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Brighton SEO 2014 - Becoming a Publisher. How to Create High Quality Content at Pace: John Hutson


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With brands starting to move towards the Content Marketing approach, how can good quality content be created at pace? How can a brand stand out from the crowd and not add to the noise?

John Hutson's presentation from Brighton SEO 2014.

Published in: Marketing
  • Cool stuff John, I've missed that presentation, but I'm sure you had a blast.
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Brighton SEO 2014 - Becoming a Publisher. How to Create High Quality Content at Pace: John Hutson

  1. 1. BECQMING A PUBLISHER HOW To CREATE HIGH QUALITY CONTENT AT PACE 4 . _£: / . ./ - pg _ I . / . ‘ . .J, j / ‘_,1, , ) Jblilni i—'luI‘L-tom ' . . _. _l _, fa-. r.: lId'hI —3i'lI5.'fl£l§‘I l» T‘ f_ I . T _ ‘— 4,1 r= " ‘ ‘@: ‘Il; l‘nIIl'IllI'l~fiCliI
  2. 2. #brightonseo @johnhutson A cheeky Caveat. .. Don’t look at this approach as through a pure SEO lens. If you do - you’ll worry about all the ‘‘rules’’ we're breaking.
  3. 3. #brightonseo @johnhutson A cheeky Caveat. .. Don’t look at this approach as through a pure SEO lens. If you do - you’ll worry about all the ‘‘rules’’ we're breaking. See it as a method to benefit your existing SEO efforts.
  4. 4. K‘. - We are all publishers. 7 " It F . __ I i This presents a great opportunity.
  5. 5. Tweets into books and TV shows. .. Jusfina vrouow so : ~ , :—. .;, :«, ''I'm in Cincinnati at a waffle house that's across from 2 waffle houses. EveIyone's fat. This City is fucking hall of fame of Diabetes. " ‘i5JF‘l Fill’ '11 2:. )/9 :2’ 2*: Jusging vrounw r_ . M H .4 "There won't be humans in 500 years. Enough people choke themselves when theyjerk off we gave it a name. We ain't a species made to last. " ‘ . ."r‘. "‘ll 1.559 r : > *2, 12 95hr. ' Jug‘ Q Vronnw . :§"“' C3[:3.f "No. Aliens exist, [just don't think they came millions of light years just to see earth. Be like driving 1000 miles to go to an Arby's" . $118= : ~. :»" . ; —w_w: : 13 716?
  6. 6. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why publish content? -l-* Helps increase your search engine visibility Helps build authority and trust -* Attracts discussion and coverage of your brand <
  7. 7. ” ~a»= ~—; :/ ‘ ’ But there’s a problem. ..
  8. 8. It takes time. .. "21<s‘; t>'-"“ ‘ ' ll“ / <‘. "
  9. 9. 6. Platform management 1. Stakeholder brainstorming l I 1 J . ’ CONTENT CREATION CYCLE 5- AFC 8! COPY 2. Content calendaring III II I 1: 4 Legal approvals 3. Copyright free media Source: perculatecom
  10. 10. Also - everyone is trying to do it. .. rmzr; "1'
  11. 11. 60M . _-. .--. ... ... .a. uniIiiilllllllllilllllllllfl 032006 #brightonseo @johnhutson Source: Wordpress. com The number of posts published from blogs we host here on WordPress. corn, both on subdomains and their own domains, or e><ternally— hosted blogs that use our Jetpack plugih and are part of our network. Wordpress stats across the world fla; ,;(5’t 20 74 K/1
  12. 12. Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. Mitchell Kapor 90% of all the data in the world has ben generated over the last two years. SOUFCQI sintet COW]
  13. 13. um i? T 7 rm y is How do we stand out from the crowd. .. l . - , , . __ t‘/ _ __ _(__, ;_. ... 1 K 3 L and still crea e high quality content? ’ -. -.: v. -ea- . > « All .5 . .8?‘ , «. x X s ’ " 7’ - -3.’ . ‘>-
  14. 14. By using the two Cs. ..
