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From Second Screen Social App to Continuous Multi-Screen Experience


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From Social TV & 2nd Screen App to Continuous Multi-Screen Experience

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From Second Screen Social App to Continuous Multi-Screen Experience

  1. 1. If the Content is King, Multi-Screen is the QueenFrom 2nd Screen Social TV Apps to Continuous Multi-Screen ExperienceJian WuApril 2013
  2. 2. A Nation of Multi-ScreenersFrom Nielsen “Cross-Platform Report”“85% of tablet/smartphone owners use their device while watchingTV at least once a month with 40% of them doing it daily”
  3. 3. A Nation of Multi-Screeners“Social Networking is a topactivity on both tablets andsmartphones, but people aren’tjust chatting with their socialconnections, they’re alsoshopping and looking uprelevant program and productinfo”From Nielsen “Social Media Report”
  4. 4. From Google “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior”Emerging New Multi-Screen Behavior Patterns
  5. 5. From Google “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior”
  6. 6. Apps + Contents = Continuous Multi-Screen ExperienceThe Continuous Multi-Screen Experience will fundamentally change the TV Broadcast, Videoand Ads Industries in many areas as:Current Practice New Continuous Multi-Screen ExperienceAudienceMeasurementNielsen Rating Tweets per second(TPS), Tweets per minute(TPM), TotalNumber of Tweets, Social TV Metrics, ...Content Discovery EPG Grid Personalized and Socialized Content DiscoveryVideo Content Content for TV Screen Content for 1st ScreenDedicated Content for 2nd ScreenContent for every screen and across screenConsumerEngagementConsumers flippingchannels during 30sads, ...2nd Screen Apps provide related content, quiz, chats, andsocial activities for deep engagement, including In-program re-engagement across devices, and stickinessto tv programAdvertisement 30s Ads, Pre-roll andPost-roll AdsDynamic, location-based and personalized AdsPromotion through engagement and activitiesAds exclusive to 2nd Screen[From eMarketer]Worldwide, digital ad spending passedthe $100-billion mark for the first time in 2012, accordingto new eMarketer estimates, and will increase by afurther 15.1% in 2013 to $118.4 billion.
  7. 7. Gartner: $3 trillion infotainment market by 2015From Trendrr Blog Social TV Ecosystem 2011/2012Infotainment is "information-based media content or programming that also includes entertainment contentin an effort to enhance popularity with audiences and consumers."
  8. 8. Trendrr Social TV Ecosystem 2011/2012 [Infographic]-- including 2ndScreen Apps
  9. 9. 2ndScreen App Features● Conversation: comments, tweets, discussion about the show● Gaming: badges, rewards, quizzes● Discovery: find relevant content through recommendation● Shopping: buy the clothes this character is swearing● Information: get info about people, song, poem. ...● Trend: see immediately what is popular● Action: use the 2nd screen as remote control● Participation: contribute to the show and influnce it
  10. 10. TV Check: 2ndScreen Social TV App from OrangeTVcheck is a social TV App with check-in experiencethat facilitates social dialogue around TV content; itenables TV viewers to check in to the shows that theyare watching, and earn points and badges as areward. By integrated with FB and Twitter, TV viewerscan discover new content that their community sharesand also to share their favourite programmes with theirfriends and communityPlay and Win QuizEarn Badges Share feelingsDiscover the ProgramTV Check is publicly available to all the EU consumers. ACR technology is usedto automatically identify the video content for check in and sharing; 2ndscreencontent are curated by Orange.Check in
  11. 11. 2ndScreen App: Viggle rewards viewer of watching TVSign up DiscoverProgramwith ACRCheck in Earn Reward Total RewardsViggle is a loyalty program for television that gives people real rewards for checking into thetelevision shows they are watching. Available for Android, Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Viggleautomatically identifies the television shows its users are watching and awards them points whenthey check-in. Viggle users can redeem their points in the app’s rewards catalog for items such asmovie tickets, music, gift cards or they can convert them into charitable donations.Viggle was launched in Jan 2012. As the end of Jan 2013, it has 1,811,512 RegisteredUsers with 151,620,602 check-ins, its members has redeemed 1,386,938 rewards.
  12. 12. NFL 2ndScreen App: Thursday Night Football ExtraLast Sept, NFL Network launched a dedicated 2ndScreen App Thursday Night Football Extra(TNF Xtra) for Thursday Night Football Program to:● Bring fans inside the game, show● More about the show● Prevent flipping to a different channel at break in action● Connect fans with similar interests through social mediaComplementary GameInsights(teams facts, stats)Exclusive live streamingsideline video from adedicated reporterInteractive Quiz and Pullscompeting with friendsand fansEngage fans with curatedand aggregated Twitter feedsand FB ConnectionsTwo Unique features about TNF Xtra:1. It has dedicated 2nd Screen Contents synched with 1st Screen2. It is exclusively sponsored by State Form on 2nd Screen, whichis not associated/linked with TV Channel
  13. 13. 2ndScreen App Dijit Remote with NextGuidePersonalized Programming Guide + Universal Remote Control1. Personalized Programming Guide combining EPG and Netflix Instant Queue2. Universal Remote Control working with Roku Player, LG TV through GriffinBeacon
