Listening art of leadership


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Listening art of leadership

  1. 1. ListeningArt Of Leadership
  2. 2. "You learn when you listen. You earn when you listen—not just money, but respect.“ Harvey Mackay
  3. 3. Powerful Pause- Listening Is Leadership Kevin Cashman Born on Dec. 25, 1951, United States Bestselling author, keynote speaker and internationally recognized CEO and senior leadership coach. Senior Partner, CEO and Executive Development at Korn/Ferry International.
  4. 4. • In 2006, Cashman joined Korn/Ferry International, a global leadership and talent consulting practice, as Senior Partner, CEO and Executive Development, when the firm acquired Leader Source and its two flagship programs. • Leader Source, recognized as one of the top three leadership development programs globally
  5. 5. Korn/Ferry International • Worlds largest executive search firm and largest publicity traded search firm in the united states . • Headquartered in Los Angeles. • Founded in 1969 by Lester Korn and Richard Ferry. • It assist organizations in attracting, engaging, developing and retaining their people.
  6. 6. Gary Burnison -CEO
  7. 7. Pause • Pause: the elusive, counterintuitive, secret weapon for “thinking like Steve Jobs,” capturing new ideas, clarity, and fresh perspective. • “The Pause Principle” is the conscious, intentional process of stepping back, within ourselves and outside of ourselves, to lead forward with greater authenticity, purpose, and contribution. Paradoxically, pause powers performance.
  8. 8. Authentic listening Authentic listening is not easy. We hear the words, but rarely do we really slow down to listen and squint with our ears to hear the emotions, fears, and underlying concerns. Lack of authentic listening is the reason for failure of leaders.
  9. 9. Listening Pitfalls 3 pitfalls of inadequate listening Hyper Self-Confidence Impatience and Boredom Bias for Action
  10. 10. Powerful Pauses Avoiding pitfall is part of mastering the art of listening. There are 3 powerful pauses for effective listening. Balance self confidence and humility Grow others Innovate
  11. 11. Powerful Pause -1 Balance Self Confidence & Humility Exceptional leader know when to be humble, listen and learn and when to be assertive. Humility keeps leaders open to learning. Confidence compels leaders to serve, share and create value through innovation.
  12. 12. Powerful Pause-2 Grow Others Pausing to the needs, concerns and aspirations of our key people is crucial to growing talent. Growing others requires mastery of the art of coaching. This need deep listening and deep questioning.
  13. 13. Powerful Pause-3 Innovate Leaders must be innovative. Innovation begins with self motivation. Leaders must be skilled innovators. Observe, question ,listen and change.
  14. 14. Conclusion • Practice powerful pause of listening. • Listen to improve your leadership. • Listening is hard work and requires concentration. • Effective leaders walk in others’ shoes by listening and caring. • Talk less and listen more.