  15. 15. .. ._ . ..; ~.-; . -Asa‘. -V. —; Curation
  16. 16. #brightonseo @johnhutson What is Curation? l The act of selecting, organising, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition i‘ i- Source. <'; ><io'ddicl <')i‘r'll’lGS. C~f'2iT"i
  17. 17. #brightonseo @johnhutson What is Curation? S‘ Selecting, organising, and presenting (online content, merchandise, information, etc. ), typically using professional or expert knowledge 80 u rcc. <1: To vii Ll i cl ('7 r ‘ (1 i it’: s. ;': <'. : i ri
  18. 18. 0 sign in SPORT FOOTBALL Home Formula 1 Cncket Sport weather iP| ayer TV Radio More. .. Search Q RugbyU RugbyL Tennis Golf Athletics Commonwealth Games E All Sport 4 August ZOIA Last updated at as 19 Efllllfl Q Gossip column: Mangala, Balotelli, Crouch, Schneiderlin, Wickham For a list ol confimied transfers. check out the transfers page. TRANSFER GOSSIP Eliaquim Mangala is expected to sign rai Manchester city iar £32m Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has ruled out Ac Milan striker Mario Balotelli jo ning the Merseyside club after being linked with the 23-year-old Italy international. Daily Mirror if Manchester City are close to signing Porto's 23-year-old French defender Eliaquim Mangala in a deal worth about £32m Manchester Evening News E‘ Tottenham are close to agreeing a £17m deal tor 23-year-old Villarreal and Argentina centre-back Mateo Musacchio. fimes (subscription required) l? Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochellino is willing to use 25-year-old Belgian winger Nacer Chadli in his attempt to convince lonner club Southampton to sell £20m-rated French midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin Related to this story Monday's Scottish gOSSlD u. i Aug20l-l 5:3-rza FCQ —LL Sundays gossip column 03 Aug 2014 F3fTTE4LL Saturdays gossip column 02 Aug 20M FCCTE-LL Featured in this story ria-are deals ztii ii‘ r : l‘_‘l EEC A_4)(Dn Fa. This story around the web . ll‘ : - —ii ~. —.ii»r . ~-n a Modern Ghana 1 hr ago 6* Football transfer rumours Touenriam Hoispur to iaio Southampton again'7 Guardian co uk 3 hrs ago ii‘ Liverpool transfer rurriours "Nu passioiiity’ of Marco Reds leaving says Borussia Dorlmurid Mirrorco uk 3 hrs ago r3' tiyeipooi to close deal ior Atletico Madrid's Javier ll/ lahqLilllo'7 Tiansrei gossip rrorn Monoays papers lrish Mirror 5 hrs ago ii‘ Sundays Paper Talk AOL UK 27 hrs am: 5'
  19. 19. a sign in 4 August 2014 La updated aIl)B18 Sport Weather iP| ayer rv All Teams Leagues 8. C ti Gossip column: Mangala, Balotelli, Crouch, Schneiderlin, Wickham For a list ol confirmed translers. check out the transfers page. TRANSFER GOSSIP Ellaitlulnt Mangala is expected ta sign reii Manchester city lol £32m Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has ruled out AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli joining the Merseyside club atter being linked with the 23-year-old Italy international. Daily Mirror E7} Manchester City are close to signing Porto's 23-year-old French delender Eliaquim