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Party Planners Small Business Idea


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Small business idea presentation by BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Business Administration at EFC

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Party Planners Small Business Idea

  1. 1. Perfect partiesAndzhela NikolovaDeivydas PetrauskasAmran Mann
  2. 2. IntroductionFor our small business idea we have decided topromote themed parties for children and havenamed ourselves Perfect Parties. We feel this is acatchy name to sell our services. We could organiseyour party at your choice of venue, whenever youwant.
  3. 3. 024681012141618male femaleNumberofpeopleGenderWhat is your gender?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that we did get 12 males and 16 females to fill outthe questionnaire.
  4. 4. 0246810121.-5 6.-11 12.-17NumberofpeopleAgeHow old is/are your child/children?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows the majority of parents’ children were aged between 6 to11.
  5. 5. MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that the most preferred parties are Pirate, Facepainting, Princess/Prince and Film characters parties, so on base of ourresearch we are going to offer these parties.0123456789NumberofpeoplePartiesWhich of the following parties would you chose?
  6. 6. 051015202530Yes NoNumberofpeople Would you prefer a party planner to organize yourparty?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that most of the people would consider a partyplanner to organise their party
  7. 7. 0510152025Monday/Friday Daytime Evening WeekendNumberofpeopleTimeWhen would you like your party to be organized?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that most of the people would consider a partyplanner to organise their party at the weekend
  8. 8. 02468101214£2 per child £3 per child £4 per childNumberofpeopleAmountHow much are you willing to pay?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that the most preferred amount of money per childis £4 to organise party activities.
  9. 9. 051015202530Yes NoNumberofpeopleWould you like a party bag for each child?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that 27 of 29 people would like a party bag foreach child.
  10. 10. 024681012£2 per bag £3 per bag £4 per bagNumberofpeopleAmountHow much are you willing to pay for a party bag?MARKET RESEARCHThis chart shows that most of the people would pay £3 or £4 for aparty bag, so our price for a party bag is going to be £3.50
  11. 11. Target MarketWe are aiming at parents with childrenbetween the ages of 1 to 17 but wemainly want to attract customers withchildren aged 3-11
  12. 12. Source of financeWe are going to get the money for our small businessfrom our parents and once when we start to earn aprofit we are going to pay them back
  15. 15. • Bubbles – 24pack £3• Toy car/doll 99p• Crème egg – 50p• Party bag – £1.20• Total – £3Pirate - £6.95Dinosaur – £12.99Princess/prince - £11.99Animal masks – 99pSuper man – £10.20Face Paints – £3.99Paint brushes £1.50
  16. 16. £4 per child- to organise party activities.
  17. 17. Costs• Pirate costume= £6.95 (6.95x3=20.85)• Dinosaur costume= £12.99 (12.99x3=38.97)• Princess/prince costume= £11.99(11.99x3=35.97)• Animal masks – 99p• Super man costume= £10.20 (10.20x3=30.60)In red colour we calculated the total price pereach costume for 3 people.Face paintingFace Paints – £3.99Paint brushes £1.50
  18. 18. Total Costs• Total cost for all costumes is going to be:£106.53• Total cost for the Face Painting is going to be:£5.49• Total cost for party bag will cost £3 forchild, for example for 10 children it’s going tobe £30The total amount of money that we need to startour small business is: £112.02 + £3 for party bag foreach child
  19. 19. Selling PricesOur selling price per child is £8 (including theparty bag)Our terms and conditions are:We organise our parties for ONE hour andminimum number of 10 children.We offer an extra ‘Face painting’ for eachtheme you choose and it is only £4 per child