The Increasing Power of Korean Nuclear Energy


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The country lacks the nuclear reactor but there is no halt in the development of Korea nuclear. Nuclear energy has become a strategic priority for the Koreans. About one-third of the electrical energy is provided by the nuclear plants. Among the different sources of energy, nuclear energy is considered to have the least impact on the earth’s environment. The restrictions on the money power have made it difficult for the North Koreans to expand the nuclear forces but the Korea’s missile is capable enough for delivering the atomic weapons and that also to remote targets.

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The Increasing Power of Korean Nuclear Energy

  1. 1. The Increasing Power of Korean NuclearEnergy| May 05, 2013 at 10:37 PM PDTNewYorkCity : NY : USABY1 0VIEWS: 61 of 4Nuclear reactors at a US power planthave been very active in the development of nucleartechnology. The country lacks the nuclear reactor but there is no halt inthe development of Korea nuclear. South Korea has been set to bethe world’s leading country having a nuclear power. Nuclear energyhas become a strategic priority for the Koreans.KoreansBenefits of Nuclear EnergyAbout one-third of the electrical energy is provided by the nuclear plants. The reasonbehind the vast use of the nuclear energy is that it is one of the most important sourcesof the supply of free energy. The problem of air pollution is solved with the help of thisenergy. It keeps the atmosphere clean and saves the climate of the earth. Nuclearenergy also avoids the depletion of ozone thereby preventing global warming.Amongthe different sources of energy, nuclear energy is considered to have the least impact onthe earth’s environment. It is because of this that North Korean Nuclear became apredominant factor.Power of NuclearArmsThe program is so vast that it has even angered more of thenations in the west side of the world, especially the United States ofAmerica. Koreanshave been mainly focussing on the development of the rocket system that can go for along range. The presidents of the western nations have been struggling to force Koreato put an end to the push for the nuclear arms. Most of the analysts also predict thatNorth Korea can even take out strikes against the United States ofAmerica. TheNorth Korean NuclearMOREFROMALLVOICESLondon Lap-dancers kidnaptheir Boss who owed themmoneyNorth Korea condemned tosentence of 15 years hardlabor in anAmericaTurkish – MuslimTVCommentator Supports IsraelVice-Speaker of theParliament of Great Britainwas detained in the case ofmale rapeCARTOONS OF THEDAYObama andGitmo BobDavisCrickett Rifles GuantanamoDinnertimeSee More Cartoons »RELATEDPEOPLEContributor Report NewsStories:6 BlogPosts:7 Videos:2 Images:4 Comments:0jiawenyang2612Issa:Benghazi Cover-UpLooks PossibleGiuliani:US-GrownTerrorists Shouldnt SurpriseOrbWins KentuckyDerbyEasyWeight Loss:Man, 55, Loses Inches of BellyFatWhere DoYouStandonGunRights?Vote inUrgent PollNRAs LaPierre:GoodGuys WithGuns StopTerroristsEmergencyRadioEssential toEmergencyPreparednessWhatsThis?HelpHelpconverted by
  2. 2. abundance in the nuclear energy also led South Korea to sign an agreement to exportnuclear reactors to UAE.Abundance in MineralsNuclear plants wherever installed helps the regions to meet the standard of air pollution.Nuclear energy emits no carbon dioxide and because of this it helps in having a controlover global warming. The abundance of uranium is a source of Korean nuclear energy.The deposits of gas and oil might get exhausted which are very common source ofenergy now-a-days but uranium is amply available.About 1% of nuclear energy that isgenerated from uranium is utilized and the rest is considered as a nuclear waste.However this waste is stored safely and can be utilized later.Missiles in KoreaA missile is a guided weapon that is self propelled. There are basically four componentsin a missile and these are targeting or guidance, the engine, wear head and the flightsystem. Like the nuclear weapons even Korea’s missile is unreliable and the atomicweapons are big enough to be delivered by using those missiles. Even a rocket havingmultiple stages was tested by the Koreans which had a mastered technology that wouldbe used for building a ballistic missile that could even reachAmerica.The restrictions on the money power have made it difficult for the North Koreans toexpand the nuclear forces but the Korea’s missile is capable enough for delivering theatomic weapons and that also to remote targets.jiawenyang2612 is based in New York City, New York, United States ofAmerica, and is aStringer forAllvoices.Report CredibilityCredibility Reach, ,READMORE: koreanuclear test nuclear technology koreannuclearMORENEWSFROM: NEWYORKCITY : NY : USAAdvertisementSponsored FromAround the WebHow Cruise ShipsFill Their UnsoldCabinsHow toGetFreakishlyLongEyelashes in7DaysNew NaturalTestosteroneBooster Has MenRavingANew SolutionThat Stops SnoringandLets YouSleepHow toSpeedUpYour PC- TricksManufacturersHateHow PennyStocksCreate MillionairesEveryDayNicest Cars in2013 How toGetFreakishlyLongEyelashes in7DaysHow toExerciseYour BraintoMakeIt StrongApple’s NextRelease tohave a12 MPCameraMore from AllvoicesKnives ona plane banwill not be liftedafter allNASAorbiter captures pictures of what appearstobe longlost Soviet Lander5 Americans killedinsouthernAfghanistan(NATO)Savar BuildingStories:The deathtoll stands at547"Kepler" basedtelescope proves EinsteinsMore from the webWhere is JimNabors of ‘Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”Now? (AmericanProfile)If youlive inConnecticut, leave. If youthought therecent mass shootingwas bad, this is worse.(InvestingChannel)HelpFor Girl WithRare Giant HeadSyndrome (SkyNews)Are Michael Jackson’s Kids ReallyHis? (BlackKoreansGot a similar story?Addit tothe network!Or add related content to this report| | | |News Stories Blogs Images Videos CommentsMOSTVIEWEDREPORTSIsrael strikes chemicalweapons research centerin Syria| 20 hours agoBy: StephenManualSecond Israeli air strikewithin 48 hours| 19 hours agoBy: kiranrizSarah Palin praisesNational Rifle Associationfor sticking to its ...| 19 hours agoBy: eileenkerseyAlaska volcano rumbled tolife, with explosions andstarted emitting ...| 21 hours agoBy: rooysIsraels attack onDamascus to shortenZionist entity life, Iran ...| 9 hours agoBy: saleh1966No plan to use jailedAmerican Kenneth Bae asbargaining chip, says ...| 14 hours agoBy: NinaRai2013 Wells Fargo PGATourleaderboard results: DerekErnst wins, ...| 11 hours agoBy: richwebnewsSyria: Israel bombedresearch center nearDamascus, other targets| 19 hours agoBy: saleh1966Manila 2013 poll betsasked to supportresumption of peace talks| 16 hours agoBy: GerryAlbertIn Argentina, there weredemonstrations with therequirements of ...| 20 hours agoBy: willstevenSHARE: TweetTweet 0Like Send Sign Up to see what your friends like.converted by
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  5. 5. Nuclearreactors at a USpower ...NuclearreactorsThe UnitedStates haswarned...NorthKoreasays the United...MORERELATEDIMAGESMOREFROMNEWYORKCITYUseof this siteis governedby our and .©Allvoices, Inc 2008-2013.All rights reserved.Terms of Use Agreement Privacy Policyconverted by