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Infusing market voice 97


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Knowing the difference between voice of the customer & voice of the market can make all the difference in success!

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Infusing market voice 97

  1. 1. What it is, Why you should care & Why it matters Infusing the Voice of the Market
  2. 2. intro “Bringing the voice of the customer to your business is needed … Jennifer Doctor 2 Bringing in the voice of the market is a necessity.”
  3. 3. poll 3 Do you use VOC or VOM with your product? (Text the code to 22333) VOC all the way! Text 228940 VOM is the way to go! Text 228941 VOC & VOM – share the wealth! Text 228942 Huh? Text 228943
  4. 4. poll 4
  5. 5. customer ≠ market 5 Voice of the Customer  VOC is a set of customers’ wants and needs Voice of the Market  VOM is a set of prospective buyers’ wants and needs
  6. 6. and the problem is? 6 Customers have already BOUGHT from you Market is the OPPORTUNITY to capture business
  7. 7. voc activities 7 Focus groups Customer Satisfaction Surveys Customer conferences User testing “Win” calls
  8. 8. vom activities 8 Focus groups Trade associations Industry/3rd Party Information “Loss” calls “shops” Ask them! VOM Questionnaires
  9. 9. achieve vom 9 Create Buyer personas Know (Build) your Distinctive Competence  Company  Product  Services Develop & Evangelize Your Value proposition Use in Marketing material
  10. 10. use your inside voice 10 For your product  Feature enhancement  Alpha/Beta testing Review internal material  Training – features/benefits vs. challenge/solution  Market testing plans – product & messaging  Demo feedback Influencers Management  Strategy  Net Promoter/Satisfaction
  11. 11. shout your outside voice 11 Review material  Use Buyer’s language  Explain the why and what at their level  Layout the information how they look  Solve their problem how they want it solved change your language
  12. 12. feedback 12 What value did you receive from this time? (Text the code to 22333) Wow! Learned & can’t wait to apply! Text 228984 Not bad; there is something I can apply. Text 228986 Nothing new here, but thanks for your time. Text 228987 Please save yourself – don’t do this again. Text 228988
  13. 13. contact me Jennifer Doctor – Blog: – E-mail: – On Twitter: @jidoctor – LinkedIn: – Phone: 612-965-0033 13