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Business Administration Group Project HZZ


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Meetings at the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel

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Business Administration Group Project HZZ

  1. 1. Presented by Zee, Hatheeb and Zain
  2. 2. We went on a visit to the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel to experience how meetings are held there and also how the hotel is in general. In this presentation we will discussing about the hotel and what facilities it has got. We will be explaining about meetings and how they are held at the Marriott Hotel. We will be also explain what facilities, resources and equipment the Marriott Hotel has for meetings. Also we’ll explain how many rooms there are and what kind of layouts are available and how many can be accommodated in each room.
  3. 3. We will be informing you about the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel and what facilities the hotel contains. The hotel is situated off junction 26 of the M25 and is also close to the M11. It is situated on the outskirts of Waltham Abbey. There are 128 bedrooms in the hotel which includes luxury bedding also entertainment such as TV, wireless internet, a mini bar where there are many kinds of drinks. The hotel has a good reputation and is very comfortable. It is rated 4 stars.
  4. 4. They have many Facilities Such as: • 162 deluxe Waltham Abbey hotel rooms; king beds; luxury bedding, duvets and cotton- rich linens. • Voice mail, data port, high-speed Internet access, coffee/tea service and cable/satellite TV. • Include Four Junior Suite hotel rooms in Waltham Abbey include oversized bathtub with rain shower. They have a 24-hour room service, evening turndown (on request) and 32- inch flat-screen TV to help guests relax. • Wireless internet, large desk, ergonomic chair and desk lamps and daily housekeeping. • It has got a smoke-free policy in the bedroom. • They provide a 24 hour internet access.
  5. 5. I will be explaining the different types of layouts you can have for a meeting U-shape Appropriate for groups of fewer than 40 people. These are best for interaction with a leader seated at the head of the setup. Audio-visual is usually best set up at the open end of the seating. Theatre Appropriate for large sessions and short lectures that do not require extensive note-taking. This is a convenient setup to use before breaking into discussion or role-playing groups because chairs can be moved. Schoolroom or Classroom The most desirable setup for medium to large-size lectures. Requires a relatively large room. Tables provide attendees with space for spreading out materials and taking notes. Reception Stand-up social function where beverages and light foods are served. Foods may be presented on small buffet tables or passed by servers. May precede a meal function. Banquet Generally used for meals and sessions involving small group discussions. A five foot round table seats eight people comfortably. A six foot round table seats 10 people comfortably. Conference and Hollow Square Appropriate for interactive discussions and note-taking sessions for fewer than 25 people. Many hotels have elegant "boardrooms" for 10 to 20 people, equipped with full audio-visual capabilities, a writing board, cork board and a flip chart.
  6. 6. Meeting Room Dimensions Area Capacity by Floor Set-Up Room Set-Up Examples LxWxH Sq. Meters Theatre Schoolroom Conference U-shaped Reception Banquet Forest Suite 23x15x3 338 280 120 180 100 280 220 Grove Room 9x15x3 132 135 60 60 50 100 80 Spinney Room 7x15x3 103 90 40 90 35 60 60 Coppice Room 7x15x3 103 90 40 90 30 60 60 Oak Room 9x8x3 66 50 35 28 25 60 48 Beech Room 8x7x3 56 30 28 21 20 30 30 Cedar Room 9x5x2 44 30 20 21 18 30 30 Birch Room 22 15 8 8 Magnolia Room 6x5x2 30 20 14 14 12 15 12 Pine Room 22 10 8 8 Hawthorn Room 22 10 8 8 Willow Room 22 10 8 8 Spinney Suite 16x15x3 235 200 90 75 180 140 Coppice Suite 16x15x3 235 200 90 75 180 170
  7. 7. There are many different types of equipment available for meetings such as : Meeting Equipment AV equipment Film projector Microphone Overhead projector PA system portable Rear screen projection Stage: installed Stage: portable TV TV production service provider Video camera Walkie-talkie radios
  8. 8. • The resources you will need for a meeting is for e.g.: • A pen and pencil which you need for every person attending the meeting, you will also need a notepad to take notes during a meeting as well as refreshments such as water and glasses as with no refreshment the attendees may get tired and not concentrate.
  9. 9. • 24-hour room service, evening turndown (on request) and 32-inch flat-screen TV to help guests relax. • Complimentary use of indoor pool, gym, sauna and steam room from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. • Wireless internet, large desk, ergonomic chair and desk lamps and daily housekeeping. • This hotel has a smoke-free policy.
  10. 10. Activities carried out after the meeting. The main activities carried out after a meeting are cleaning up the room how you first encountered it, putting the all the equipment and resources away as well any refreshments. All confidential information must kept in a safe place or shredded. Minutes of the meeting are typed up and sent to the people who attended the meeting and who didn’t. Things to do before the meeting Before the meeting there are many things you need to do such as preparing the room just how needs it to be. You will also need to order recourses and equipment for your meeting so you are prepared as well as getting refreshments to keep everyone interested and lastly you will need to get all your documentation ready. The agenda needs to be sent to everyone who is attending the meeting. During the meeting First of all everyone needs to be signed in to the meeting. The agenda will be followed during the meeting and refreshments are served to stop people getting tired. A minute taker needs to record what was said at a meeting.
  11. 11. Presented by Zee, Hatheeb and Zain