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Federal Motor Carrier Rules and Regulations

Nebraska State Patrol

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Federal Motor Carrier Rules and Regulations

  1. 1. NCPA Workshop Federal Motor Carrier Rules and Regulations Nebraska
  2. 2. A Few Basics •2 sets of “Rules” that apply to what you do •State Law •FMCSA Regulations
  3. 3. State Law •Rules of the Road •Registration and Taxation •Weight and Dimension
  4. 4. Rules of the Road •Speed •Use of Roadway (driving, passing, turning, parking, etc) •Prohibited actions (DUI, phone/texting) •Occupant Protection
  5. 5. Registration and Taxation •Proper licensing of vehicles •County/IRP • >26,000 lbs, 3 axles on the ground, gross combination>26,000lbs •Fuel Taxation (IFTA) • >26,000 lbs, 3 axles on the ground, or registered combination >26,000lbs
  6. 6. Permits • Instead of IRP/IFTA • 72 hours -or • 1 trip • Good for Intrastate hauling (point to point in Nebraska) • ONLINE ONLY
  7. 7. Open City Agreements • Omaha/Council Bluffs/Carter Lake • Nebraska City/Hamburg • Sioux City/South Sioux City/North Sioux City/Port Neal • Yankton (3 Mile radius of city limits)
  8. 8. South Dakota • The agreement with the State of South Dakota grants full license reciprocity to properly licensed commercial, non-apportioned vehicles, which enter and remain within the corporate city limits of S. Sioux City, Dakota City, N. Sioux City and Yankton; but does not allow intra- state hauling. Agreement does not include fuel tax authority.
  9. 9. Iowa • Includes agreements for Iowa carriers in Omaha, (and its Federal Commercial zone), Bellevue, S. Sioux City, Dakota City and Nebraska City. • Full license reciprocity to properly licensed commercial and non- apportioned vehicles; but does not allow intra-state hauling. • No requirement for IFTA within these corporate limits. • No requirement for Operating Authority (MC).
  10. 10. Intra-State Hauling for Non-NE trucks • Non Resident commercial plate • 72 Hour Prorate permit • Apportioned Registration
  11. 11. Unified Carrier Registration • Applies to ALL Commercial Vehicles (10,001lbs or greater) in interstate commerce • Fee based on fleet size per most recent MCS-150 • Fees filed at
  12. 12. Dimensional Law-Weight
  13. 13. Dimensional Law - Length
  14. 14. Dimensional Law- Width/Height
  15. 15. Nebraska Permits •All over-dimensional permits are issued by the Nebraska Department of Transportation. •402-471-0034 •
  16. 16. Federal Regulations •Equipment •Driver’s License/CDL •Medical Testing •Hours of Service •Safe Driving
  17. 17. Equipment-Part 393 • Lights • Tires • Brakes • Connections • Emergency Equipment • Fuel • Cargo Securement
  18. 18. CDL
  19. 19. Medical Card Requirements • Intrastate (within NE and trade zone cities) • CDL class vehicle needs valid med card to operate unless excepted (custom harvester, beekeeper, etc). On abstract • Non-CDL Class – no med card required. • Interstate • CDL Class vehicle needs valid med card, on abstract. • Non-CDL Class (but CMV >10,000lbs) needs a valid card, may need to be carried on person. • Downgrade
  20. 20. Hours of Service • CDL – Intrastate and Interstate, unless exempted • 100 air mile radius (12 hour return, 10 hours off between shifts) • Non-CDL – Interstate unless exempted • 150 air mile radius • Can’t drive after 14 hours/16 hours (2 days out of 7) • Must return to work reporting location at the end of the day • 10 hours off • Company must keep 6 months of time card records to validate.
  21. 21. Industry Exemptions!!!! • 14 hour return, no more than 11 hours drive • No 30 minute break requirement • Carrier must notify FMCSA of any accident within 5 days • Carry copy of exemption (FAST Act section 5206(b)1 and 5521 for ready mix drivers, Federal Register for asphalt haulers-Docket No. FMCSA-2017-0197)
  22. 22. Hours of Service -Interstate •11 Hours Drive •14 Hour Workday •10 hours off •70 hours in 8 days
  23. 23. •12 Hours Drive •16 Hour Workday •10 hours off •80 hours in 8 days Hours of Service -Intrastate
  24. 24. And here’s Iowa!!!