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New zealand


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New zealand

  2. 2. RevisionⅠ.Check up:1.What’s the other name for New Zealand? Aotearoa.2.When did the first traveller reach New Zealand,950,1050 or1150? 950.3.What did early travellers bring with them? Dog,rats and plants like the sweet potato.4.Which is warmer,North Island or South Island?Why? North Island is warmer because it is closer to the equator.5.What is the name of the earliest New Zealand people? Maori.6.Where did they come from? Polynesia.7.Why did settlers and the Maori fight? Over land rights.
  3. 3. ProceduresⅡ.New lesson:1.Reading for general understanding. It is a speed-reading exercise.(3`) Answers: Politics----Agriculture----Sports and free time----Naturalbeauty----Wildlife2.Intensive Reading Answer the question.a. What kind of country is New Zealand? What is the size of the country? What is the population of the country? Are the women and men treated equally in New Zealand? How are the old people treated?
  4. 4. b. Why is New Zealand thought to be an importantagricultural country?What animal farming is developed in New Zealand?Is it true that there are more sheep than people in NewZealand?What are the main exports of the country?
  5. 5. c. Why do New Zealanders love sports? What do they like doing in summer? When is their summer? How do people spend their free time? d.What in New Zealand attracts tourists from all over the world? What is New Zealand famous for? Do you think there are earthquakes in this country? What do New Zealanders use the heat near the earth’ssurface for? e.What struck the first settlers most when they arrived in NewZealand Why are ther flightless birds in New Zealand? What is the name of New Zealand’s national bird?
  6. 6. Language points1. 关于 turn 的用法小结:A. 不及物动词 (vi.), 作“转动”、“转身”、“拐弯”解:The wheel turned slowly. 车轮慢慢地转动B. 及物动词 (vt.), 作“转动”、“翻动”解:He turned his car to the left. 他把汽车向左开C. 连系动词 (vi.), 作“变得”解:The leaves turn yellow in artumn.D. 构成短语:Turn to sb./sth. 向某人寻求帮助Turn over 翻转
  7. 7. Turn up 开大音量 Turn out 证明是 / 关掉,熄灭 Turn away 灭绝 Turn on/off 开 / 关(电灯、收音机) Turn into 变成,译成 Turn to 翻到;转向2.apart from: 除了(某物)以外……都;除去①Apart from his nose,he’s quite good-looking. 他除了鼻子以外,哪儿都很好看。②Apart from the injuries to his face and hands,he broke bothlegs. 他除了脸和双手受伤以外,两腿也断了。
  8. 8. New Zealand weather chartPut your finger on: ---the chart for winter ----the chart for summer ----the information for Auckland in winter ----the information for Christchurch in summer ----the temperature measurements for summer
  9. 9. a.What is the highest temperature? 25℃. b.Where are the rainfall measurements,on the left or the right of the charts? On the right.c.Are the rainfall Measurements in millimetres(mm) orcentimetres(cm)? mm.d.Find the rainfall for Christchurch in winter.How much is the highest temperature for Wellington insummer.How much is it?19.5℃f.Find the lowest temperature for Queenstown in winter.Howmuch is it?1℃
  10. 10. Choose the correct answers: 1.The highest temperature in Christchurch in winter is about A.9℃ B.11℃ C.12℃ D.16℃ 2.The city whose temperatures change from about 6℃ to 12℃ in winter is A.Auckland B.Wellington C.Queenstown D.Christchurch 3.From summer to winter the greatest change in temperature(between highest and lowest) is in A.Auckland B.Wellington C.Queenstown D.Christchurch 4.The cities whose rainfall changes least from winter to summerareA.Queenstown and Wellington B.Auckland and WellingtonC.Auckland and Christchurch D.Christchurch and Queenstown
  11. 11. HOMEWORKP.218,EX2-3 Thank you for your watch!