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CIP coursework websites


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CIP coursework websites

  1. 1. Criminology in the Professions Web sites for agencies of potential interest to criminology students:Addaction Directory www.charitiesdirectory.comCivil Service Service fast track www.connexions-direct.comCrimLinkswww.crimlinks.comCriminal Justice System Online departments 4 Securicor group (Disabled adults) Office – Chartered Institute of Housing www.cih.orgThe Howard League for Penal Reform www.howardleague.orgMinistry of Justice of Justice (Prisons) and (National Police Improvement Agency) Probation Service on ‘join us’ recruitment ‘Could you?’ PrisonsSerco orG4S
  2. 2. Criminology in the ProfessionsPhoenix Futures Security Service (MI5) Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Organised Crime Agency Work Point Support Justice Board Recruitment:Biology Jobs (Forensic Scientists) Jobs (Forensic Scientists) employers that the University of Lincoln workswith:‘Hot Prospects’ East Midlands graduate recruitment service Jobs Centre Plus Long Learning www.lluk.orgProspect web site which allows you to search on over 800 careers society of chemistry careers Jobs Jobs job searches:
  3. 3. Criminology in the ProfessionsUniversity of Lincoln careers service jobs networking sites.Linkedin of LincolnLinkedin of Lincoln Facebook site: of Lincoln Twitter site: of Lincoln alumni GraduateFind a post graduate course (This is a taught course, usually at a university where youcan study at a level beyond your undergraduate degree). Post Graduate Funding opportunities. conversion courses: Convert your degree into a qualifying Law degree: and!ecdfeejLaw Course at Lincoln to convert your degree into a law degree. Justice Masters at Lincoln to study at post graduate level. Science Masters at Lincoln, to study at post graduate level. Work Masters at Lincoln to turn your degree into a practicing social workqualification.
  4. 4. Criminology in the ProfessionsTo become a school teacher look at and criminology students can teach science (Biology/chemistry) at secondary level.Both Forensic and Criminology and single subject Criminology students can get onto primaryteaching courses, or citizenship and RE courses. The other way to get into teaching is via anenhancement course in subjects that are difficult to fill, such as mathematics and modernlanguages. See University of Hull as an example of this: PhD opportunities abroad, volunteering and gap years.Teaching English as a foreign language careers site advice volunteers site