  14. 14. 2ndScreen App Miso:2.Check-in to TV episodes and movies toshare what you watch3. Connect and Share with friends whowatch the same shows as you1. Connect Miso with your internet-enabled DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse,or MTS Ultimate TV receiver toautomatically identify whats on TVand synchronize SideShowsUser Created SideShow synchronized with ContentOn Feb 02 2013, Dijit announced that it is in the process of acquiring Miso
  15. 15. Netflix 2ndScreen App for PS3:1. Through your phone or tablet,you can play the title on eitheryour mobile device, or your PS3.2. While playing the title on PS3,you can fast forward, rewind,pause, move to another episode,rate the movie or show, andchange the audio or subtitlesettings from your 2nd Screen.3. You can tap the back arrow onthe top left to browse for othertitles, and tap the blue bar at thetop of the screen to return to thevideo playing on your PS3.
  16. 16. Key Enabling Technologies for Multi-Screen Apps● Context Aware Voice Interaction and Dialogue● Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)● Communication and Synchronization among User Devices● Personalized User Profiles● Personalizing TV Interaction with Social Web & Semantic Web● Unified and Intuitive UI across Multi-Screen
  17. 17. Context Aware Voice Interaction and DialogueAs Vlingos Virtual Assistant to Smart TV demonstrated at CES 2012, with smartphone as VoiceAssistant Device integrated with back-end Context Aware Dialogue Manager, it can provide mostnatural human machine conversation assisting people to find what they want to watch on TV
  18. 18. Automatic Content Recognition1. Automatic Content Recognition through Video Fingerprinting2. Interactive TV and 2ndScreen Appbased on identified ContentFlingos automatic content recognition (ACR) embedded in Smart TVs and STBs, canidentify video content in real-time and instantly deliver the contextually relevant content toViewers 2nd screen through its SyncApp Framework Samba.TvTak Video RecognitionTvTak uses a unique sophisticated patent-pendingtechnology to identify TV content by pointing the camera ofthe smartphone at the television set. TvTak, running on thesmartphone, first detects the surface of the televisiondisplay, and then computes an identifier of the video playingon the TV with its unique graphical characteristics; thecomputed identifier will be compared to source identifiersfrom back-end databases for related video content.
  19. 19. Communication and Synchronization among User Devices1. Google TV Anymote ProtocolThe Anymote Protocol is a specification thatdefines how second screen apps securely send inputevents to first screen devices on the same network.Google Anymote Protocol Library is open sourcedand can be running on Android 2.2 and above2. DIAL from Netflix and YoutubeDIAL—forDIscovery And Launch—is a simpleprotocol that 2nd screen devices can use todiscover and launch apps on 1st screen devices.Netflix provides a C++ reference implementationin open source, it needs to be ported to Android2.2 through NDK
  20. 20. Netflix to Launch Personalized User Profiles1. users are asked who is watching. 2. Profiles come with a simple avatar.3. Each profile can be personalizedto display specific movie and TVshow recommendations.4. Heres the top 10 for Mom5. Users can easily switchbetween profiles.6. The top 10 for Dad, which is differentfrom what Mom has been watching7. Users can add a new profile if they want to,for example, track everything the family hasbeen watching together.Personal ProfileFamily Profile
  21. 21. Personalized TV Interaction with Social WebNetflix Facebook IntegrationNetflix: Enrich users TV experience through his/her friends‘ TV experience
  22. 22. BBC: from a relational content model and static publishing framework towards a fullydynamic semantic publishing (DSP) architecturePersonalized TV Interaction with Semantic WebBy describing the storyline[of a TV programme] usingan Ontology. This storylinecan then be presented eitherin a linear way, mapped tothe traditional TV structure ofepisodes and series, ordeconstructed to let youexamine a single story arcwithin a complex narrative
  23. 23. BBC & NoTube Joint R&D: by extracting semantic concept and knowledge from user socialactivity and message stream and linking with Semantic TV content, a user semantic profilecan be generated to:– Filtering of TV content -> personalisation, recommendation– Augmentation of TV content with Rich MetadataPersonalized TV Interaction with Social Web & Semantic Web
  24. 24. SemanticContextSocial ActivityContent, Semantic Context and Social Activity OrchestrationFB Social Graph SearchSemantic SearchPersonalized ContentDiscovery and Experience
  25. 25. One UI, N Screens, M Content & ServicesMetro Style UI has been adopted across device, os and vendors. We thinkthat Metro Style UI is a good candidate for Multi-Screen AppsXbox MetroDashboardXfinity X1PlatformGooglePlay Storefor TVSamsungSmart TVSocial
  26. 26. Tablet is the Controller of Multi-Screen ExperienceWe think that Tablet, as a personal device, would be the controller of Multi-Screen Experience and would be able to:User Profile &Device Manager 1. Integrate with Cloud-based User Profile& Device Manager2. Device Communication &Synchronization through AnyMote likeProtocol3. Tablet can push Content URL to TV forstreaming4. Integrate with SNS, such as Facebook5. Simple Metro-like UI across Tablet andTV
  27. 27. A Multi-Screen Use Case Study: Interactive Voice of China评语:这首歌已经23年了,有很多演绎,但你今天的演绎是目前为止 …弯弯的月亮刘欢 1989 首唱”弯弯的月亮”刘欢 2013 再演绎”弯弯的月亮”刘欢 2010 演唱”弯弯的月亮”李海鹰创作 ”弯弯的月亮”“阿娇是广东水上人家对小女孩的通称 …” 刘诗昆 《弯弯的月亮》袁娅维 吉克隽逸 对决刘欢 吉克隽逸《天地在我心》中国好声音: 刘欢团队