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Final presentation for Newhouse course, #NewhouseSM4. Topic: "Manage Your Crisis Using Social Media"

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  2. 2. Meet Our TeamJillian Marom@JillyM14Klout Score: 49Ashley Seigel@AshleyJSeigelKlout Score: 61Rashaud Thomas@RadioRashaudKlout Score: 51Callan Young@callan_youngKlout Score: 52#NHCrisisComm
  3. 3. Tweet WhatYou KnowWhat do you think is the best social mediaplatform for crisis management?Please answer the following question:#NHCrisisComm@RadioRashaud
  4. 4. What is CrisisManagement?“ A sub-specialty of the public relations profession that isdesigned to protect and defend an individual, company, ororganization facing a public challenge to its reputation.”-PRSAwebsitePR professionals must work quickly to:1. Solve the problem2. Communicate with companys publics3. Repair the companys reputation#NHCrisisComm
  5. 5. Crisis Management &Social MediaPR practitioners utilize various social media platforms to:● Communicate with angry customers● Solve the problem● Apologize● Update publics on the status of the crisis● Restore the companys reputationSocial media platforms used in crisis management:#NHCrisisComm
  6. 6. Handle Your Crisis (ONLINE)● Jonathan Hemus talks about the threeways social media has changed theface of crisis management.○ INSIGNIA COMMUNICATIONS#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisCommManaging Director, Insignia Communications@jhemusinsigniaKlout: 49
  7. 7. Josh Duke#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm@JoshmdukeKlout: 58Standing DogContent Managerand Copywriter
  8. 8. ● March 2013, EA announces launch of SimCity● SimCity required players to be connected to the Internet● On launch day, heavy traffic caused servers to fail, maintenanceissues & download delays● The result? Angry customers expressing their frustration via TwitterEAs SimCity Crisis#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm@Joshmduke
  9. 9. EAs Crisis: SimCityExamples of customers using Twitter to discuss the SimCity crisis:#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm@Joshmduke
  10. 10. Repairing EAs Damage1. Origin, EAs distribution service, used Twitter tocommunicate with customers:#NHCrisisComm2. EA offered its customers a free PC downloadgame from the EA portfolio3. An apology on EAs website from Lucy BradshawGeneral Manager:#NHCrisisComm@Joshmduke
  11. 11. The Aftermath ofEAs Crisis● "With platforms like Twitter, [EA] cancommunicate solutions to problems that otherpeople can search for"● "Companies should use whatever platform theircustomers are on, not simply be on a platform forthe sake of being on a platform"● "By addressing fans on Twitter, Facebook,Google+ etc. companies have a much betterchance of voicing their sides of the story"-Josh Duke#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm@Joshmduke
  12. 12. Analytics andCrisis Management#NHCrisisComm@JoshmdukeStanding Dog usesSprout Social, HootSuite& Radian6 to measurereputation management
  13. 13. #NHCrisisCommKlout Score: 79#NHCrisisComm
  14. 14. BuzzFeedsMajor CrisesHurricane Sandy● Mistakenly distributed online users fake photos● Apologized right away, deleted tweets of incorrect photos● "Straightforward mea culpa type of procedure"○ "19 Viral Images That Definitely Arent Hurricane Sandy"Statistics Dashboard#NHCrisisComm@michaelhayes
  15. 15. BuzzFeeds 2ndMajor CrisisThere were initial tweets from users re-reporting BuzzFeeds incorrect information.#NHCrisisComm@michaelhayes
  16. 16. BuzzFeeds 2ndMajor CrisisSoon after, BuzzFeed & other outlets were bashed for their false ID.#NHCrisisComm@michaelhayes
  17. 17. BuzzFeeds 2ndMajor Crisis● Falsely identified the Newtown Shooter○ Other media outlets did the same● "The biggest mess up weve probably had"● Deleted their post and tweet right away; apologized for RE-reporting CNNs news● Editor-in-Chief published on BuzzFeed the next day and gave timeline of how the reportingand false information went downSandy Hook Elementary School#NHCrisisComm@michaelhayes
  18. 18. An SocialMedia ExpertsOpinion:Do you think social mediahas made it easier or morechallenging to repair abrand when in a crisissituation?● "Ive found that people are more forgiving online"○ The Onion & Quvenzhane Wallis○ BuzzFeed on The Onions apology● A more established brand or company v. new company● You can come back pretty easily from the majority of crises#NHCrisisComm@michaelhayes
  19. 19. "twitter needs to get more nimblewhen it comes to finding fakeaccounts and deleting offensivetweets more efficiently"*Kevin Ware#NHCrisisComm@michaelhayesA Social MediaExpertsOpinion:Do you think social mediahas made it easier or morechallenging to repair abrand when in a crisissituation?
