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  1. 1. colonial history part2by jiawen xu 3/26/12
  2. 2. one reason many european countries colonized other lands and people is because many european countries were running out of natural resources
  3. 3. in europe by the 1500s and on,there was much deforestation and poverty,and the population was becoming toogreat for the land and government to handle
  4. 4. by colonizing the americas,for example,english,french,portuguese,and spanish colonists were able to have newlands and opportunities,but the in the process millions of native americans were killed,enslaved,intermarried,orforced to forced to leave their land
  5. 5. indeed,the european colonization of the americas was perhaps the bloodiest and most horrific time in humanhistory
  6. 6. besides the genocide of native americans,european colonists brought africa n slaves to the americas towork,especially after finding out that native americans would just die in slavery
  7. 7. image this:men,who youve never seen before,come to your house and your neighbors house and they all haveas much weapons as they can carry.
  8. 8. then they start killing or enslaving you,your family,and your neighbors.
  9. 9. and you and your family and your neighbors fight back but are crushed by the mens superior weapons.
  10. 10. and soon,you and most ofyour family and you neighbors are gone-killed,enslaved,intermarried,or forced to livesomewhere else.
  11. 11. this is what colonialism is:it is death,it isslavery,it is the end of one group and theexpansion of annother group.