Mangala in a deal worth about £32m Manchester Evening News I17‘ Tottennam are close to agreeing a £17m deal tor 23-year-old Villarreal and Argentina centre-back Mateo Musacchi 1'imes (subscription required) I17‘ Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochellino rs willing to use 25-year-old Belgian winger Nacer Chadll in his attempt to convince former club Southampton to sell £20m-rated French midfielder Morgan Schheiderlih Video statistics ‘n-nugr _ui; . ' VIEWS TIME WATC HED 204,260 279 days Weekly Tweetly Roundup: Costly Apples TheE| |enShow 228 899 SUBSCRIPTIONS DRIVEII SHARES 4 24
  20. 20. a Signin News Sport wssmet SPORT FOOTBALL Home I Formulai Cncket RugbyU RugbyL Tennis 4 August 2oi4 Last updated at as 19 EEIIID Q Eiisuuim Mangala is expected to Sign iui Manchester City iui £32m ’v Gossip column: Mangala Crouch, Schneiderlin, W For a tist ol confirmed lranslers. check out the trar TRANSFER GOSSIP Liverpool manager E has ruled out AC Mili‘ Ealotelli jo ing the I after being linked wi Italy international. D: Manchester City are cli 23—year—oIo French de Mangala in a deal wort Manchester Evening Tottenham are close deal lcr 23-year-clul Argentina centre-bai 1'imes (subscription Tottenham manager Mauricio Pocnehino is willing ti Belgian winger Nacer Charlll in his attempt to convi Soulhamplon to sell £20m—rated French midfielder ‘I’ , . 147Ioz Top 10 Roger had a great tirrie at Mozcon with allot his trrends (vrdeos Corning soon), But from an experiment in oe-indexing Groupon to recaps on rapidly-changing SERPS, there was a lot going on oitstage as well Here's the highlights, iwiutiiiiwiist KI p Infill ‘I in “tiii-pit" iiamr i< Xttiirlllx ()l'E. ‘lIlli' M-: tt« li GFDUDOH KZKGS one 10!’ "18 team WITH a QUICK G€—| ndeX (YOU read that fight) (0 Tina DUI I1 organic search I5 being MISIZIEQOTIZSG as organic, [70 read [HIS (but (10 flflf try It at home), | —‘ siuiii. suuusu. -ea ( Limeul Has 3 It us! Pl‘DlJlet| J 2 According to Contently, hall of your readers don't even know what "sponsored content" means It you think mars scary, wait until you see how few people trust it SHARES 24
  21. 21. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: People will link to you Backllnko discovery (non-cumulative view) - http1Iwww, bbc. oo. ukIsportIOIfot1b| ll/ gosipl Backlinks Aug Sep Oct Nov &c Jan Feb Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul I2 11 I2 12 12 I3 13 13 I3 13 13 I3 I3 14 I4 14 14 14 I4 I4 Rolurrlng domains dlscwoty (non-cumulative vlow) - http: /Iwww. bbo. oo. ukIsport/ Offwtbull/ oosipl Referring domains 8 B 8 6 8
  22. 22. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: People will link to you I‘ t ‘ Backllnks discovery (non-cumulative vldw) http: /lwww bbcoo uklspon/ O/football/ gossip! iacklinks Page Link Metrics Page Social Metrics ' '. .~i~": w 9950.2. 1l, 'l’l3 £0 Day" 8') Root Doinaiii; ‘I 1} ; )ll5.ll‘:3 92.006 liieei; 159‘) "v I3 3U, ’l'l’l rural Liiih; U | _ii": ;
