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The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base: Documentation, Connections and Visualizations


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Talk given at "What are Digital Humanities?" at the University of Oslo, June 14, 2013.

A presentation of the ELMCIP Knowledge Base and the ways in which we've been working with visualization, and an addendum about alternative data sources for exploring what electronic literature - or the digital humanities - are. Most of the visualizations in this presentation and most of the slides themselves were made by Scott Rettberg.

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The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base: Documentation, Connections and Visualizations

  1. 1. ELMCIP is a 3-year collaborative research projectrunning from June 2010-2013 and a part of the HERAJoint Research Project framework:Humanities as a Source of Creativity and InnovationELMCIP involves seven European research partnersand one non-academic partner investigating:How creative communities of practitioners formwithin a transnational and transcultural contextin a globalized and distributed communicationenvironmentProject Leader: Scott Rettberg, University of Bergen
  3. 3. The ELMCIP ElectronicLiterature Knowledge Base
  4. 4. 1729  Crea*ve  Works  documented  
  5. 5. 1992  ar*cles  of  Cri*cal  Wri*ng  documented  
  6. 6. 1730  authors  referenced  
  7. 7. Publishers,  journals,  and  organiza*ons  mapped  
  8. 8. Key  conferences,  exhibi*ons,  seminars  archived  
  9. 9. …even  as  they  unfold  
  10. 10. Teaching  resources  made  available  on  an  open  access  basis  
  11. 11. Video  and  mul*media  documenta*on  of  works  and  events  made  accessible  
  12. 12. Extensive  cross-­‐referencing  to  show  works  in  their  cri*cal  contexts  
  13. 13. Archival  aMachments  such  as  full  text  pdfs  and  source  code  
  14. 14. Capturing  the  emergent  vocabulary  of  a  field  
  15. 15. Tag cloud from ELO conference papers
  16. 16. Other tags appearing on works tagged hypertext
  17. 17. Other tags appearing on works tagged Flash
  18. 18. Other tags on critical writing tagged embodiment
  19. 19. Authorship of creative works documented in the KB
  20. 20. Authorship of works documented in the KB
  21. 21. Critical Writing references to Creative Works in the KB
  22. 22. All creative works in the KB, with authors and tags
  23. 23. All creative and critical works presented at events in the KB
  24. 24. 2002 ELO State of the Arts Exhibition
  25. 25. 2008 ELO Media Arts show
  26. 26. ELO 2010 Critical Writing
  27. 27. ELO 2010 Creative Works
  28. 28. ELO Facebook Group Activity
  29. 29. Books also bought by people whobought books about electronicliterature (
  30. 30. hMp://  Use,  research,  contribute,  par*cipate!