Lower School Smart Board Training/Refresher


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Lower School Smart Board Training/Refresher

  1. 1. July 31, 2013 Welcome to the SMART NotebookTM 11.1 collaborative learning software tutorial To access this tutorial later, go to Review features and get started quickly.
  2. 2. July 31, 2013 Write and draw Pick up a pen and write Press a pen color button on the pen tray to change the pen color. Right-click On-screen keyboard Press the Keyboard button to launch the on-screen keyboard. To make your next touch a right click, press the Right-Click button on the pen tray. Writing on your SMART Board® interactive whiteboard
  3. 3. July 31, 2013 SMART Notebook software menus have been reorganized to make them easier to use and more consistent across operating systems. The toolbar provides shortcuts to commonly used actions, tools and properties. When you use the Select tool to select an object in the work area, its properties appear to the right of the tools group. You can still find additional properties in the Properties tab and in the object’s drop-down menu. Adaptive toolbar Press to reveal Remember Actions Tools Properties
  4. 4. July 31, 2013 Customize the toolbar so that the buttons you use frequently are only one click away. Improved toolbar customization Drag to add
  5. 5. July 31, 2013 Pages See and sort your pages Use the Page Sorter tab to jump to a page by selecting its thumbnail, or reorganize your pages by dragging them into a different order. Reset Page Easily reset your page to its last saved state, without reopening your lesson file.
  6. 6. July 31, 2013 Move objects Resize and rotate Press the leaf to select. To rotate, use the green handle. To resize, use the white handle. Press the leaf and drag it to move it around the page. To select an object, switch back to Select mode by putting down the pen and then pressing the Select icon. Objects Remember
  7. 7. July 31, 2013 Text objects Edit text Double-click the text box to edit text. Resizing the text box Add text Click the Text button on the toolbar, and then click the work area to create a text box. Start typing. You can format text using the buttons in the toolbar or the options in the Properties tab or the Format menu. • Text boxes resize automatically when you open .notebook files created with SMART Notebook Publisher Tools. • Improved compatibility with older files and those created with SMART Notebook Publisher Tools. Press to reveal Drag the white handle to adjust the length of the text box and reflow the text inside. Try it here! Double-click the text to the left and use the white handle to adjust the text box.
  8. 8. July 31, 2013 Find content in the Gallery Find images, videos, sound files, interactive activities, backgrounds and SMART Notebook pages in the Gallery. Just drag and drop to add them to your page. Add interactivity with the Lesson Activity Toolkit The Gallery tab also contains templates to help you create your own activities and engage your students with interaction. Gallery content
  9. 9. July 31, 2013 Test-drive the Notebook Gallery 2.0 Beta and search both online and offline Gallery resources with ease. Click the link in the Gallery to visit the Notebook Gallery 2.0 Beta channel, where you can learn more about the beta program and how to participate. Notebook Gallery 2.0 Beta Click here to download Preview
  10. 10. July 31, 2013 Record a short sound clip to attach to an object on the page. Sound recorder
  11. 11. July 31, 2013 Create interactive lesson activities easily by using the Activity Builder. To start, click the Add-ons tab, and then click the Activity Builder thumbnail. What do horses eat? Drag and drop foods over the horse to feed it. Activity Builder Need some inspiration? There are many more activity examples in the Gallery. Try it Use it in your class today
  12. 12. July 31, 2013 Browse the Internet without leaving your SMART Notebook file. Browser Web pages are now automatically scaled to fit the SMART Notebook Internet browser. No need to scroll horizontally! Press to reveal
  13. 13. July 31, 2013 SMART Notebook Preferences gives you detailed control over your use experience. The customizable settings include the following: • Enable or disable the shake gesture and the press-and-hold gesture. • Enable or disable hardware acceleration (disable it if your content doesn’t display correctly and SMART Notebook software isn’t responding). • Change the measurement tools’ color. • Add or remove cell padding to tables. Preferences Access the Preferences dialog box from Edit > Preferences (Windows) and Notebook > Preferences (Mac). Now more preferences to customize! Press to reveal
  14. 14. July 31, 2013 Download lessons Download teacher-created lessons from the SMART ExchangeTM website exchange.smarttech.com Open the SMART Exchange website in your web browser or click the toolbar icon to go there directly. Search by subject and grade. See what other teachers are trying and loving. Download and modify lessons to suit your teaching style.
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