  23. 23. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: People will watch you r 1 Shari Vandsrwofl V " N you see someone wearing '1 .4 ’ . camouflage. make sure to walk vlghl | nlo them so they know It's working. arm " ‘ 4 Weekly Tweetly Roundup: No More Tears f TIIeEI| elIShx7w ' 29> :6 -u» 0' . |.: ~ Video Ihlisfics *m, gr. .J; = I! 1: 1:) vxsws 443,745 59‘ m — 1 m m
  24. 24. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: People will watch you / ~ l»'5JSharedCount 5 ‘v, Smarivnndsrworv » Ir It you see someone wearing j ~. /" ’ _ ‘v / If , camouflage. make sure to walk right into them so they know It's working. _ Likes: 59 ‘ Shares: 92 - ‘ : v.L_~_. k Comments: 24 E; ": “,‘_-E _ V Total: 175 4‘v1’ii; _- "4 A ; J». -, . ‘~‘ '1 Weekly Tweetly Roundup: No More Tears ___” Twitter TheEllenShow 443.999 r‘, l;, l* H *l ‘ 5.553 .2 : ET TWEEISI 9 'l‘ L‘ vl IIIII : Google +1 Video statistics wcugn AugE EU]: 7‘ +15: 374 VIEWS 443.745 -v0l
  25. 25. Source: #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: People will share your content l‘ai'edC<'il gcom SEARCH ENGINE Google Bing Daily, Search Forum Recap: August, ,7, 2014 Aug72(n—wv As l‘i' (0; L W 5.. i . », , 4‘ ' A A Q *—*— * bi ‘”"‘°~iHI~: l,l as Here is a}eoap of what happened in the search furums today, through the eyes or}ho ' Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. Search Engine Rnundtable Stories: - Going HTFPS/ SSL will Now Gi e You A Ranking Benefit In Google Google announced early this morning that they are now using SSL/ HT1'PS as a ranking signal in their Google search algorithrn The signal is incredibly weak and webmasters should not go crazy abnut it. .. . Google Toolbar Pagekank Hasn't Been Updated In 3 Monuis 1: has been eight months and one day since the last toolbar Pagellanl-I update and the one before that was on February 4th, a 10 month wait time. Prior to that. .. . Guogle's Eric schniidi. Jonauian Rosenberg 5: Alan Eagle Book: How Google Works Googles top business leaders, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle have teamed up to write a book about their experience in running Google over the years. The book is named "Hnw Gongle Works“ and the companion web site is at hougoog.1eworks. ne: ... . Google V‘'ebmas! er/ SEO Rank: Like Author Rank or Site Authority Greg, aka good. RO1, asked in a lebmasterWorld thread if Gnogle assigns an "SEO credit scores" to a webmaster or SEO. .. . Google Adwords says You can Re Charged For Invalid clicks mien. .. An advertiser posted in the Gongle adwords Help forum a djscussinn he had unh a Google Adwords representative about invalid dicks he was being charged for. He <aid 4 7' on . ~1;1,-I; :{cuoX¢Il. £II§| 'l¢ : « . -i»i« JAIII-in-I I-7.. -i ; ‘Fl ‘, i"l‘lil ll lT‘i' sussce BE - J(ln0Idfl, lIH'(0 1!. '{f= ‘xii’-_l SEARCH BUZZ VIDEO Q‘ “yi: "A~. L. ? '_r‘, summin-
  26. 26. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: Traffic can increase
