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TED 453 session 2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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TED 453 session 2

  1. 1. TED 453 Teaching Practices Seminar Seminar Session 2 9/11/13
  2. 2. Please do not use your computer, tablet, phone, etc. for any non-class purpose during class…
  3. 3. Are you clear what is required for the Quarterly Review?
  4. 4. Advice from an old teacher
  5. 5. • Do not gossip. Do not talk smack. • Watch your arrogance. • Why? • It’s not professional • It will bite you in the butt • Visit other classrooms • Both same and different content • Show initiative • What are you interested in? • What are you good at? • What would you like to learn?
  6. 6. Steal This Trick
  7. 7. Last week, you turned in a post-it with one thing you want to steal from your Mentor… • I’ll pick three of those. • If I pick yours, stand, hands at sides, loud voice, and briefly explain why you wrote what you wrote. Each session we’ll do a few more. Now, I’ll give you a trick. How many of you remember I DO, WE DO, YOU DO? • There is a secondary version… let’s look at it together.
  8. 8. Jill A. Aguilar, PhD * Fisher & Frey, 2008 TEACHER RESPONSIBILITY STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY Independent Collaborative Focus Lesson GRADUAL RELEASE OF RESPONSIBILITY MODEL “I do it” (You watch) “We do it” (Together) “You do it” (I watch/guide) “You do it alone” (Reflect) T E A C H Modeled Instruction Shared Instruction Guided Practice Independent Practice
  9. 9. • PACT Teaching Event Handbook • PACT TE Rubrics • PACT TE Academic Language Scavenger Hunt! • Quarterly Review DUE Sunday 9/15/13… Upload to Blackboard Content • For Next Time… TAP 2