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Journalism Today - update


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Presentation for COM13500 Introduction to Journalism at Lindenwood University.

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Journalism Today - update

  1. 1. Journalism Today Unit #3
  2. 2. “The one function that TV newsperforms very well is that whenthere is no news we give it to youwith the same emphasis as ifthere were.” ~David Brinkley
  3. 3. Today’s Concepts –Journalism Today • Some Industry Stats • Web 2.0 • What is a multimedia reporter? • News v. Advertising • Three Crucial Questions Facing the News Business
  4. 4. Some Stats… 34% of people read or hear NO NEWS on a typical day 51% of people “graze” the news throughout the day 52 million people watched network news in 1980, now only 23 million do 44% of college graduates get news online everyday Only 11% of high school educated people get news online everyday 20 million people visit per month; only one million buy the daily print version 65% of people believe the daily newspaper will be gone in 10 yearsFunny Link to The Onion’s Spoofs On News Industry From p. 14 of your Textbook
  5. 5. Some Stats…On Jobs Lost in 2008:• Newspapers: 31,000• Radio: 8,100• Broadcast Television: 5,100Jobs Added in 2008:• Internet-Media Companies: 5,400 From p. 14 of your Textbook
  6. 6. Web 2.0: The Machine Is Us/ing Us by Dr. Michael Wesch
  7. 7. • The Seattle Times: Guitar Lessons at the Central Area Senior Center• Newsroom Convergence: Tampa Bay Online• Star Tribune: Minnesota Olympic Athlete Profiles Flickr: Gwen Vanhee
  8. 8. Flickr: Gwen Vanhee
  9. 9. Flickr: Gwen Vanhee
  10. 10. News v. Advertising
  11. 11. Three Crucial Questions Facing the News Business How to we generate How do we stop the revenue online?decline in ad revenue? • Journalism costs money. How can we continue to fund it? How to we keep our audience satisfied? • How do you currently consume news media? p. 15