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  1. 1. Unit21Who gets themoney?
  2. 2. The first step:Listen to the tape and answer the following questions: 1 、 How many people are mentioned in our text?What are they?What is the relation between them? 2 、 Who is going to get the money? 3 、 Who visited the detective and why?
  3. 3. 1 、 How many people are mentioned in ourtext?What are they?What is the relation betweenthem?Answer: Five. H Mr Flower Mrs Flower W D N A F J.J. Coal Clare Flower Tom Goode
  4. 4. 2.Who is going to get the money? Answer:Clare Flower,who is Mrs Flower’s step-daughter.3.Who has visited the detective and why? Answer:Tom Goode ,Mrs Flower’s nephew;he wants the detective to check out Clare Flower and see whether she has the right to get his aunt’s money The second step: Read the text intensively and do some exercises according to the story.
  5. 5. Part1: True or false( F ) 1 、 J.J. Coal was a well-known detective inNewYork.( T ) 2.Mr Coal’s visitor was Mrs Flower’s nephew.( F ) 3.Tom’s aunt left $400 million in her will to herson.(F ) 4.Tom’s uncle left all his wealth to his onlydaughter after his death.( T )5 、 When Clare Flower was 18,she went tolive in Los Angeles.
  6. 6. (T ) 6 、 At the burial service for Tom’s aunt,a girl who introduced herself as Clare Flower turned up.(T ) 7 、 The fact that the girl did not know Mrs Flower’s pet dog surprised Tom.( T) 8 、 Tom wanted the detective to find out if this Clare Flower had the right to get his aunt’s money.( T )9 、 J.J. Coal was willing to look into the (F case. ) 10 、 The detective could speak to the family lawyer about the case without anybody’s
  7. 7. Part2:Answer the questions according to the story.1 、 Why was Tom Goode’s aunt wealth? Answer:Her husbund had built up a large business and left all his money to his wife when he died.2 、 When did Tom’s aunt last see Clare Flower? Answer:1984,when she left home at the age of eighteen.3 、 Who saw Clare Flower during the time she hasbeen living in Los Angeles? Answer:Only Mr and Mrs Flower.4 、 Who or what was Klegg? Answer:Mrs Flower’s pet dog.
  8. 8. 5.What did Tom Goode know about Klegg? Answer:Klegg was very important to Tom’s aunt,Mrs Flower.6. What didn’t Clare know about Klegg? Answer:That it was Mrs Flower’s pet dog,and had died.7.Why does Tom Goode want the detective to look into the case? He is not sure about Clare Flower and thinks something smells funny. 8.What can we learn from the story and what should we do ?Answers:We can know that our text criticizes the evil things thateach tries to cheat the other and we should make ourselvesbecome a very honest and moral person and obey the law.
  9. 9. PART3;Put these events in the correct order. The first one has been done for you.(8)A:Tom Goode called on the dectective.(4)B:Clare Flower’s father died ten years ago.(7)C:Tom Goode spoke to Clare Flower.(2)D:Five years later,Clare Flower’s father married again(6)E:When Mrs Flower was buried,Clare turned up.(3)F:Clare Flower moved to Los Angeles.(1)G:Clare Flower was born in 1966.(5)H:Mrs Fower died three weeks ago.
  10. 10. The third step: some difficult points in our text: 1)When my aunt was buried,Clare turned up at the service ,and afterwards stayed for tea while the family’s lawyer explained how my aunt’money was to be divided up.1.turn up :to arrive or be found,often unexpectedly( 到来,出现 ) Eg:1.Guess who turned up at Mary’s wedding. 你丢失的那本书总有一天会找到的。 The book you have lost will turn up someday.turn in ;turn out;turn down;turn up;turn on;turnoff;turn round;turn over;turn to; turn against ;turnaway;turn back and so on.
