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Multiple integral(tripple integral)


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Multiple integral(tripple integral)

  1. 1. L. D. College Of Engineering, Ahmedabad
  2. 2. Calculus Multiple Integrals - Triple Integrals
  3. 3. Index:- Triple Integrals Triple Integrals in Cylindrical Co- ordinates Triple Integrals in Spherical Co- ordinates Change of order of Integration Jacobian of several variables
  4. 4. Triple Integrals: The triple integral is defined in a similar manner to that of the double integral if f(x,y,z) is continuous and single-valued function of x, y, z over the region R of space enclosed by the surface S. We sub divide the region R into rectangular cells by planes parallel to the three co-ordinate planes(fig 1).The parallelopiped cells may have the dimensions of δx, δy and δz.We number the cells inside R as δV1, δV2,…..δVn.
  5. 5. . In each such parallelopiped cell we choose an arbitrary point in the k th pareallelopiped cell whose volume is δVk and then we form the sum =
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  10. 10. Triple Integrals In Cylindrical Coordinates:  We obtain cylindrical coordinates for space by combining polar coordinates (r, θ) in the xy-plane with the usual z-axis.  This assigns every point in space one or more coordinates triples of the form (r, θ, z) as shown in figure.2.
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  12. 12. Definition : Cylindrical coordinate Cylindrical coordinate represent a point P in space by orders triples (r, θ, z) in which 1. (r, θ) are polar coordinates for the vertical projection of P on xy-plane. 2. z is the rectangular vertical coordinates. The rectangular (x , y , z) and cylindrical coordinates are related by the usual equations as follow : x = r cosθ, y = r sinθ , z = z 𝑟2 = 𝑥2 + 𝑦2 , tanθ = 𝑦 𝑥 .
  13. 13. Formula for tripple integral in cylindrical coordinates where,volume element in cylindrical coordinates is given by dV = rdzdrdθ
  14. 14. Triple Integrals in Spherical Co- ordinates:  Spherical coordinates locate points in space is with two angles and one distance, as shown in figure.3.  The first coordinate P = |OP|, is the point’s distance from the origin. The second coordinate ф, is the angle OP make with the positive z-axis. It is required to lie in the interval 0 ≤ ф ≤ π. The third coordinate is the angle θ as measured in cylindrical coordinates.
  15. 15. Figure.3
  16. 16. Definition : Spherical coordinates Spherical coordinates represent a point P in ordered triples (ƍ , θ , ф) in which 1. ƍ is the distance from P to the origin. 2. θ is the angle from cylindrical coordinates. 3. ф is the angle OP makes with the positive z-axis (0 ≤ ф ≤ π). The rectangular coordinates (x , y, z) and spherical coordinates are related by the following equations : x = ƍ sinф cosθ , y = ƍ sinф sinθ, z = P cosф.
  17. 17. Formula for Triple integral in spherical coordinates:- where, D = {(ƍ , θ , ф) | a ≤ ƍ ≤ b, α ≤ θ ≤ β, c ≤ ф ≤ d} and dV = ƍ2 sin фdƍdф.