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CIP How to use mahara


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CIP How to use mahara

  1. 1. Mahara A guide
  2. 2. Get on Mahara through blackboard by selectingPortfolios.Lincoln in your personal development plan
  3. 3. Log in using your usual university username and password the mahara url is
  4. 4. On this screen you will see three boxes:Create and The Organise box Share andCollect allows allows you to Network allowsyou to create your design your you to controlResume and portfolio view who can see yourProfile portfolios.
  5. 5. Click on the following to either create a resume or a view. Resume Click on ‘views’ to create a view
  6. 6. Adding to your ResumeClick on ‘My Resume’ and then select the tabs to add in relevantinformation to keep for when you are applying for jobs or courses. Thenyou will be able to access these for inputting onto a cv or personalstatement. This screen was created by clicking on education andemployment
  7. 7. To create a portfolio you can Click on My Portfolio Click on Views
  8. 8. To create a view click this.
  9. 9. This will bring up this screen. Click on the different tabs todownload different types of files. I have selected the ‘files images and video’ tab You can add lots of different types of file including media, images as well as external links.
  10. 10. How to create your view. You can drag and drop these into your view box with your mouse.
  11. 11. You then get the following screen… First: Check the upload file box Second browse your files and select the one you wish to use
  12. 12. The file that you have selected appears here…. …Then you should go down to the bottom of the screen and select ‘save’
  13. 13. The file is now at the bottom of the screen Next you can edit the title and description
  14. 14. What you can do… You can name your view You can also control who sees it.
  15. 15. You have now created a view. It is thenpossible to add files and images to this view.
  16. 16. Your view will look like this, but you can customise it with images and other files and links
  17. 17. You can add images, write ups, external video links and titles to make your own attractive portfolio.
  18. 18. You can also decide who can have access by selecting ‘edit access’ I have set a secret url for this particular view so that I can control who sees this site. This is if you want to look at this view.
  19. 19. Here I have added more items to the criminology in theprofessions files view. This is now publically available from the mahara site.
  20. 20. The end