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The graphic design portfolio of Jill Brunner, Designer & Thumb War Champion.

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Jill Brunner Design Portfolio

  1. 1. IDEA GENERATOR & PACKAGING AFICIONADO & PEANUT BUTTER LOVER & AVID OBSERVER & BOWLING MANIAC & SOMETIME ATHLETE & PAPER JUNKIE & A P A A P BARk Isis rogueApron Play It Again Sports Okushon Squirrel Nut Zippers PlantLife Mela Random Acts L@TE: Live at The Earl Beer Country Spark Bust Moscow Cats Theatre Logos & Concepts
  2. 2. BARk branding & identity & packaging & invitation A concept dog park and bar/café hybrid. Now, visits to the dog park are about relaxing in style instead of muddy shoes and damp benches. A proprietary retail line completes the branding system.
  3. 3. Isis identity & packaging Ethereal bath & body products inspired by Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess of resurrection, rebirth and new beginnings. The design was inspired by the rich robes and opulent jewelry of ancient Egyptian culture.
  4. 4. rogueApron branding & identity & packaging (download PDF) Atlanta’s independent underground supper- club and speakeasy. “Partnered with East Atlanta Brewery, rogueApron brings it; food that’s been cooked with love, for people who are soon to be your friends, in a relaxed atmosphere where your drunken sated contentment is our only goal.”
  5. 5. Wine labels are de- signed upside-down so they can be read as they are poured (and they often are at the events). An anonymous quote is gradually revealed on the inside of the label when the bottle is enjoyed. A custom font allows Lady Rogue to create future signage and menus on her own.
  6. 6. Play It Again Sports branding & identity & packaging & business model & marketing &... (download PDF) In order to breathe new life into a flagging brand, we remind people that the joy of the game comes from play, not competition.
  7. 7. Okushon branding & identity & packaging & menus An unparalleled new means of travel: a super- luxury Japanese bullet train, which features an on-board spa, Konohana; a restaurant, Shichi Fukujin; and a business center, Kurabu.
  8. 8. The menus and cigar box come packaged together in a handmade furoshiki (a traditional method of wrapping and carrying items in Japan). A 36quot; roll-fold cut-paper brochure explains the luxurious amenities.
  10. 10. Squirrel Nut Zippers poster 13” x 39” gig poster for the jazz/swing band. Their hit song, “Hell,” is echoed in this, the ultimate vision of agony: the super tall eternally unreachable cupcake tray. Won Best of Show, the Student Choice Award, and a gold in the Creative Circus student show.
  11. 11. PlantLife branding & identity & packaging & form design & marketing collateral The UK's only not-for- profit organization entirely dedicated to preserving wild plants and flowers in their native habitats.
  12. 12. A book on medicinal plants educates the public, while branded journals, notebooks and a reusable burlap bag can be given to higher level donors or sold in retail outlets for earned income.
  13. 13. Guerrilla art is used as a tool to communicate PlantLife's message to urbanite Londoners. If they don’t see the country, they may not think about the fact that their environment is disappearing around them. Stickers, paste- ups and spray stencils of endangered flowers bring wildflowers, and the startling facts, to these city dwellers.
  14. 14. PlantLife’s mark could become an official choice to be placed on UK registration plates. As is common practice in the U.S., drivers pay an extra fee for the special plate, and the benefits go to the organization. In addition to the branded burlap bags, journals and note- books, PlantLife would sell this “coffee cuff” made of salvaged wood, with proceeds directed toward the organization's mission.
  15. 15. Mela packaging A hand-painted bottle of apple-infused olive oil made in the idyllic Italian countryside.
  16. 16. C O. E RY AT I O N ST Random Acts identity & packaging & haiku writing Note cards with fun, original haikus to be given in celebration of random occasions like a hospital visit or a girlfriend’s breakup. Envelopes are lined with novel but fitting materials such as medical gowns and mirrored sparkles.
  17. 17. L@TE: Live at The Earl packaging A 3-disc set of live music recorded at The Earl. The eclectic and exciting nature of the East Atlanta staple is reflected in the use of myriad colorful photos from the interior of the venue. Bad Earl, the bar/ restaurant’s name- sake, graces the cover of the albums. A detachable CD is seamlessly attached to the center of a vintage record.
  18. 18. Beer Country packaging A commemorative 6-pack accompanied by a CD of country music about boozin’. A bar key slips into a “holster” on the side of the package. Designed to be sold at Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival and Chili Cook-Off, sponsored by Coors.
  19. 19. Spark identity & packaging A line of elegant, disposable party supplies for the savvy hostess. Opposing panels that tell a story from his/her side of the party show how champagne and cocktail weenies can spark a conversation. Original rosette- style closures mimic the logo.
