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453 session 4


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453 session 4

  1. 1. TED 453 Teaching Practices Seminar Seminar Session 4 10/2/13
  2. 2. TAP 2 Feedback • RE my marks… I’m looking for your responses to the prompts… a lot of underlining is just identifying where you responded. • Either indent or space between paragraphs…not both • Judge the success of the lesson against the objective… so, you’re probably not going to say “yes” or “no” to the question, was your lesson successful? • Are all Ss ready to move on in the content? • What is your evidence? • Yes, use illustrations, charts, graphs, bullets—anything to make your points more clear. • Focus on building an argument rather than telling a story. • Your argument is only as good as the rubric that you designed to evaluate the data • Use precise verbs—instead of e.g., “went through” or “covered” or “walked around,” tell what the teacher is actually doing. • Use the language in the prompt—e.g., if they ask for “central focus,” write “The central focus is…”, if they ask for the “objective,” write, “The objective is…” • Answer “How did you/Mentor set your Ss up for success”?
  3. 3. Advice from an old teacher
  4. 4. • Ss read/feed off of your energy • Teach your behavior expectations • Give Ss scaffolds to manage their projects • QTIP- Quit Thinking It’s Personal • Collect materials from each other • Make connections to SpEd teachers • There are many right ways… • And, there ARE wrong ways • Never make empty threats • Plan, prepare, get ready…
  5. 5. Steal This Trick
  6. 6. Co-Teaching Example
  7. 7. Students Will Be Able To… T S 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 ✔ ✔ ✔ • Evaluate Assessments • Against the Objective • Using the Rubric
  8. 8. • PACT Teaching Event Handbook • Instruction Task Overview • For Next Time… (2 weeks– 10/16/13) • Mini-PACT CfL & Planning