  27. 27. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: Traffic cah ihcrease Tme Ind URL ol Linking Pm Link Anclol Text Link URL Fm Alnnontv ‘ Domain Almlorilv ' lnololuwi The Weekln Search-The Ton hmlmwwhelpl 73 mo Moxilla and Google Sign New Agleemenl lo: .11 ED mlvmm lvluzill orwhbflfiil/12r2DImvzlII~Iu¢—geogll-mg (uptown) SEO and Snual Media News 91 nun / Mwwhelpl 70 as > Top 10 Social Media Blogs — The 2010 Winner. .. 0 Sessions )2 n Mia! /www: nn: nhlednex| nmercmvlI| n>1IkIaaAl-nledn. hl 1.200 (nololow) Wnafs Been Hapnemrlq To Me MID Imwwhelpi 59 E3 The Tliemalic Pmuer Blog Theme I Themesh. .. 2-’ 5 MID I/ |!IevVes7I8D¢N10IV| ll1IevVIil>D| )we(”‘)l09-llierllel 600 (nololovd Trleweekln soual—Tne Tap nlmimwwnelpl 57 as Fnt: ebook‘s New zip Code Ad Tnlgelirlg Coul P Ev mm/ lwww nlnlflclbwk: :lznv'2MU03l11/1D~codI—ao-ur 3 ("gm Google Plus is Nol Your Blog The Week in Snclal as The T0 nnp llwwwhelpl 56 21 JIIIHIVYZUW ,0 3 mp I/ www chmbmgln pamlllnnllll~vM~I~7|°l~YW"Dl0§’ Jailllury20l2 (nmolowi Tneweexln Seavdl-The Top rllzpimwwnelpl 47 61 Verify Your WordPless Website in Google We. .. )4 Eli Miullwww upumweo eouvoio; ~enry. wompieau. wepu (nololowl [No Data] Helplulguy nnp lmww help! 47 54 ; « Eli Minllwww Iuvcliengneiolnnalcnnvlavice-fnv-Aheqiewhi (nofolwt) The Weekln Socia| —The Top nliplrmmnelpi as as Two more iogue Facebook apps linked to l= u.. . £1 3 hlwlleollnlemlelsuru Irendmn; rneMwo4no<&rwue»laee (nnfljaw) Mobile Social Nelwarks Mobile Phune Networks Emnra min imwwnelpi 45 59 _ / ~ Eu Mlpllwww yumnews eoumso:
  28. 28. #brightonseo @johnhutson Why it works: Traffic can increase Title and URL of Linking Page Link Anchor Text Link URL Page Authority V Domain Authority V (nololow) The Week in Search — The Top hllp: INvww. heIpt. .. 78 100 Molilla and Google Sign New Agreement for 9 Eli rmp: IIbIog. rnozIa. orgIbIogf2011I1Zrzolmozillo-and-google-sig. .. (noiolow) SEO and Social Media News 9t. .. mtp: IIwww. heIp1.. . 70 85 Top 10 Social Media Blogs - The 2010 Winner. .. 33 EJ hm): IIwww. sociakrIediaexarrI’ner. conInop-10-social-media-bl. .. (nofolow) What's Been Happening To Me. .. httpzllwwwhelpf. .. 59 83 The Thematic Power Blog Theme I ThemeSh. .. a0 E| httpzlnhenleshaper. cormhematiepower-blag-theme! (nofolovl) The Week in Social — The Top htip: IMww. heIpf. .. 57 83 Facebook's New Zip Code Ad Targeting Coul. .. JD Ell nap; /Iwww. insueraoebook. comI2o11/05:11/zip-code-ad-tar. .. (nofo| ow)G00g| e Plus is Not Your Blog The Week in Social a'1€‘ The T0.. . hi‘lp: INvww. heIpt. ._ 56 81 9 Eli mtpzllwww. chrisbrogan. comlgoogle-plus-is-not-your-biog!
  29. 29. So how do we curate? L iN3". ‘.AN! Pv. 'y~— . —_ xiii J gnxour
  30. 30. #brightonseo @johnhutson Get your sources in order Search Engine Joumal or , ~ v.15‘-V 222%. ‘. . , @. i.. ... u.L‘§. “n“° Ma 1", '"'‘'”‘”" . . A ; (e/ MS’ «?0“/ '0“ 6 a/ Mot sew/ has & 6,/ ;fl . ... W. .. ... ... m 0 Ilfii cum. rm Iltin For Myw-n you 7255 6)fia’(’(&/ Y3 §5§’. ‘,“; .'L. ’.§". ‘§‘. ’.: ... “°. _ Munywmm. one Voice VouvBrInd by@sherIsaifl Discover new content. .. Using browser extensions such as Similar Sites you can coliect more sources of information from within your sector
