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Psy final (1)

social psychology

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Psy final (1)

  1. 1. Group Members: Tan Jia Yi 0319476 Wah Yun Chen 0319115 Siong Jia Yii 0318239 Yee Zhen Li 0319160 Lu Siau Vay 0318567 Heng Wei Yen 0319584 Alan Koo Ka Lok 0318757 Course code: PSY30203 Title: Assignment 3:Final Project& Group presentation
  2. 2. Music has no boundaries. No matter what language, genre, rhythm, it can always find a way to everyone's heart. So, we would like to design a lounge to improve interpersonal relationship between people through music. This lounge is a nice place for people to go to meet up with families or friends and build community. Beverage area, rooms and studios area, performing area, and garden are included in this space. When people walk in the space, there is a corridor with music based art gallery. This environment provides a shared learning experience when conversations are involved between people. For example, people talk about their preferences while enjoying the artwork. In this case, people can also improve interpersonal relationship by pulling each other to specific pieces and extolling their merits or less inspiring qualities in art gallery. Turn right after the corridor, there is mezzanine which upstairs consist of musical instrument store while downstairs are band studios. A mezzanine floor is a smaller floor located between the main floors of a building. It is a useful method to save space. The band studios in the lounge are equipped with soundproofing wall. This helps to ensure all the residents enjoy a measure of peace and quiet, even when others in the space are playing their musical instrument. Definitely, musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards and jazz drums are provided in the band studios. Anyone who comes to the band studios can have the chance to play the musical instruments. Band practice is also available in the band studios. Jam session can be held in the band studios as well. In this case, musicians involved can learn to work within a unit. These activities provide chances to interact with people or even strangers
  3. 3. Moreover, musical instruments and accessories can be found in the musical instrument store. Other than selling products, services such as instrument repair are also provided in the store. There are many experienced musicians and instrument players can help people with their choice when purchasing new musical instrument. People can also develop their music skills. This area helps to improve interpersonal relationship because activities which are held in the band studios and music store involve communication between people. For instance, experienced and expert players guide the beginners to learn new things. Turn left after the corridor, and walk up just a few stairs, there is a lounge bar, which serve drinks. There is a bar counter with bar stools around it, and other lounge bar furniture such as tables and chairs in the lounge bar. This area is surrounded with glass wall. People can order drinks and sit together with their family and friends in the lounge bar. Whenever and whoever wants to have a break, they can enjoy their break times at the lounge bar. Furthermore, people who sit inside the lounge bar have the chance to watch performances on the stage because of the glass walls surrounding the area. Therefore, people will feel relax and comfortable while enjoying their drinks, at the same time watching performances and chatting with each other in the lounge bar. People who share the same interest will always have more common topics to discuss about. This area is designed to let music lovers drop by to have drinks, and also communicate with each other in a more convenient place. This may improve their interpersonal relationship. Walk straight to the end, there is performing area which consists of a circular performing stage with a grand piano and microphone stand. Sofas are also provided in the area so that audience can feel comfortable while watching the performance.
  4. 4. There are performers who performing on the stage at certain hours and people who are interested to perform can have the chance to perform on the stage during the rest of time. Moreover, grand piano is the only musical instrument on the stage for the performance. In this case, only soothing music are played so that people will feel calm and relaxed when listening to the music. Interpersonal relationship can also be improved when people makes new friends and chat with each other to exchange their view about the performance. This can help to strengthen the bonds of friendship or between family members as well. Besides that, there are French windows with transparent panels, which extend to floor, behind the stage. Therefore, sunlight can penetrate through the windows and provide sufficient light to the area. In this situation, audience can enjoy magnificent garden view from their seats while enjoying the performance. This condition makes people feel pleasant and comfortable. This performing area helps to improve interpersonal relationship because people may express their emotions while enjoying the music. After listening to music, audience can tell what they have learned and enjoyed during the performance. People shares experiences and feelings in this area. A Mediterranean-influenced garden will be constructed behind the stage. People can go to the garden using the entrances at both sides of the stage. The reason why we chose Mediterranean garden style is because it is filled with drought-tolerant plants that can thrive in our country’s climate which is dry and hot. This garden is well designed with various types of plants, garden furniture, and arch walkway. People can go for a walk in the garden as there is an arch walkway covered with vines in the center of garden. Besides that, large pavers with pebbles are used as the path and makes the
  5. 5. garden clean and serviceable. In this situation, this garden is a great spots for walking as the green plants in garden provide a cooler and fresher environment. Interpersonal relationship can be improved when people are having conversation while walking in the garden. There are wooden garden furniture such as tables and benches placed under the canopy in the garden. People can play their instruments, read books and gossip together here if they feel lounge is way too boring with four-sided walls. In addition, people can watch the performance inside the lounge from their seats in the garden because of the transparent French window behind the stage. This refreshing garden space can promote interpersonal communication between people when they exchange their information, thoughts, and skills about music. This helps to improve interpersonal relationship between people especially those who are interested in music. In conclusion, this lounge is a space where every music lover should visit. This is because people can develop music skills, share experiences or thoughts about music, express their feeling, play music together and have a great time with family members, friends and music lovers in this lounge. People can also have a chance to meet with new people who share the same interest with them. As a result, this lounge can definitely help to improve interpersonal relationship between people.