Computer group 3 graffiti presies final compressed


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ESL3 students created slides to introduce examples of Graffiti on the streets of Melbourne

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Computer group 3 graffiti presies final compressed

  1. 1. Our examples ofGraffiti in MelbourneArt or vandalism?
  2. 2. Amina: slide 2This building is theParlament ofVictoria.Can you see thegraffiti?
  3. 3. Amina slides 3This picture is onvery high wallnext to the YarraRiver. The graffitihas very nicecolours.It’s close to thefoot path.
  4. 4. Damayanthi: slide 1This photo isstreet art inMelbourne.I like the colours.But This graffiti isvery bad becauseIt is makes cityugly.
  5. 5. Damayanthi: slide 2This graffiti is onold home inMelbourne.I Iike the design.
  6. 6. FATUMA: SLIDE 1The traffic signalbox at the cornerof victoria andCharles streets inAbbotsford .And this imagelooks likeinteresting becauseit’s looks colourful
  7. 7. Fozia: slide 1I think this photoshows a police man.He is looking maybeat some people inthe road.The graffiti behindhim it looks ugly.
  8. 8. Fozia: slide 2I think this man is atrain inspectorlooking for peoplein trouble.
  9. 9. Fozia: slide 3• This graffiti is ona very high wallnext the Yarrariver.• This picturelooks like agraffiti man.They make onthe wall cartoongraffiti its veryfunny.
  10. 10. Hang: Slide 1This lovely picturemakes meremember mychildhood.I played this gamewith my youngerbrother when wehad school holidayin summer. Hemade this birdsand kites himself.
  11. 11. HANG: SLIDE 2You can see this streetgraffiti some where underthe Johnson street bridgeHow do you think aboutthis?My opinion is that thisgraffiti is not bad. But ifthere was no graffiti itwould look more beautiful.
  12. 12. Huong VU: slide 1I like this image thismy God but I don’tLike the dollars on hischest .The red stripes makeme look at the photo.
  13. 13. Huong Vu slide 2This graffiti look like thelobster but the facemakes me scared. Idon’t like this picture.Some children they notscared they think funnywhen they see thisphoto on the wall.
  14. 14. Khuyen : Slide 2• I like this picture ofstreet art on a wallin Melbourne.• The picture hasbeautiful colours.• And it is close to thefootpath when thepeople are walkingaround here theycan see it easily.
  15. 15. Phuong: slide 2• This graffiti look likethe lobster but theface makes mescared I don’t like thispicture.• Some children arenot scared they thinkit is Funny when theysee this photo on thewall.
  16. 16. Sophie: Slide 2I like this image isreally good- I likemother rabbitbehave look afterthe little rabbit.
  17. 17. Sophie: slide 3This picture is a Concrete postin the pavement in the street.Someone drew the watercome from the hole and thefrog standing there waitingfor some thing to eat.I like this picture because thewater come from the holegrow the little flowers andother way may be have a littlefrog come from the hole too.
  18. 18. Sue Phan:slide 1• I dont know what thisabout, Im justinterested , could be acastle, but thefoundation is notgood.• But his skills andknowledge are highand the colours arewonderful .
  19. 19. Sue: slide 4• This is a blue turtle onthe shop window – itlooks attractive andgets people’sattention – they stopfor minute to look atit, me too.• On the turtle’s backare modern buildingsin the central city.• Sometimes goodgraffiti can improveyoung people skillsknowledge, if ugly,graffiti make streetworst.