41. First Social Network: The Dinner Table<br />We eat. We share.<br />
  42. A Pescatarian Digression<br />
  43. ~10,000<br />GCal<br />~20Exabytes<br />(20B GB)<br />Data in April 2011<br />Food in April 2011<br />
  44. Food Policy Leads Privacy Policy<br />Peanut Butter<br />Hearings<br />Pure FoodAct<br />Labeling Reform<br />FTC Est.<br />CivilRights<br />“SnakeOil”<br />GMO<br />Social<br />MediaAdoption<br />“RobberBarons”<br />Packaged<br />Foods<br />FCRA<br />
  45. “Give Peas a Chance”<br />Monsanto’s Corn<br />Mendel’s Peas<br />?<br />=<br />
  46. “Give me the bad news first, Doc”<br />=<br />“CDC reports investigations of outbreaks”<br />“46 states & DC require notification of a databreach. National legislation upcoming.”<br />
  47. Opaque Transparency Does Not Inform<br />
  48. Transparency Allows Data Driven Decisions<br />
  49. =<br />YOU<br />%<br />%<br />%<br />%<br />%<br />%<br />
  50. Control comes from Awareness<br /><br />Awareness and control of your public profile<br />Privacy controls<br />Reputation management<br />Stay tuned …<br />
  51. Innovation is a team sport<br />Drive confluence of influencewithin your org<br />Be the happy warrior<br />Find clarity within confusion<br />Reports of privacy’s death have been greatly exaggerated …<br />
  52. Questions?<br />Jim AdlerChief Privacy Officer & General Manager, Data SystemsIntelius<br />twitter: @jim_adler<br />Strata Conference, New YorkSeptember 2011<br />