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S 680 a smt reel scrap tape cutter machine


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The Scrap Tape Cutter is designed to cut off scrap of reel tape (8mm~44mm )and
collect them in a dump box for ease of disposal

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S 680 a smt reel scrap tape cutter machine

  1. 1. We design and manufacture automatic machine for the PCBA/SMT and Thru-hole industries in Shenzhen China. We help companies looking to low cost equipment with smart, ROI-driven assembly equipment solutions.
  2. 2. 5S:Tidy up your factory
  3. 3. What's your SMT line looks
  4. 4. S-680A SMT Reel Scrap Tape cutter machine• Available Range: All of SMT machine which need cut tape by manual • Cutting Range: 0-600mm • Cutting Length: 5-150MM • Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 860mm*450mm*450mm • Machine Weight 60KG • Power Supply 220V,AC (Single Phase) 30W • PLC control system, adjustable Cutting speed. • Auto Cut tape to reduce the worker. • Reduce the machine fault and improve the machine's effient. • Manual and Auto Cut tape exchange freely function • Easy operation and maintainenace. • Stable and reliable performance
  5. 5. S-680A SMT Reel Scrap Tape cutter machine Innovation blade design: 4 times life cycle
  6. 6. Working Video
  7. 7. Spare Parts Support Panasonic
  8. 8. Best After-sales service — Worldwide Support — Free Installation/ Training — 1 day lead-time (spare parts) — 1 Month customize solution
  9. 9. Welcome inquiry 1,Please visit : 2, Find us more: 3, Know more our team: 4, Welcome to our factory in Shenzhen China 5, Google:Auto+Insertion 6, See machine working video: youtube - Auto Insertion 7,Looking forward to your email: