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Essential Cultural Shifts - Change Index


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Tool for leaders to assess minor and major changes in addressing a responsive school culture. More resources, templates and related blog postings at

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Essential Cultural Shifts - Change Index

  1. 1. Essential  Cultural  Shifts  –  Change  Index       Change  Index   Traditional  School   Student-­‐Response  School     Comments   Minor     Major     Support  for  students  is  reactive,  as   Support  for  students  is  proactive  upon  entry   1   2   3   4   problems  arise   (school  or  grade  progression)     Focus  on  overall  school   Focus  on  individual  student  performance   1   2   3   4   performance     Embedded  collaboration  informal   Formalized  embedded  collaboration  focused  on   1   2   3   4   and  focused  on  events  and  activities   student  learning  and  progress     Assessments  primarily  summative   Ongoing  formative  assessment  system  that   1   2   3   4   with  limited  impact  on  learning     drives  instruction  and  programming     Student  progress  and  programming   Student  progress  and  programming  is  the   is  the  sole  responsibility  of  the   1   2   3   4   responsibility  of  a  collaborative  team   teacher       At-­‐risk  students  receive  interventions  that  are   At-­‐risk  students  pulled  out  of  core   both  inclusive  during  core  instruction  and   1   2   3   4   instruction   additional  time  and  instruction    Interventions  for  struggling  students   Interventions  for  struggling  students  are   are  dependent  on  the  individual   1   2   3   4   school-­‐wide  and  systematic   teacher    Copyright  Jigsaw  Learning  2012   Essential  Cultural  Shifts  –  Change  Index  Template