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Multimedia Storytelling in Journalism


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A presentation for undergraduate journalism students on how multimedia storytelling can enhance news reporting.

The examples can be accessed as follows:
"The Homestretch" trailer:
"How Ebola Roared Back," The New York Times:
"Here is the Average Student Debt Burden in Each State," The Huffington Post:
"Homeless Families," WBEZ:
"Ebola's Patient Zero," Frontline and The New York Times:
"News Video on the Web," Pew Research Journalism Project:

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Multimedia Storytelling in Journalism

  1. 1. Jill  Hopke   @jillhopke     January  6,  2015     Mul$media  Storytelling  in   Journalism  
  2. 2. Direct  Cinema   •  Observa$onal   camera   •  Capture  life  as  it   happens   •  Not  intercede   with  subject   •  Engaging  way  to   tell  a  story,  grab   aAen$on   Image  Source:  de  Mare,  A.  &  Kelly,  K.  (2014).  The  homestretch.     United  States:  Spargel  Produc$ons  and  Kartemquin  Films.    
  3. 3. Point  of  View  (POV)     •  Take  viewer   somewhere     •  Focus  on  “why”   and  “how”   •  Subject  in  their   reality,  in  their   own  voice   •  Basis  for  all   produc$on   decisions  
  4. 4. Drama$c  Curve  
  5. 5. NarraEve  Structure  –  DramaEc  Curve       Exposi$on   Inci$ng  Moment   Rising  Ac$on   Resolu$on   Crisis  or  Climax   Adapted  from:  Rabiger,  M.  (1998).  Direc&ng  the  Documentary.  Boston:  Focal  Press.       Time   Intensity  
  6. 6. Types  of  Conflict    Internal    External    Societal    Environmental   How  Ebola  Roared  Back   The  New  York  Times    December  29,  2014  
  7. 7. •  Did  you  go  somewhere?   •  Did  you  meet  anyone  interesEng?   •  Did  you  learn  anything?   •  Did  you  feel  something?   •  Were  there  surprises?     •  Did  it  transform  your  thinking?         Adapted  from:  Wadhams,  S.  (n.d.).  Thinking  about  radio.  Unpublished  manuscript.   A  good  story  will  take  you  on  a  journey  
  8. 8. How  Would  You  Cover     Student  Debt?  
  9. 9. Your  Editor  Assigns  You  to  Cover  Student  Debt   Illinois  Ranks  #15       Public  and  Private     Non-­‐Profit  Schools   Source:  Short,  K.  (2014,  Nov.  19).  Here  is  the  average  student  debt  burden  in  each  state,  The  Huffington  Post.  Data  visualizaEon  by      
  10. 10.   Trends  in  Mul$media  and     Mobile  Content  
  11. 11. The  MulEmedia  Reporter   Homeless  Families     WBEZ,  December  12,  2014  
  12. 12. Sharing  and  Cross-­‐PromoEon   Ebola’s  Pa$ent  Zero   New  York  Times  and  Frontline   December  29,  2014  
  13. 13. Changing  DistribuEon  Plaaorms    News  consump$on  is  increasingly      on-­‐demand,  mobile  and  social,      especially  for  younger  audiences.    
  14. 14. Further  Reading,  Viewing,  Listening   ü  Block,  B.  (2008).  The  Visual   Story.  Oxford:  Focal  Press.   ü  Kern,  J.  (2008).  Sound   Repor&ng.  Chicago:  The   University  of  Chicago  Press.   ü  Rabiger,  M.  (2014).  Direc&ng   the  Documentary.   Burlington,  MA:  Focal  Press.   ü  PBS.  Independent  Lens.   ü  PRX.  Radiotopia.    
  15. 15. QuesEons?     Thank  you!   Jill  Hopke   @jillhopke