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Journalism Platforms - Online - slideshare


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COM 13500 Introduction to Journalism, Lindenwood University

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Journalism Platforms - Online - slideshare

  1. 1. Unit #4: Journalism PlatformsJournalism Platforms: Online COM 13500 Introduction to Journalism
  2. 2. Today’s ConCepTs
  3. 3. • Timeliness• “Continuous news versions” of stories• Bigger type, smaller photos• Print = text, photos and graphics• Online = multimedia (photos, video, audio, hyperlinks) Print v. Web
  4. 4. • Tips for making online stories pop: – “chunk” your information into short paragraphs and shorter sentences. – Add subheads, bullets and lists – Three essential “web extras”: links, multimedia, user participation. – Don’t SHOVEL. – Get info online, then update, update, update. Print v. Web
  5. 5. Links • Audio • Video Archives • Stories • Blogs • Info Interactive Elements graphics • Maps Multimedia“Packaging”
  6. 6. Make News Participatory Comments and discussion User- Surveys, polls generated and quizzes content Interactive media
  7. 7. Introducing… Backpack journalist Solo Video Journalists Journalists (sojos) (VJs)Backpacker: Becky Diamond Multimedia Mobile Journalists Journalists (MMJs) (mojos)
  8. 8. Multimedia Equipment List: Common Tools