Creating a Culture that Develops Leaders as a driver for Innovation and Growth


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GE prides itself in the ability to constantly push the boundaries of innovation through its leaders who are groomed to drive businesses forward in solving the problems of tomorrow’s world. Global Leader of Executive Development, GE, Janice Semper, talks about how GE leads the battle for innovation and growth through its executive development programs.

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Creating a Culture that Develops Leaders as a driver for Innovation and Growth

  1. 1. Creating a Culture that Develops Leaders as a driver for Innovation and Growth Janice L. Semper Global Leader, Executive Development GE
  2. 2. GE Works GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE Works. ENERGY MANAGEMENT OIL & GAS POWER & WATER HEALTHCARE AVIATION TRANSPORTATION CAPITAL HOME & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. GE Today Oil & Gas 10% / $15.2 B Healthcare 12% / $18.3 B GE Capital 31% / $46.0 B Energy Mgmt 5% / $7.4 B Aviation 14% / $20.0 B Home & Business Solutions 5% / $8.0 B Power and Water 19% / $28.3 B ~$147.4B Revenue Transportation 4% / $5.6 B $16.1 operating earnings 3 Janice L. Semper 29 Oct 2013
  4. 4. The we drive innovation HowGE innovation process 20% >3 year tech 80% <3 year tech new product intro. fastworks quest ge ventures 80% >3 year tech 20% <3 year tech new technology intro. monthly jri reviews IB deep dives business growth boards talent pipeline eg. eclp
  5. 5. Global Innovation Barometer C-Level respondents involved in company innovation strategy or process questionnaire Oct-Dec 2012 Survey Malaysia • innovation a strategic Cross sector Global 3rd edition, 25 countries companies 1.2k employees priority • framework for innovation strongly conducive • abilities needed to innovate clearly identified • collaboration way forward 5 Janice L. Semper 29 Oct 2013
  6. 6. How do we create the right leaders and culture for innovation?....
  7. 7. There’s no such thing as a 130-year plan. We pass the test of time because we invent things that make the world work better, and along the way we reinvent ourselves to make a company that works better. 1878 – Est . Edison Electric Co. 1903 – Largest Steam Turbine 1908 – Pioneering Elec. Locomotives 1930 – Empire State Building 1932 – GE Credit Corporation 1942 – Entering the Jet Age
  8. 8. There’s no such thing as a 130-year plan. In the midst of constant evolution what stays the same is our commitment to the continuous improvement of both the individual and GE. 1983 – The MRI 2003 – Digital Hospital 2008 – The GEnx Engine 2009 – Advancements in Ultrasound Technology 2010 – GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater 2011 – “Wing to Wing” Smart Grid Solutions 2012 – The Industrial Internet 2013
  9. 9. At GE, leaders inspire others to be their best. This is the foundation of our commitment to leadership development. We believe that everyone at GE can be a leader – and we believe that when one person grows and improves, we all can grow and improve. And together,
  10. 10. Our culture drives our longevity. Our leaders drive our culture. By leading at all levels, we work as one. We build relationships and share knowledge We learn by doing because there is no better way We prove ourselves before we lead others
  11. 11. Leaders connect people with the processes that keep us all rising together.
  12. 12. Improving performance drives us all. Goals and objectives are set for each individual and reviewed regularly, and their performance measured against them. Our G&O system ensures individual and organization goals are aligned and enables feedback throughout the year. Jeff Immelt “Performance standards are about simplicity and accountability.”
  13. 13. Our Growth Values show us how to perform. External Focus Clear Thinker Imagination & Courage Inclusiveness Expertise They are embedded at every level of the company and are supported by one unifying principle: always act with unyielding integrity.
  14. 14. Leadership development @GE. Career-long. Company-wide. Continuous learning. Global Leadership Programs (~2% of workforce) Professional Talent Pipeline: ~170,000 Executive Development (~3% of workforce)
  15. 15. Leadership programs and accelerators develop our future leaders. Early Career 100+ years some programs have existed for over a century Experienced Accelerators 4000+ 1/3 on program today of our most senior leaders graduated from a Leadership Program
  16. 16. Crotonville: A place, and a global ideal. Our mission: To inspire, connect, and develop the GE leaders of today and tomorrow. 1956 first corporate university founded 1000+ customers per year 90% of our senior leaders have been through Crotonville
  17. 17. The Employee Management System tracks goals and measures performance. It includes tools to gauge: Accomplishments Strengths Development Needs Career Interests Development Plan EMS is a chance for all leaders to assess and develop their strengths and plan the future of their career. Current Assignment Performance Growth Values Rating Summary Career & Development Approve Appraisal
  18. 18. Session C helps us put the right people in the right places to meet our goals. The process includes: EMS 9 Block Succession Planning Session C helps us develop our leaders and track the effectiveness of the entire organization.
  19. 19. Our reputation
  20. 20. Our Leadership Journey Continues Contemporized Growth Values 2011 Equipping leaders to meet tomorrow’s challenges Reimagining Crotonville Content , experience, environment Global New Directions Attracting and inspiring the next generation Simplification 2012 Cultural and structural approaches to growth FastWorks New processes and tools Operational Reviews and Blueprints New operating rhythm 2013+
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