  20. 20. Bust corporate identity & branding & packaging & point of purchase display Bust is a snow and surf brand designed for the skilled female athlete who has outgrown the trendy, cutesy, and sometimes scandalous apparel that populates the market. Snow- and beach-bunnies may prefer to take their business elsewhere.
  21. 21. Corporate stationery is printed on the blank side of grocery bags. The sender custom- izes the one-size-fits-all letterhead by using different Bust stickers.
  22. 22. P.O.P. Display Bust watches are displayed on cardboard surfboards wedged in beach sand. When a watch is purchased, the surfboard is rolled up, the watch strapped around it and the unit is placed in the box. When closed, the box flap appears to be a shark fin; when open, it is the surfboard’s fin.
  23. 23. Moscow Cats Theatre V.I.P. invitation Constructivist style meets folk art in this V.I.P. invitation to the legendary Moscow Cats Theatre. Traditional Russian nesting dolls bring a bit of sophistication to the event, while maintaining its fun and childlike aura.
  24. 24. Sputnik Lamps Royal Food Service Pink Pony hush hush mid-century & retro-modern lighting & furniture one of the southeast's premier food distributors a strip club in Atlanta a bar and music venue in San Francisco yogurt café SOMA MARTINI LOUNGE Envirolink Network Serendipity Radioactive Golf SOMA non-profit clearinghouse of e-info on the web a yogurt cafe in Miami, Florida maker of golf shoes & apparel martini lounge & modern urban retreat rogueApron (revised) The Metropolitan Museum Sentiments Reflections Salon an underground supper club & speakeasy map icon for modern museum in NY greeting cards unisex hair salon
  25. 25. 3 logo directions for Fül, Volkswagen's new gas conservation program 3 logo directions for the THE GUGGENHEIM Guggenheim Museum, NY 3 logo directions for Novotel, a modern hotel in New York
  26. 26. in the last century to a gregarious dentist and a very organized dental hygienist. I played a lot of soccer, ran track, played tennis, skipped a grade, drew a lot, tattled on my older brother and sister, got excellent grades, and got a fake id from the California DMV. I learned that I can drink as much as a large man, should the need arise. at Pepperdine University in beautiful, grandiloquent Malibu. I saw Pamela Anderson. I saw many celebrities whose tininess shocked me. I spent a semester in Buenos Aires and became fluent in Spanish. I had an internship with Grey Direct/West and another with Mark Keller, during which I was taken in by the former president of Visa and member of the Federal Reserve Board. I graduated cum laude and was elected by my teachers as the Outstanding Communication Department Graduate for 2002. and Grizzard hired me as an account coordinator working in direct mail fundraising. I realized I did not want to be on the account side of things. I took a little detour and was hired as the executive assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration back at good ole’ Pepperdine. My title took up 2 full lines on my business card. I reinterpreted business professional to include sandals. I spent 3 happy years there, sneaking in as many design projects as possible. for an MBA while I worked full-time. I enjoyed the marketing, law, and organi- zational behavior courses. I did not enjoy the accounting or quantitative analysis courses. I completed half of the program and decided that I didn’t want to do anything involving the word quantitative. and wandered around Europe for a bit. I learned some Italian and met Snoop Dogg’s Italian brother. I had Berliner beer with the German national water polo team. I hung out with a crazy Scottish father/son duo who desperately wanted me to move to Scotland. I considered it. was to earn a living by designing things, so I enrolled myself in UCLA extension courses. I learned a few things, but I knew I could be better than I was. I attended the Push workshop at Tool of North America in Santa Monica. I was inspired to take a real leap. to chase my dream full-time at the Creative Circus, leaving sunny California for not-quite-as-sunny-as-often Atlanta. I learned a ton. I did not sleep a ton. I won some design awards. I did some freelance. I worked as a waitress in Buckhead. I designed layouts for J’Adore, a magazine for African American men. I went to the Kentucky Derby. I graced Graceland. I put my flip flops away during winter. I decided I want to be back in California.* happiness is found in the little, everyday things in life. Some days you have to search a little harder, but it’s there. Look behind the expired milk. Design is responsible for communicating brand identity and value to the consumer. Good design makes people choose your product over another. Bad design makes baby Jesus cry. Peanut butter is a gift from heaven, and frosting beats jelly any day. Sometimes judging a book by its cover is OK. The outside does matter – perhaps even more than the inside, as far as packaging and branding go. Some dogs actually do like wearing clothes. Costume parties should not be restricted to Halloween only. There is no new black. * this is where you come in, future employer