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Personal Learning Network


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Made for ICT class to learn about our own Personal Learning Networks that we will use as we become teachers.

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Personal Learning Network

  1. 1. • What is a Personal LearningNetwork:• A collection of people withwhom you engage andexchange information, usuallyonline.PERSONAL LEARNINGNETWORK
  2. 2. WHY I WOULD USE PERSONALISEDLEARNING NETWORKS AS A TEACHER• Professional development – learn from content-areaspecialists• Locate resources for my classroom, such as freewebsites and software• Get lesson plan ideas from master teachers• Learn about new technology and how to integrate itmy teaching• Find collaborative solutions• Find interesting links to education news
  3. 3. • What are Blogs?• Blogs are a great sources of information forclassroom best practices as well as personalopinions.• Blogs monitor the heartbeat of new trends ineducation and the commenting back and forthleads to many great ideas to use in theclassroom.Links:Educational Blogs: Search Engine:
  4. 4. • What are Nings?• Nings involve communities of peopleinterested in similar topics, with forumsand messaging. This can be useful as ateacher finding about topics of interest thatwill benefit your teaching knowledge andcurrent educational issues.Links:
  5. 5. • What are Ted Talks?• TED talks are useful and free ways tobring high-level thinking and through-provoking ideas into the classroomand your home.Links:• Top 10 Education Ted Talks:
  6. 6. • What is Micro blogging?• Populated with educators from aroundthe world who share best practices andresources in short bursts.• Useful for:• Questioning experts and educators• Finding links to educational articles
  7. 7. • What is Social Bookmarking?• Social bookmarking such as Diigoenables teachers to sharebookmarks with others, see whatothers are bookmarking; and joingroups and get email updates onnew bookmarks.SOCIAL BOOKMARKING
  8. 8. • Through my Course at AvondaleCollege of Higher Education I competeProfessional Experience Placementswhere I continually learn fromteachers, principals and administrationstaff about education and all that isinvolved with the running of a school.TEACHERS ANDEXPERTS
  9. 9. • Blogging• Ning• Ted Talks• Micro-blogging• Ted Talks• SocialBookmarkingTECHNOLOGY ALLOWSANYONE, ANYWHERE TO ALSO TO HAVEACCESS TO THE BELOW PERSONALLEARNING NETWORKSGive some a