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Reflection on School Wide Student Transitions


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A template for gathering staff perceptions and planning next steps to effectively plan for student entry and transitions school-wide. More resources, templates and related blog postings at

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Reflection on School Wide Student Transitions

  1. 1. Reflection  on  School-­‐Wide  Student  Transitions       At  our  school…   Yes   Yes  but…   No   Priority   Comments   Formalized  process  for  collaboration   between  prior  and  incoming  teacher             teams  focused  on  students   Teachers  receive  student  benchmark   assessment  data  prior  to  students             entering  the  classroom   Prior  student  supports  intact  for   students  when  entering  a  new             classroom   Student  placement  in  dependent   upon  multiple  variables  and             collaboratively  determined   Our  school  has  an  induction  process   formally  established  for  new             students  entering  the  school   Our  school’s  induction  process   involves  communication  with  a             student’s  previous  school   Our  school’s  induction  process   schedules  a  review  of  the  child’s             entry  progress  within  two  weeks   Transition  processes  provide   opportunities  for  student  and             parental  involvement    Copyright  Jigsaw  Learning  2012     Reflection  on  School-­‐Wide  Student  Transitions