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Overview of current state of OA & resource management in libraries

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  • Finch comes into effect 1 April 2013 and the largest institutions in UK HE have been given their funding amounts. Many are still working out how these funds will be managed & processed at their institutions. Requires libraries/librarians to work with new internal constituents within their institutions. Many libraries still unclear over the role they will play. Funding from Wellcome Trust requires an intermediary payment processor throughout the world for the grants it provides. This is why JISC will be using a 3 rd party payment processing manager: OAK.
  • NPG OA Presentation

    1. 1. Open AccessA New Elephant in Scholarly Publishing?
    2. 2. Whats Happening in the UKThe Latest Key Points from RCUK Policy (6 March 2013)1.Policy applies to publication of peer-reviewed research articles ( articles) & conf proc that acknowledge funding from RCUK2.RCUK policy supports both ‘Gold’ and ‘Green’ routes to OA, with apreference for immediate OA with maximum opportunity for reuse3.Funding for OA made available thru block grants4.RCUK recognizes that journey to full OA may take 5 yrs5.RCUK will review effectiveness & impact in 20146.RCUK recognizes the OA policy will vary by discipline
    3. 3. Whats Happening in the EUEU Horizon 20201. From 2014 all articles produced with funding from Horizon2020 will have to be accessible and the goal is for 60 percentof European publicly funded research to be available by 20162. Requires open access to both scientific papers & data3. Can pay OA fees upfront or else make sure they can depositinto a repository 6 months post publication
    4. 4. Source: International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base – 2011Prepared by Elsevier for BIS
    5. 5. Whats Happening in the U.S.A.Rapid Changes1. Have UC System looking at a consortia-wide OA mandate2. Harvard Universitys multiple mandates/consolidation oflibraries3. From recent AAP PSP Annual Conference,fear of a White House OSTP policy//Fears proven true on 22 Feb 20134. FASTR Bill: (Fair Access to Science &Technology Research)5. State mandates?
    6. 6. Big Deal PurchasingPer recent ARL reportMore journal bundle dealsMostly purchased thru consortiaLess contentLess nondisclosureSource: Karla L. Strieb and Julia C. Blixrud. “The State of Large-Publisher Bundles in 2012.”Research Library Issues: A Bimonthly Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC, no. 282 (Spring2013).
    7. 7. Citation/Research ManagementISI/Web of KnowledgeSciVal/ScopusKuali Coeus/RICEMendeleyPapers
    8. 8. Pay-Per View & UseCopyright Clearance Center: Get-It-NowDeepDyveReadCubeFrom Publishers’ via deposits/tokensBrowZine
    9. 9. Impact on SubscriptionsInitially, the impact will be more subscribers starting to trackfaculty publishing in NPG monthly journals & asking for helptrackingIn 2-3 years time, requests for fully disclosed discounts basedon hybrid article spend by faculty publishing OAIn 5-7 years time, a pricing scheme rate for both subscription& faculty OA fees
    10. 10. What Will Help With Tracking?1. ORCID2. FundRef3. OpenAccessKey4. CCC
    11. 11. Changing RolesLibrariansPublishersSubscription Agents
    12. 12. Thank YouJill EmeryCollections LibrarianPortland State