  11. 11. 2.service: 指宗教的礼拜仪式,这里指葬礼( burial service ) . 其它 的还有早礼拜: morning service, 晚礼拜: evening service.3.divide up: 分配Eg:It is really difficult to divide up these few flats among so manypeople.2)And Clare said ,“Did they use to go out a lot together,you know,formeals and to concerts and the cinema?”Used to ( 过去常常 ) 的疑问式与否定式的构成通常有三种结构:1. 在正式文体中, used to 可以用做情态动词,因此,在构成疑问式或否定式时可以直接用 used to肯定式 ) eg:I used to play football at school.( Used you to play football at school?( 疑问式 ) I usedn’t to play football at school.( 否定式 )
  12. 12. 2 .在非正式文体中,特别是在美国英语中, used to 常被当作实义动词用。因此,在构成疑问式和否定式时要借助于助动 词 did ,后面跟实义动词的原形 use. 也就是说,疑问式用 Did….use to …? 否定式用… didn’t use to 结构。 Eg: Did you use to play football at school ? I didn’t use to play football at school .3. 有时,疑问式用 Did…used to…?, 否定式用… didn’t usedto… 结构。这种有人认为是不正规的,但是在美国中却屡 见不鲜。 Eg:Did you used to play football at school? I didn’t used to play football at school.
  13. 13. 3)Maybe there are some things among your aunt’spapers,like Clare school reports,oldphotographs,and so on.Papers: 文件,证件,是可数名词,可有单数和复数形式 。 You’ll have to show your papers at the gate.这份文件必须签字才能生效 。The paper should be signed before it becomes effective. 此外,还可做“报纸,论文,试卷”解,可以有复 数形式 今天早上的报纸上有什么消息?What news is there in the papers this morning?All the examination papers should be handed outbefore Friday.
  14. 14. 但作“纸张”解是不可数名词,如果需要表示数量,则应 当使用表示“量”的用语( a piece/sheet of paper;three pieces/sheets of paper )4 )… so Clare would have been five years old… 因此,克莱尔想必已经五岁了。would+have+-ed 形式用于委婉陈述自己的看法。表示猜测,作“想必已经是… ..”Eg.I thought you would have finished this by now. 我想你现在大概已完成着件事了。 杰克于 1988 年去法国的,因此,他想必结婚已经十年了 。 Jack went to France in 1988,so he would have been married for over ten years.
  15. 15. 另外, would+v.“ 作想必是……“eg. The person you mentioned would be Della.is that right? 你提到的那个人想必是德拉。对吗? 他是哪一年参军的? ---- 我想大概是 1983 年。In which year did he join the army?-----It would be 1983,I think. Go over some phrases in our text. 1 、 step into =enter=walk into 2 、 by the way 3 、 build up a large business 4 、 in one’s will at will 随意地,随心所欲地 against one’s will 违背本意,无可奈何地。
  16. 16. 5 、 apart from=except6 、 at the burial services7 、 divide up8 、 go out a lot9 、 check out10 、 for a start11 、 look into the case12 、 speak as follows13 、 go through14 、 leave sth.to/with sb.15 、 by one’s first marriage
  17. 17. Fill blanks with the following phrases: divide up . apart from . go through. turn up. check out . step into . as follows . pick out. build up . pretend to do . for a start. look at has built up1.With 10 years of hard work ,he __________acomputer company of 2,000pepole. check out2.Please go and ________whether there is a train toBeijing at 11 o’clock.3.Everything will be done as planned,if nothing turns upunexpected ________. pretended to4. She cried hard and_________ be badly hurt.5. Apart from __________ this,there is no other reason for youto refuse to do it.
  18. 18. divide up . apart from . go through. turn up. check out . step into . as follows . pick out. build up . pretend to do . for a start. look at picked out 6. The teacher _________the best table-tennis players. goes through 7. Please ___________the whole text as quickly as possible. For a start 8.__________,I’d like to say a few words about myself. 9. She wrote________. as follows 10. How can we__________the work? divide up 11.There must be something wrong .________this Look at sentence carefully again. stepped into 12.When the visitors ___________the room ,we clapped our hands
  19. 19. The fourth step: HomeworkThe first one:Read the next part of our text------Lesson 82 and you can get the answer.The second one:Write notes about the mainpeople in Lesson 81.They are the following:
  20. 20. The second step:Read the text intensively and write notes about themain people in the story. Clare Flower: born in 1966; left home at the age of 18; has lived in Los Angeles for the past fifteen years. J.J. Coal; a famous Tom Goode:Handsome; detective aged about 30; works in Washington; smokes cigars Nephew of Mrs Flower
  21. 21. Clare Flower’s father:In his first marriage ,he had adaughter------Clare ;Married Tom Goode’s aunt in 1971;Built up a large business during his lifetime;Died ten years ago in 1989;Left all his money to his wife(Tom Goode’s aunt)Clare Flower’s step-mother:Tom Goode’s aunt;Married Clare’s father in 1971;had a pet dog called Klegg;died three weeks ago ;has left all her money(about $ 400million)to ClareFlower.