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yuxiang‘s portfolio


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My first year graduate school projects.

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yuxiang‘s portfolio

  1. 1. Helsinki New York City Atlanta Wuyuan Shenzhen Project locationsThe one year academic experiences cultivated my the ability of rational analysis, which makes me think profoundly therelationship between architecture, the user and surroundings. Moreover, all the projected worked on " Model Thinking", whichmeans making physical models during the design process and thinking in three dimension.Besides, I love history from my childhood. It helps me think from different angles and enhance my rational analysis. I usuallyattempted to find the historical value from the site and try to establish ideas based on urban context at very beginning ofprojects, not by feelings. So, I could benifit form advocating of history as skepticism and logical thinking.
  2. 2. Contents01 Space of [DE] Construction 1 Articulation Enclosure02 Space of [DE] Configuration 5 A Trellis in Margaret Mitchell Square @ Atlanta03 Space of [DE] Formation 11 A Information Box of Damien Hirst @ Atlanta04 The Branch Library 19 A Story from Tress @ Atlanta05 Other Works 25 Photography/Visualization/ Fine arts
  3. 3. Space of [DE] Construction Articulation Enclosure March Studio I Fall 2011 Group Work Partner: Kimberly Bandy Turtor: Armando Montilla1 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  4. 4. Introduction NInitial research of a renowned public pavilion led to adiscovery of its designer’s theoretical and structural intentionsfor the work. Furthermore, this research would inform arearticulating of those values into an entirely new design.This two-part project began with the building of Toyo Ito’s2002 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, The form of which wasdetermined by a simple geometric algorithm of circumscribingsquares. By puncturing the resultant pattern and wrappingthis concept over and down the four facades, the paviliongardens Ito’s principle of harvesting natural light. Kensington Gardens, 2002 Site PlanCircumscribing Squares Algorithm
  5. 5. Introduction IA decomposition of the 2002 pavilion’s values focuses on its geometric algorithm of expanding and rotating squares. However, the new realization of these ideas considers the introduction of life and engaging the environment. It does so by pushing and pulling the resultant patterns rather than simply puncturing it. Also, this pattern is drawn vertically, allowing the pattern to project through the interior of the building and affect the users’ actions and rests. Glass Wall Partition Solid Wall Structure Circulation Garden Terrace Circumscribing Squares Algorithm Thinking Process3 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  6. 6. Section
  7. 7. Space of [DE] Configuration " A Trellis in Margaret Mitchell Square @ Atlanta " March Studio I Fall 2011 Individual Work Turtor: Armando Montilla5 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  8. 8. IntroductionThe site is bounded by the Carnegie Main Library and the Georgia Pacificbuilding with other mid-rise mercantile buildings from the 1920’s andthe low scale entrance pavilions for the Marta stop. Based on the sitevisiting, I found different kinds of people cross the site everyday, such asbusinessmen, sightseers, pedestrians and homeless people. Therefore, 1I would like to provide a multifunction space to meed different peoplesneed. The space would be simple and elegant in downtown. 2 1 3 Site 4 2 3 4 N Site Plan
  9. 9. 7 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  10. 10. Site Detail Area Garden Activity Density Accessibility Peoples Need Businessman Sightseer Pedestrian Homeless People Elevation9 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  11. 11. Exhibition Resting AreaInformation Center Communication Garden Section
  12. 12. Space of [DE] Formation " A Information Box of Damien Hirst " March Studio I Fall 2011 Individual Work Turtor: Armando Montilla11 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  13. 13. About the Site Site AnalysisThe project will call for a small building,which will be a curatorial single-artistGallery at the Courtyard of the HighMuseum in Atlanta. The exact location 2 1of the intervention will be at the gap inbetween the edge of the Renzo Piano Wingto the North, and the Restaurant Wine-Tasting Bar to the South. 3For the purpose of the exhibit space withinthe Gallery, the building will house 3 piecesby Artist from a list. Circulation 1 2 3 N Functional Analysis Site Plan Surrounding Environment
  14. 14. 13 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  15. 15. Concept DevelopmentLocationMain CirculationBasic ConpectFinal
  16. 16. The Artist and Exhibtion in the Gallary Damien Steven Hirst is an English artist, entrepreneur and art collector. He is the most prominent member of the group known as the Young British Artists , who dominated the art scene in Britain during the 1990s. Death is a central theme in Hirsts works. He became famous for a series of artworks in which dead animals are preservedin formaldehyde. The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone 1 2 3 Living, a 14-foot (4.3 m) tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde in a vitrine became the iconic work of British art in the 1990s, and the symbol of Britart worldwide. He has also made "spin paintings," 1 Damien Steven Hirst created on a spinning circular surface, and "spot 2 "Spot" Painting, 1996 paintings", which are rows of randomly coloured 3 Hymn, 2000 circles created by his assistants. 4 The Physical Impossiblity of Death in 4 the Mind of Someone Living, 1992 N First Floor Plan15 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  17. 17. Basement Plan Second PlanSouth Elevation North Elevation
  18. 18. 17 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  19. 19. Section ASection BSection C
  20. 20. The Branch Library " A Story from Tress @ Atlanta " March Studio II Spring 2012 Individual Work Turtor: Criss Mills19 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  21. 21. IntroductionThe site is more civic in nature as it faces TechHigh School, is bounded by a church at the rearand is relatively shielded from the industrial section.It is also more directly connected to single familyneighborhoods. 1 West SideThe basic idea came from tress in the site. I wouldlike to keep all of the tress and changed them tobe the most important landscape element of myproject. 2 2 North Side Site 3 1 3 East Side N Site Geometry Force Circulation Site Plan
  22. 22. N 1 Lobby 2 Office 3 Search 4 1 Lobby 5 Children’s Area 1 2 Office 6 Reading Room 3 Reference Stacks 7 4 Computers/ Data 8 Bathroom 5 Childrens Area 3 6 Stacks area 2 7 Meeting Room 8 Bathroom 4 8 7 5 6 Plan Thinking Process21 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  23. 23. SectionSouth Elevation
  24. 24. 23 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  25. 25. Other Works Photography Virsualization Fine Arts25 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  26. 26. PhotographDate: August, 2008Location: Helsinki, Finland
  27. 27. Visualization " From form to Architecture " March Studio I Spring 2012 Individual Work Turtor: Douglas Hecker Step I Form Step II Skeleton Step III Skin27 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  28. 28. Step IV Physical ModelStep V Architecture in the Urban Context
  29. 29. Size: 290*210 mm Media: Water Colour Location: Shenzhen University29 Portfolio of Yuxiang Jiang
  30. 30. Size: 290*210 mmMedia: Water ColourLocation: Wuyuan, China