  31. 31. #brightonseo @johnhutson Building a platform 12* Mill) fltv BREAK UP LETTER #BREAKUPLETTER Remember. it's them - notyou. We're as led up as you are which is why we'll pay your lami| y’s early termination lees when you switch to T-Mobile. Ready to let your ‘ex’ know you're breaking up? Send a Break Up Letter Switch to T-Mobile and get up to $650 3! “"""““ ‘ per line. My new receiver in @TMobiIe! Love service so tar! Check out my commercial for them! bit. IylMXReRb amrwarenunesuayr brt. |yi1g1)(Nu0 #BreakUpLetter Happy xunvaienlinesnayl . Say goodbye to your The suncarrrer brings you @. ILee328J We help with . #UnVaIer-tinesbay. ETFI Check the den here: ', f;f: ’a'k', '_, “", :"“e")’”9‘XN“° bit. lyl1g1XNuD t-mo. co/ ldwsnon " reb@ifl"QlVl§@ (jgpri #BreakUpLeIter itbreakupletter AMA
  32. 32. scooplt #brightonseo @johnhutson Building a platform content Marketing, Curation, Social Media 8. SEO The new SEO is good shareahle content What does it mean imr content marketers and content Curator? curated oy ~ r. for sea W slldeshare Pam . in a recent sl. lrve, ' or i,5so us protessionals on tne impact or content ourationrortneirousinoss goals 65% said content ouration helped with regardsto see not onlytnat out data from 65M+ pieces of content curated on the scoop it platform show tnat an averageol we or tralric comes rroni Gaogle Search This presentation explains Why and outlines content ouratioii oast Dractlces for SEC Are you tracking these 11 KPI's to E measure contem Marketing success? its the and of the month, time [D review your content marketing results lroni the past 3t: days and analyze out what do you locus onv or everything you could he reporting, wl'lld'l statistics should you care ahulmwhatdo they mean, and how do you Know iryourtindinos are beneficlalarnoPBslDw arotl contentmarketingstatlstlcsydushuuld krlowthat will make yoorend ofniomn reports outstanding‘ Via, “. ~: -
  33. 33. #brightonseo @johnhutson Curating the content we-—-—-——~-v-—= v~—--—~ = -- egg: kl: 1%. , 4.. (HM ; ... e M W“ . _ M gmmgggm Fn1E>u;1fl11’fl121flG| lY 1"-'--I~*-"06-'“-In mzmumovmeaaxecmvcsmmsnmwaanunvseun , ,. ,.. .r. —rm,2'>e¢ >iu:5:»-rr Irma -am-5 Duryuatnvmuzarl-venarnsIv2siu1mwr1urr.1nx| vs - . ..n= .:. a.. r.= ... mE Mzsmginmuumlhanuncalnsinagist mum: mziuera mm. manna-«en gmcmmmmsmgun grime Fn1E‘41;1fl1A'i!1!mG| lY atedtvmm-Pvmaezam A45-urm mtazmcmmsm . v_cn. m-. ¢u. osagn. n—, us- mm. wsnnszvr mewwflmncunizanmmmlacmanztunvniunusiniiman gm. m.= ..m= .«. ..m»<.4.., .xW. .(. .,; .<a. .. « meusuma ca-wn-sazna-snmum-ma mum-4 ' - nremmnvwuemmualmsmooeisumInvmmauawnsu-m » turn: my mum mm. .. . Z’. ,;_' nmmmm FrHE~u:1nm1‘3se5wr Etvess cnwwmemwunmasenmauivewswmsv-es Inn in: mm. ‘)wr: - eeunosvsl mm IVQ iw-aw: 3. M mmm 1>>. m Pvca ‘ . ££[—'‘hun At] N. ‘ M 5,. ,,, E.. .§§ D, W. E, .,. ,,. .. ",9.. 5,, , -, n,, - M , ... a. ~«mmau. =m; .mwmn. mawm. «ma. u nmmaaannenvmtnjc nmm. curatwonsoft com
  34. 34. #brightonseo @johnhutson Curatihg the content , , . !l. I’ 1 I " "T "K? '7'" 1' 7l‘: §|IioiiY0)IF70]i3 Curatwohsott com
