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Wall Innovators Brochure 2008


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Wall Innovators Brochure 2008

  2. 2. WALL INNOVATORS’ PROCESS WALL INNOVATORS’ PROCESS DESIGN Wall Innovators’ team of professionals works with customers to develop relocatable wall system layouts that maximize workspace efficiency. Our sales professionals, project managers, and installation team work together to design and build interior spaces in a quick, efficient timeframe. MANUFACTURE Wall Innovators has manufacturing plants in Tampa, Florida and Tullahoma, Tennessee. Having a direct line of communications with our manufacturing team, ensures faster delivery, and accurate installations for our customers. INSTALL Wall Innovators takes pride in providing safe, clean installations in an efficient timeframe. Our installers are thorougly trained on our unique system design and installation process. SERVICE Wall Innovators provides timely service and assistance throughout the life of our wall systems. When it’s time to redesign or reconfigure your system, our team of professionals can provide the support you need to make changes quickly. A2
  3. 3. WALL INNOVATORS’ COMMITTMENT WALL INNOVATORS’ COMMITTMENT WALL INNOVATORS MOTTO The highest Quality materials and workmanship. Unmatched Service levels and attention to detail. The highest degree of Cleanliness in our products and processes. The greatest Value for our clients’ investments. (Q, S, C, V) QUALITY, SERVICE, CLEANLINESS, AND VALUE FOR EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER. A 3
  4. 4. RELOCATABLE WALL SYSTEMS OR DRYWALL RELOCATABLE WALL SYSTEMS OR DRYWALL RELOCATABLE WALL SYSTEMS OR DRYWALL? Relocatable wall systems are 90-100% reusable and relocatable. Drywall is 0% reusable. Relocatable wall systems are environmentally friendly because of their reusability. Drywall is a huge contributor to landfill debris and overflow. Relocatable wall systems allow facilities to be reconfigured with a minimum amount of dust, debris and disruption in the workplace. Drywall construction and renovation is a loud, disruptive process that forces organizations to shut down or stall operations. Relocatable wall systems provide flexibility for current and future space requirements. Drywall construction forces businesses to tear down walls and start from scratch every time. Relocatable wall systems allow organizations to quickly occupy facilities. Drywall construction takes 3 to 4 times as long as relocatable wall installations due to multiple trade scheduling and other inefficiencies. Relocatable wall systems require minimal maintenance and offer a large cost savings over time. With drywall construction organizations incur the same costs repeatedly due to the continuous teardown-rebuild process. A4
  5. 5. WALL INNOVATORS’ GROWTH WALL INNOVATORS’ GROWTH In 1982, Wall Innovators is founded in Tampa, Florida. In 1983, Wall Innovators begins marketing their “Series “225” Relocatable Wall System. Throughout the 80’s Wall Innovators steadily expands operations throughout the state of Florida. Wall Innovators experiences further growth and expands throughout the U.S. and into strategic export markets. In 2003, Wall Innovators becomes the sole manufacturer of the High Performance, Clean Room, and Marine Bulkhead Relocatable Wall Systems. In 2005, Wall Innovators’ creates a subsidiary, Architectural Wall Products LLC, to focus on manufacturing and distribution services. In 2006, Architectural Wall Products LLC relocates their manufacturing plant to Tullahoma, Tennessee to provide a more central shipping location for U.S. customers. In 2008, Wall Innovators celebrated its 25th anniversary. A 5
  6. 6. GREEN BUILDING & TECHNOLOGY GREEN BUILDING & TECHNOLOGY GREEN BUILDING Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems are 90-100% reusable. Relocatable wall systems often help buildings qualify for LEED certification. Through the conservation of materials, relocatable wall systems contribute to improved energy efficiency, improved water efficiency, and an overall reduction of materials in landfills. TECHNOLOGY Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems are capable of providing vertical and horizontal raceways. Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems may be conventionally wired or cabled, per local codes. Pre-engineered, “quick” disconnect modular power, data, and communications systems can be installed in most of our relocatable wall systems. A6
  7. 7. SOUND TRANSMISSION RATINGS (STC) SOUND TRANSMISSION RATINGS (STC) Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems have an equal or higher sound transmission rating when compared to standard drywall construction. Research shows employees are more productive when they have quiet offices and workspaces that allow them to remain focused. Relocatable wall systems ensure that your private meetings remain private. STC CLASSIFICATIONS WALL INNOVATORS’ STC VALUES RATING DEFINITION RATING RELOCATABLE WALL SYSTEM 50-60 Loud sounds heard faintly or not at all 35-43 High Performance Relocatable Wall System 40-50 Loud speech heard faintly, but not understood 37 “Series 225” Relocatable Wall System 35-40 Loud speech heard, but hardly intelligible 37 Traditional Drywall Construction 30-35 Loud speech understood fairly well 34 1 ¾” Solid Particle Core Door 25-30 Normal speech understood easily and distinctly 26 ¼” Plate Glass 20-25 low speech audible Source: “Sound Noise and Vibration Control” *Certain Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems can be Lyle F. Yerges, Consulting Engineer configured to provide STC ratings up to 47. Copyright 1978 A 7
