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Cip quiz


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Cip quiz

  1. 1. Criminology in the ProfessionsQuiz: 1. Can you still become a police community support officer if you have a tattoo? 2. What are the agencies which make up the Criminal Justice System? 3. What is the Civil Service Fast Stream? 4. What qualifications do you need to become a Connexions Personal Adviser? 5. What is the difference between MI5, MI6 & GCHQ? 6. What is the Serious Organised Crime Agency High Potential Development Scheme? 7. List 6 universities where you can study for a postgraduate qualification in Social Work? 8. List 3 sources of vacancy information for jobs in housing? 9. Where can you get information about the qualifications required to teach in a college of further education? 10. Where is the Careers Service on campus and what time is it open?