  20. 20. Daniel Craig@dcraigKlout: 58Founder of Reknown: an independentconsultancy specializing in social mediastrategy and online reputation management forhotels and the travel industry.#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm
  21. 21. Daniel Craig#NHCrisisComm"If a brand acts swiftly, is transparent and showscare and concern, the story may become abouthow well the brand managed the crisis asopposed to the crisis itself."#NHCrisisComm@dcraig
  22. 22. Heinekens Crisis#NHCrisisCommPhotos surfaced of adogfight with Heinekenbanners in the background.People expressed outrageat Heinekens possibleinvolvement.#NHCrisisComm@dcraig
  23. 23. Heinekens CrisisHeineken issued a promptstatement on their facebookpage"An official response is a critical step.It should be honest and sincere,should speak to your company’scredentials, and should be authoredby a senior executive. Post it to onechannel—your website or blog, avideo—and direct all inquiries there."-Daniel Craig#NHCrisisComm@dcraig
  24. 24. Uniteds CrisisIn 2008, Canadianmusician, Dave Carroll,saw baggage handlersthrowing around his$3,500 guitar. Healerted the flightattendants who didntdo anything. When hearrived at his finaldestination, he foundout his guitar wasbroken.#NHCrisisComm
  25. 25. Uniteds CrisisAfter getting the runaround from Unitedfor 9 months, he made a youtube videoabout the incident.To date, it has over7 million views.United Airlines failed to respondquickly to the video and reports showthat their stock price dropped 10%following the success of the video.#NHCrisisComm
  26. 26. Morgan JohnstonKlout: 65Manager of CorporateCommunicationsSocial Media Strategist#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm@MHJohnston
  27. 27. Meeting MorganJohnston#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm@MHJohnston
  28. 28. Morgan Johnston#NHCrisisComm“With the growth of social, the need to respond comes as fast as the initial Tweets are seen”“SM allows us to own our message, talking directly to our customers rather than through the filterof more established media channels. To a company like JetBlue that values transparency anddirect relationships with our customers, this is an incredible opportunity”"A social community is likely to quickly start drawing their own conclusions on any story. Thisearly misinformation can often overpower late-but-accurate statements""The value of a sustained direct and honest dialog with customers through social media can beinvaluable in times of crisis. Our focus on those individual connections with our customers, andthe humanity we inspire with open conversations generates a lot of good will. That good willreturns to us as trust in our desire to confront a crisis when they hit"#NHCrisisComm@MHJohnston
  29. 29. How JetBlue PR Responds to ‘erratic’ captain crisisCaptain reportedly flipped out. Walked to the back of the plane and returned to thecockpit door, which he started beating while screaming about bombs, Iraq, Afghanistan,and more. The TSA described his behavior as "erratic."JetBlue Posted a statement to its Blog & Twitter“Customers have safely deplaned and we’re sending a new aircraft and crew" Johnston#NHCrisisComm
  30. 30. Morgan Johnston#NHCrisisCommWhat we learned:● Customers want to hear the explanation● Customers can sense authenticity● Interaction and transparency build engagement● Issuing a statement quickly● Releasing information as it is available (without jumping the gun)● Sticking to consistent messaging, reviewing practices, being transparent● Engaging questions via social mediaBuild goodwill through daily engagement#NHCrisisComm@MHJohnston
  31. 31. Some crises you just cant avoid. If that were the case there wouldnt bepeople devoted to crisis management. What you can do is address themquickly and efficiently.Advice to a brand dealing with a communications crisis for the first time:Have a crisis plan in place, whether you expect one or not. Thanks to socialmedia, the rate at which good or bad information can spread is increased. If aplan is not in place, seconds wont enough to get the situation under control.The Current& The Future#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm
  32. 32. Social media strategist, Daniel Craig, suggestsbrands follow these steps to handle a crisis.1. Act quickly to contain it2. Publish an official response3. Monitor commentary4. Rally supportersThe Current& The Future#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm
  33. 33. Strategists believe the future of crisis managementwill be in pre-crisis communication and tools thatwill help monitor the conversation.The Current& The Future#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm
  34. 34. The Current& The Future#NHCrisisComm#NHCrisisComm
  35. 35. Thank you!#NHCrisisComm@jhemusinsignia@joshmduke@michaelhayes@dcraig@MHJohnston