  35. 35. kudahi com #brightonseo @johnhutson Curatihg the content in mi Kudani uDiI5h mt GFJDNLS . i., ... .iiii=5"c>cn. u5 Wis; Gnflfllflflfll V m E [Z . walnut . m . . n met-um! ) tlielseaionlhailwil E inn mnuiinhn mix in. MWHVMG mu-uiiu _mii»i= i=s wna hpa fiI1A~chIlu: Ynmhrlltns: ainanuii min nnuuii Pulling Chilwllll Jon -Bkachllfilpull mum in . .niiin. n.nn». m.iu»mzu. nu. Mun seiai ! Il14-Ghelsel Irlnsferllzwsnluse Mnllllmln. Blueslle ciunmnnnisov uiniinu niemievupun Win up A nu - uiouniiiw we in to u may at any am, an mum - E! PN. ¢D. IIk Mhlmews norm: (AIM/ fl:'W5RlH'75i3VI REE: u5EuNWO| CNGKWTl: MNKJ7MXfitwmLuUGnm0Gr.1id: rJz7d3DDD$: AUfi: fl6DEOr! iEhE98331Scitfil sun Aug ai mu . um Mounnno union in chain: mnnuing in :4 win aim Evnnrni . an spun ‘ SLSCMYNSDRHI iuimmmiinuuaiumnauuiiaisum: im: m lluchlr llporl Mun Sap i fiII4~chl| ua Manlqlnlnu Mnllflllhn ll Fullngm i-i-uiiin unis: win ovuv um; in nzuu: mmxIIm7n:1L1n= RmzuxLui «i rnii uvuou - - EEEEEE munii mm. E1 minmmissnuwm. Mouflrmnm Ins buimfisilhiilirvie «iii. suiiiiini Josiiiiniiiinnn ii’ 'V . ii iii VH Livn. c'| J V! .i l. crn -- Yflnillnllw Jain Mnflfllln n niinciuiwinnmui smug. Dieicliev Revon Ch-L-u IMII umw In da much an in. inn dly iiriii. zim lummlrirlnlhv windrm Indian: niiuiiu pmyihvy ihmMn Jniallbulinnnlmiihn Hun Mn nnu . mlnamlllli Summadi and nninani can win imiii. n0‘vmnIrso1IheII= nslermavke« m Smite sniiinui JOSi IlMlIlIh0 héfl . iiiusiniiii windwlvls he set mi finrw V19 wweiiis hehczd iaa . . in Rlclmllny wmtn Ilnklr in Dilgv cm niii . cnllm nudfnid fine: in Cu: Flhogas. am in. n imiing niminuing gnliknptl mun. Cmillmi nnn Ward CD11!! ! :22
  36. 36. #brightonseo @johnhutson Curatihg the content in W : Kudani in $237 i: -e‘ ‘i1oi1“i: t‘. Of. ‘ iii”. -27 pet‘ yea ' Cloud based agency version available to handle large scale content production. I V3,‘- it . a. a‘. c. i""& Chnlin Yhnilll l1Iws: .lI1iI Mntlllllho Illlli iin ciuiwinnm M suniiug ai lull-Jocnldoullnlm ugmnyi: n.iuaim. nuingin: .iuinw«svumn. a|c spun ‘ 5 M‘, Jmuws An . .iniiiiimnuni; miu: aimisnu; use cNEt; :vmsF22u SLSCMYNSDRHI iuimamiinumiumimiuiimumimmn Dieichev Report i Ch-L-u IMII umi-ii In da much an in. inn diy iiiiii. zim lummlrlrlnlhv windrm zndluii Shnlllfl pviylhvy ihnuldnl Jninllbullnhnlmilhn Hun Mn nni . mlnamlllli Sllmmfii and Vietnam can min imiii. n0‘wtnersMIhe iiansiniiiaixn Mun Sap i am . cnnim uianagni Jun uiniiinnii ll Fullng inn i-i-uiiin mi :4 win my . Eluchlr llpurl JMIWS in . .niiinmnin». m.iu= mzu. nu; we CNFnmz/ Y IIIWYRsaSB5:PML5Xwm1ihc3z7:l3flnhEuE1BI11fihEnm5nli33J1Lun:527' ' 5. ,5 ning! ‘i V ’ m wuwmw I _ ‘ _ _ Smksfialmribl ' » ' " - JOS(IlMlilIh0hadlnusleflllimlldwlvishesellbfiulfin hepvwbiemshelhczdiaa E E E El E {E P“ W" F'. ?.. '$'. ,". '.3£ '. fZ? iIlyT§Ci“QZlIi3;'”gZ. °ii? I11.'. "?iTu§'i1 ain". .'i‘m‘n‘"”' '" °"‘ mm. aii. miimx deals Show um Moummn mains lmimisi (Ni nine _ wmcm '22 '-i'<Iri- iii, ii ii rt 'MVlC«h3i’U’l iZUl. EVu: l -- kudahi com Klwmldi Iemniales
