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Security and privacy for journalists


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Security and privacy for journalists

  1. 1. A Brief Overview of Security forJournalistsCreated by:Eva Galperin and Jillian C. YorkElectronic Frontier Foundation
  2. 2. Why is security important?• Once you are compromised, you’vecompromised your entire web of trust• Privacy and security do not workretroactively. You have to take precautionsahead of time.
  3. 3. Threat Modeling• What assets are worth protecting?• What are their vulnerabilities?• What internal or external threats mightexploit those vulnerabilities?• What appropriate securitycountermeasures exist?
  4. 4. Best practices
  5. 5. Encrypted Communications• Why do they matter?• What is SSL/HTTPS?• What programs should you use?• What else should you look out for?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Secure Passwords• Lock everything• Use a password safe (LastPass, OnePass)with a strong master password• Use 2-factor authorization• Beware of password recovery questions
  8. 8. Be aware of surveillance
  9. 9. Be aware of open networks
  10. 10. The Man in the Middle
  11. 11. What’s a VPN?
  12. 12. Anonymity
  13. 13. PGP
  14. 14. Off the Record (OTR) Messaging
  15. 15. Additional topics• Phishing and malware• Cell phones• Beware of Skype• Crossing the border with your electronicdevices