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UCLA Informatics Wiki


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This was a poster presentation given at the 2007 IA Summit by Jill Christ, Monique Escamilla, Alessandra Brophy, and Grace Lau.

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UCLA Informatics Wiki

  1. 1. Extreme MAKEOVER Before After W IK I EDITION on ati CulWhat is Informatics? orm ms Inf ste Sy Inf tur orm al ati csDefining “informatics” proves challenging. In general, informaticsdefinitions are broad and do not incur specific meaning until Human-applied by particular informatics communities (i.e., medicalprofessionals, computer scientists, sociologists). To further Public Health Informatics Computer Interaction Information Usability Study Seekingcomplicate definition, informatics is often composed of various Data Flow Our usability study was based on the heuristic evaluation model Behavior proposed by Jakob Nielson (2005). We recruited four subjectsdisciplines of study. These broad definitions can complicate how onthe value of informatics is promoted both within informatics ati e who represented different levels of computer experience, as well orm cturcommunities and from the “outside” world. We grappled with Inf ite as motivations for using the wiki. We first asked users to discussdefining informatics to clarify the definition for ourselves and for rch Medical their expectations of the wiki and then asked them to complete A Informationour fellow Information Studies students. This wiki aims to Informatics three tasks. Usability testing indicated that PBwiki!s software Sciencepromote self-definition through community discussion. By suffered from limitations, most notably, the use of the SideBar as Visual primary content navigation. Another software limitation was thepromoting a user-centered perspective and participatory design Nursingand maintenance, we initiate the conversation for the informatics Informatics Hello pronounced display of the functionality toolbar across the top of Informaticscommunity at UCLA to begin defining itself in a format that can the wiki. Our usability study results also encouraged our group togrow and change. Community re-evaluate how to categorize content in the SideBar. rt> ea cs! Informatics <h ati Social I Use orm Informatics ExpWhy a Wiki? Inf eri r enc e usBlogs, wikis, and other forms of online social networking act as ito g Digital iqu tinvaluable information channels, as well as virtual "places" where Ub pu ?like-minded individuals can interact with one another. In Content C om Classesparticular, a wiki can promote self-definition through communitydiscussion because all members can contribute and edit content.We developed the UCLA informatics wiki with the intent of Clin Ethnographyfacilitating collaboration, democratic contribution, and Inf ica User- orm linteractivity. We came to realize that this wiki had the potential toextend beyond our physical community at UCLA to become a ati cs Centered Design Competitive Analysisresource for the global informatics community. Because there are few resources for informatics practitioners, aks Knowledge we looked at other successful models that attempt to bridge Management jdh fks disciplines related to information technology. The most dh j Tools and f successful model we found was the STS Wiki. We came to Resources realize that the UCLA Informatics Wiki had the potential to extend beyond our physical community at UCLA to become aAlessandra Brophy resource for the global informatics community, similar to how the STS Wiki functions as a global resource for the science andJill Detrick technology communities. We envision the UCLA Informatics Wiki being populated to the extent of the STS Wiki, and we hope itMonique Escamilla will serve a similar function in increasing knowledge aboutGrace LauJean-François Blanchette informatics and bringing informatics practitioners together. UCLA Informatics Wiki http://uclainformatics.pbwiki.comUniversity of California, Los Angeles © UCLA Informatics March 23, 2007