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CIP how to do powerpoint


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CIP how to do powerpoint

  1. 1. Doing PowerPoint A beginners guide…
  2. 2. Your first screen will look something like thisThe arrow is pointing to the menu that changes the slide design andformat. You can click down the menus from the arrow to the left ofthe words ‘getting started’. This allows you to change the designand colours of the slides.
  3. 3. Picking out slide layout can giveyou some useful options for a slide show
  4. 4. Slide Layouts• You could experiment with different layouts by clicking on the one that you require in this right hand window.
  5. 5. The ‘slide design’ will give youdifferent background designsScroll down to find one you like and then select it.
  6. 6. Its easy to add text by just clicking on ‘Click to add text’ But you can also add pictures from your file or from clip art by going to the ‘Insert’ menu:
  7. 7. As well as pictures, you can alsoinsert other things such as tables, and even hyperlinks
  8. 8. Just select the picture that youwant from your file or clip art to add to your slide
  9. 9. You can rotate the picture using the green dot above the pictureThe picturetoolbarallows you todo lots ofinterestingthings withyour picture.If the toolbaris not onyour screen,select ‘View’and then‘toolbars’and then‘picture’ You can move the picture by You can re-size by holding the left mouse button dragging on the circles down when the arrow is over around the edges of the the picture picture
  10. 10. When you have finished designing yourslide show you can show it by selecting ‘View Show’
  11. 11. You can move the show on using your mouse. If you click your right mouse button it will give you a useful menu that allows• th you to go back or end the show When showing your slide show, these icons can also allow you to go back or to end the show.
  12. 12. You print from the ‘File’ menu. To print a 6 slidehandout, select ‘Handouts’ under ‘Print what’ Select 6 Slides per page
  13. 13. This is what you will getfrom the printout and this is what youshould put in your PDF
  14. 14. Good Luck!