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ABC in Nebraska: Belden to Laurel Bridge


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David Mraz, FHWA

Published in: Business
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ABC in Nebraska: Belden to Laurel Bridge

  1. 1. ABC in Nebraska BELDEN TO LAUREL BRIDGE by David Mraz, FHWA January 22, 2019
  2. 2. Acknowledgements
  3. 3. Old Bridge •3 Span Steel Girder – 100’ total •Original Construction 1938. Widened in 1972 •Scour issues temporarily repaired in 2013 •Deck test in 2005 shows high chlorides
  4. 4. Belden-Laurel Objectives •Expand on PBES technology previously done in Kearney • Add precast rails to precast deck panels • Simplify deck-to-girder connections • Provide non-post-tensioned option using UHPC •Utilize new ABC features • Precast abutment caps • Precast wing walls • Precast grade beams • Precast approach slabs •Minimize road closure period
  5. 5. New Bridge • Simple Span NU 1100 – 130’
  6. 6. Element Fabrication • 7 NU1100 Girders • 22 Full-depth deck panels with Rail • 2 Abutment Cap • 2 Backwalls • 4 Wing Walls • 2 Grade Beams • 8 Approach Slabs
  7. 7. Bridge Construction • Assembling prefabricated elements: •Abutment Caps •Grade Beams •Wing Walls •Prestressed Concrete Girders •Deck Panels with Rail •Approach Slabs •Connecting elements using CIP: •Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) •Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) •High-Early Strength Concrete (HESC)
  8. 8. Substructure Plan View of Abutment Cap, Wing Wall, and Grade Beam
  9. 9. Elevation View of Abutment Cap
  10. 10. Cross Section of Abutment CAP at CMP
  11. 11. Superstructure
  12. 12. Shear Pocket
  13. 13. NU Deck Panel Longitudinal Rebar Lap Transverse Rebar Lap Rail
  14. 14. Shear Connector
  15. 15. Haunch
  16. 16. Typical Girder Cross Section
  17. 17. Connection at Girder “D” Only
  18. 18. Rail Elevation of Rail
  19. 19. 1. Fill Longitudinal Joint above Girder D with HESC 2. Fill Remaining Girder Haunches with SCC 3. Fill Transverse Joints with UHPC Sequence for Filling Joints Between NU Deck Panels
  20. 20. Filling Joints Between Approach and Paving Panels 1. Fill Transverse Joint at End of Floor with UHPC 2. Fill Pockets above Grade Beam with SCC 3. Fill Longitudinal Joints with SCC
  21. 21. Approach and Paving Section Longitudinal Joint on Paving and Approach Slabs
  22. 22. Approach Section to NU Deck Panel Connection at End of Floor
  23. 23. Bridge Joint Nosing Material (possible future use)
  24. 24. Answer to the Question •Yes– FHWA Nebraska Division Office hopes to see NDOT use ABC for more bridge replacements projects.
  25. 25. Thank You!