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Bb robertson


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Beautiful Boxer and Positionality for Transnational Perspectives on Gender and Sexualities

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Bb robertson

  1. 1. Robertson and BB• Reflexivity• Background of film• Examine select scenes
  2. 2. Beautiful Boxer-real name: Asanee Suwan “Nong Toom”
  3. 3. Underlying assumptions?Tropes: 2 selvesChildhood-a. I was there b. I was confused at the onset (like a child) c. invert power relationshipROBERTSON-REFLEXIVITY—DEFINITION? 785
  4. 4. Definition 790POSITIONALITY
  5. 5. Robertson s solution?Revealing mirrors and their effects, both byEthnographer and others (you, me, not toMention those being studied)Must be done in order to reflectOn how reflexivity and positionalityShapes project at hand!
  6. 6. Do it yourself Find the reflexive moment in any Ethnographic study we ve read in your Reader!
  7. 7. Characters• Ma, Pa, Tam• Pi Bua, Pi Chart, Pi Moo• Nat
  8. 8. National Geographic Interview
  9. 9. interviewnong toom
  10. 10. Cultural Context•  Until the mid-19th century, kathoeys once held an honorable status in Thailand, as they were accepted in society with the religious belief that they had shamanic abilities.•  However, contemporary Thai society currently does not honor kathoeys like before, as there is now some discrimination against them. –  Even after sex re-assignment surgery, they remain legally male on birth certificates, passports, and identification cards. They also cannot marry a male. Allyn, 1991
  11. 11. Cultural Context (cont.)•  Due to some discrimination, some kathoeys are not able to easily find jobs. Few find work in music, fashion, and the media. Some find work through performances, such as being in costume and dance cabarets for tourists. Taywaditep, Coleman, & Dumronggittigule, 1997
  12. 12. Cultural Context (cont.)•  Other kathoeys have few other choices than sex work and hair dressing in order to financially support themselves (and often times, their families due to collectivistic beliefs).•  Thailand has much less social stigma about sex workers as other societies do (e.g., Western societies). Taywaditep, Coleman, & Dumronggittigule, 1997
  13. 13. Identity in Thai Society •  Most kathoeys outwardly present themselves as female (make up, dresses, long hair, voice, gestures, personality), and tend to pursue female-related jobs. In addition, they possess a vocabulary that is culturally used by Thai females. •  Most kathoeys take hormones, often starting as early as 10-years-old. Many of them who can pay for cosmetic surgery do so, and a smaller number tend to have sex re-assignment surgery. Although, a large number of kathoeys prefer to retain their genitalia along with their breast surgery. Winter & Udomsak, 2002
  14. 14. Identity in Thai Society (cont.)•  There are not many formal restrictions placed upon kathoeys freely expressing themselves. Most Thais are generally friendly toward kathoeys, as Thai culture involves being friendly toward any person.•  Some complications that occur are due to kathoeys still having their gender as “male” on legal documents. Due to this, there may be problems with traveling (passports saying “male” when kathoeys identify and appear as female), and at many Thai schools they are required to dress like males and respond to their male name. Taywaditep, Coleman, & Dumronggittigule, 1997; Matzner, 2001
  15. 15. Do it yourself Find the reflexive moment in any Ethnographic study we ve read in your Reader!
  16. 16. Telegraph Avenue: A Novel Michael Chabon