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Thrasher Commercial Group


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Thrasher Commercial Group

  1. 1. Thrasher Commercial Group
  2. 2. • Thrasher Overview • PolyLEVEL Installation • Case Studies • Questions and General Discussion AGENDA
  3. 3. Provides engineered solutions for deep foundation systems, earth retention, concrete lifting, leveling and sealing. Hundreds of projects completed annually ranging in value from $5k to over $1m In-house engineering staff at Supportworks includes nationally recognized structural and geotechnical engineers Partner with local and regional municipalities, industry leading engineers, architects and general contractors Thrasher Commercial Group
  4. 4. Bill Hagestad – Sr. Solutions Specialist • Transportation, Utilities & Telecom Todd Royal – Solutions Specialist • Building, Healthcare & Education Jesse Albert – Solutions Specialist • Agriculture & Manufacturing Mike Demel – Business Development Bill Stazzoni – Business Development Sales Team
  5. 5. Deep Foundations Client Solutions
  6. 6. Helical Piles • Strong and versatile solution for deep foundation systems • Able to support wall load and/or pile caps supporting massive load • Installed by hand, small skid- steer or excavator, helical piles are flexible in areas with decreased access • Need soils information to design the system
  7. 7. • Ideal for stabilizing and/or lifting sinking or settling foundations • Systems use high strength steel tubing and load-transferring brackets to transfer structural force to competent, load-bearing soils or bedrock • Piers are hydraulically driven to competent strata until the desired capacity is obtained Push Piers/ Micropiles
  8. 8. Earth Retention Client Solutions
  9. 9. Helical Soil Nails Soil nail walls are similar to helical anchors but use a combination of soil nails, wire mesh and ShotLock® Temporary and permanent solutions
  10. 10. ShotLock ShotLock® is a fiber-reinforced concrete material that is applied directly to a wall surface with pneumatic pressure The application process, combined with the materials, provide for a final product that is more than 2x the strength of conditional concrete A versatile solution, ShotLock® can be used to construct, reinforce or repair walls, bridges, tunnels and other structural elements
  11. 11. Helical Anchors & Tiebacks Provide lateral stability for foundations and retaining walls with unbalanced earth pressures Applications include but are not limited to retaining wall, soldier pile/timber lagging wall, sheet piling support, and retrofit embedment of foundation walls Installed with hand tools and/or small equipment to provide a flexible solution for areas with limited access
  12. 12. Geo-Lock Wall Anchors Designed to support bowed, leaning or sheared foundation/retaining walls subject to unbalanced earth pressures Uses end plates to develop the necessary capacity to “lock” the structure into place Flexible installation and minimal equipment needs Install with hand tools or a variety of construction equipment
  13. 13. Concrete Lifting, Leveling and Sealing Client Solutions
  14. 14. Introduction to PolyLEVEL Polyurethane injection for concrete lifting, leveling and void fill
  15. 15. PolyLEVEL Concrete Lifting & Leveling PolyLEVEL® uses a two-part polyurethane foam to fill voids under concrete and/or lift settling concrete sections Multiple formulas are available all of which create an expanding, rigid foam perfect for filling voids and lifting or leveling concrete but have different expansion rates and are used for different scenarios Minimal impact to affected zone and minimal down time to client
  16. 16. City of Omaha Project Polyurethane injection for void fill…followed by cellular concrete application
  17. 17. PolyLEVEL Applications – Sink Hole Repair Polyurethane installed to fill sink hole, void fill, lift, support, and level
  18. 18. PolyLEVEL Applications – Road Deck Leveling Polyurethane installed to lift highway over culvert and at bridge approach
  19. 19. Benefits of Polyurethane Concrete Injection Lightweight: • 2 to 6 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) compared to 100 to 120 pcf for mudjacking or 120 to 130 pcf for soil fill High Capacity: • Lifting is a result of expansion of foam, allowing lift of higher loads than typical mudjacking • Mudjacking relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under the slab Accurate Lift: • Reaction time of the foam allows for precise lifting • Can vary reaction time with use of different products or by adjusting temperature within the recommended range (approx. 100 ̊F to 130 ̊F) Waterproof: • Material will not wash out. Can also be used to seal leaks
  20. 20. Benefits Continued Non-Invasive: • Can be used in tight access areas • Less mess than mud-jacking • Installs quickly Quick Cure Time: • Allows for even heavy traffic just 15 minutes after installation. Environmentally Friendly: • Inert product is safe for the environment
  21. 21. Benefits Continued • Smaller holes and fewer holes than traditional mudjacking (5/8” vs 2”) Polyurethane 5/8” Hole
  22. 22. Polyurethane Applications Residential • Alternative to mudjacking Commercial/Industrial • Loading Docks • Warehouse Floors • Grain Bin Slabs Municipal • Roads • Airports • Schools
  23. 23. Project Photos - Roads Dips and sags in pavement
  24. 24. Project Photos - Roads Problem isolated to length of four concrete panels
  25. 25. Project Photos - Roads Foam injection with adjacent lane open for traffic
  26. 26. Project Photos – Bridge Approach Slabs Differential settlement across expansion joint
  27. 27. Project Photos – Bridge Approach Slabs Approach slab and adjacent slab lifted and re-leveled across expansion joint
  28. 28. Box Culvert Void Fill Client Solutions
  29. 29. Box Culvert Void Fill  7,500 lbs. of Polyurethane PL400H used to void fill washed out areas  Three day installation  No disruption to normal traffic flow
  30. 30. Injection Ports Installed 3/8” diameter, high visibility injection ports installed throughout culverts
  31. 31. Box Culvert Void Fill 3/8” diameter, high visibility injection ports installed throughout culverts
  32. 32. Polyurethane foam injection Installation throughout box culverts All five box culverts – floor and ceiling Outside two box culverts – additional wall installation
  33. 33. PolyLEVEL Videos / Case Studies  Lineage Logistics  Nebraska Department of Roads  University of Nebraska
  34. 34. Client Solutions
  35. 35. Questions and General Discussion THANK YOU