  8. 8. PRIVATE OFFICES PRIVATE OFFICES LOCATIONS: EMPLOYEE WORKSPACES For over 25 years Wall Innovators has been manufacturing and installing relocatable wall systems in corporate environments across the United States. Wall Innovators’ high-quality wall systems easily interface with your existing interior architectural design. Our relocatable wall systems arrive on-site pre-finished and pre-engineered, resulting in faster workspace occupancy. A8
  9. 9. EMPLOYEE WORKSPACES EMPLOYEE WORKSPACES LOCATIONS: Wall Innovators’ team works with our customers’ facilities and design team to maximize interior workspace. We provide relocatable wall systems based upon a customers’ specific needs and requirements. We also help our customers’ redesign and reconfigure their wall systems as workspace demands change. Employers today need flexible, cost- effective options for interior facility layouts. Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems provide just that. A 59
  10. 10. EDUCATIONAL & EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES LOCATIONS: Wall Innovators’ relocatable wall systems consist of a sturdy design that will withstand demanding environments. Our wall systems can handle the repetitive wear and tear found in manufacturing and processing plants. Our systems also can be designed to adapt and meet specific industry specifications. They also work exceptionally well in classrooms and educational facilities. These areas typically have high traffic rates so durable walls are needed to withstand the damage caused by students year after year. If you need a strong, durable, affordable wall system then look no further. A 11 10
  11. 11. CONFERENCE & TRAINING ROOMS CONFERENCE & TRAINING ROOMS LOCATIONS: Whether you are in a conference or attending a training session, privacy and solid design are a must. Our relocatable wall systems provide visual and acoustical privacy without sacrificing architectural design. We design systems that incorporate glass for a more open feel, or solid panel systems that ensure there will be no visual distractions. Our systems also have pathways for power, voice, and data systems so your important meetings are wired and ready to go. A 11
  12. 12. RECEPTION AREAS RECEPTION AREAS LOCATIONS: Wall Innovators relocatable wall systems are a perfect fit for reception areas and guest waiting rooms. Our systems give these areas a professional, sustainable look. They also allow customers to quickly reconfigure these spaces as new demands arise. In some instances, our installation teams reconfigure spaces overnight to minimize workspace disruption and downtime. When employees arrive the next business day, the new design is complete and ready for business. A 12
  13. 13. EXECUTIVE BOARDROOMS EXECUTIVE BOARDROOMS LOCATIONS: Your executive boardroom reflects your corporate image. Wall Innovators works closely with interior designers, architects, and facilities managers to develop executive boardrooms that convey that corporate image. Our various trims and finishes give you a wide variety of options to coordinate with your existing interior design. Our relocatable wall systems have a sound transmission rating that is equal to or higher than other forms of drywall construction. This ensures that your private meetings remain private. A 13
  14. 14. CLEAN ROOMS & CLEAN ROOMS CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS LOCATIONS: Wall Innovators manufactures a specialty line of relocatable wall systems called Enviro Room™. This system is designed specifically for clean room and controlled environment applications. The Enviro Room™ system maintains positive clean room pressure to ensure particle control and provides optimum isolation from exterior environments. The panels can be removed individually to allow access to any point in the wall cavity. The system is designed to accommodate grills and dampers and the wall cavity itself can be used as an air chase. The product is perfect for clean room, sterile suites, aseptic areas, laboratories, food processing plants, and other stringent envrionments. The EnviroRoom™ system meets the varied, complex, performance needs of controlled environments. A 14
  15. 15. HEALTHCARE FACILITIES HEALTHCARE FACILITIES LOCATIONS: Our relocatable wall systems provide the visual and acoustical privacy that is necessary in health care facilities. We can install our WELLCARE®, Enviro Room™, and High Performance relocatable wall systems in patient rooms, exam areas, surgical suites, research areas, as well as administrative offices. The health care industry is rapidly expanding. Companies in this industry especially appreciate the flexibility our product provides. Utilizing relocatable wall systems, facility areas can be redesigned quickly and cost-effectively. The point-of-access assembly allows for quick upgrading and replacement of equipment and technology in patient rooms, exam rooms, and surgical suites. A 15
  16. 16. WALL INNOVATORS’ ADVANTAGES ● FAST INSTALLATIONS ● QUICKER OCCUPANCY ● ACCOMMODATES POWER, DATA, & VOICE SYSTEMS ● ADAPTABLE WITHIN EXISTING WORKSPACE ● VISUAL & ACOUSTICAL PRIVACY ● ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS ● 90-100% REUSABLE PRODUCTS ● RESPONSIVE TO DESIGN CRITERIA ● BROAD RANGE OF COLORS, TRIMS AND FINISHES ● TAX ADVANTAGES ● AFFORDABLE LEASE PROGRAMS ● CLASS “A” FIRE RATING Wall Innovators, Inc. 5415 West Crenshaw St. Tampa, Florida 33634 Ph: 1-800-451-6521 Fax: 1-800-222-4810 Wall Innovators®, WELLCARE®, Enviro Room™, and Permanent WII-CB-2 A Walls That Move®, are registered trademarks of Wall Innovators, Inc. © 09/08 Ultrawall® is a registered trademark of USG Interiors, Inc.