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X cip participation


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Published in: Education
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X cip participation

  1. 1. Criminology in the ProfessionsSome instructions for your participationLife after Criminology Presentations:Following on from the IT sessions, prepare a 5 minute presentation on Life afterCriminology using 6 attractive power-point slides which you will upload ontoBlackboard.You can do the following: Concentrate on one particular career strand/post graduate course/training opportunity/travel opportunity in detail; Do a more general presentation and cover a number of different examples, if you are interested in lots different things (but remember that you only have 5 mins); If you don’t know what you want to do, you could identify where you might look for information to help your career planning eg detailing specific websites or even reflective exercises (career anchors/dots analysis); You could reflect about whether there are opportunities to start your own business.Criteria: Presentations must be kept to exactly 5 minutes. Tutors will indicate when you have 30 seconds remaining, and will stop you at 5 minutes. You must use 6 power-point slides to illustrate your presentation. Presentations will be informally commented on by the tutor in the seminars, but will be loaded on blackboard and form part of the participation mark.Seminar Leadership: Practitioner seminars:Each of you will have been allocated to a group that is responsible for taking part inleading a seminar based on one of the practitioner lectures:Please work together with your group and don’t expect others to do all of thework.Your group will be expected to take the seminar in much the same way as the memberof staff does, in other words you need to engage your student colleagues indiscussions and tasks. It is important to note however that you do not need to entertainyour audience for 50 minutes! You are much better setting tasks for your colleaguesto do rather than talking at them….In other words…get the class to engage with youand do some of the work!You could: Set the seminar group some questions or tasks related to the practitioner lecture, and put them in groups to discuss these and then get them to report back to the rest of the class. Set the class a quiz.
  2. 2. Criminology in the Professions Do a short presentation, or show them some pertinent images, websites or YouTube clips on the agency or related issues and get the class to discuss these. Make a video-podcastThink about how staff run seminars… and have a go yourself…see if you can do abetter job!!!Be innovative and creative; think what sort of seminar you would find interesting.This task gives you some really good skills that you can put on your CV. In manygraduate jobs you will have to organise other members of staff and direct meetings,do presentations to management or customers, encourage other staff to solve problemsthat the company or organisation has. These are the very skills that you will beexperiencing in doing this task.