  37. 37. #brightonseo @johnhutson So why cu rate? -i-l Helps increase your search engine visibility Helps build authority and trust -* Attracts discussion and coverage of your brand <
  38. 38. #brightonseo @johnhutson So why cu rate? Q Helps increase your search engine visibility . Helps build authority and trust Q Attracts discussion and coverage of your brand Oh - and it’s bloody cheap and bloody quick too
  39. 39. x‘- A ‘(_‘ * l 1'-li‘i‘iiii” iii = ~i'iir
  40. 40. #brightonseo @johnhutson What is Commentary? ‘ An expression of opinions or offering of explanations about an event or situation i i Source. <'; ><ib'ddiCl <')f‘r'll’l@S. Cx"}lT'i
  41. 41. Weather iP| ayer - - . .. , 1 Home World UK England ll. lreland Scotland wales B| l5llle5S HealIll Education sci/ Environment Technology Entenainnientsnns Nick Robinson e llElE‘ iijii rrii leil [lull Pressure grows on Cameron amid hostage More correspondents th reat Robert Peston . -, Latest an events. trends and , issues iiiiiie economy James Landale in e l ~ ‘ who is saying what tu whom at ‘/ Westminster and why it matters Martin Rosenbaum 5 Thoughts on Fol and the issues it iaises Mark D'Arcy lrislde Ihe chambers and currimiltee rooms uiwesiiiiiiisiei About Nick Nick started bluggirig about politics for the BBC in 2001 when he was one of the earliest mainstream journalists in the UK to adapt the formal He has been in his current role since 2005 Before he was political editor he did the same job at ITV News, before which he was chief political A British hostage will be next to die. That was the clear and chilling °°"°“’°""e"‘ ‘W BBC News 24* depmy ed"°' “f Dan/ r3rva and '1 nrnL‘ArInvIv1 lam‘ Davlin : lIlA
  42. 42. Osignin News sport Weather iP| ayer TV Radio More -1 BE NEWS POLITICS Home Wand UK England ll. Iretand Scotland wales Business a Signin News sport weattier iP| ayer f_’ Rad] / /l stations. categories. Programmes. Schedulesv Favourites Playlister . e Health Education scilEninrotiment ‘)) on Now You and Yours 9 Money Box Nick Robinson Welcome to Newslog — come here for my reflections and analysis on what's going on in and around politics Home Episodes Clips Transcripts Newsletter Presenter Money Box Live Contact Us On radio More 06/09/2014 P0568“ Episodes to SATURDAY 12 04 download -' BBC WW0 4 Money Box (2) D) (STEM iiow ) All upcoming News of savings and . investments credit NBA 0’, nasuefl (1 NEW AND 1 REPEATl cams and All episodes available I on BBC iPlayer Radio c"P5 (5) (255 TOTAL) The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most ol their money,
  43. 43. 3 Big 2'~1I£III1Il t‘k>ir. '.. < .33 guardian News Sport Conutient Culture Business _Ione_‘ Lile E; :l, ile Ti'a’el Eull‘UI]. l]1€I)[ Tech TV Video Dating Offers Jobs . +., E Follow Sarah Boselei‘ on T‘il‘teI‘ P _' -‘iiuiizi-. vnn'l-ieri ' Sarah Boseley anti, -i rtiiipini-iris r-—i(oiuitt'u= iit-viutlt-int I; m;¢, rtri-. omit: -,tmi. ~ Profile Latest . penorrnarice Excel sarah Eusele» is the All health ecilor ulttie Pressure grows on camert an has ' ' ' Suicide in. we a ritimzet at awards lot . ‘ threat iierworr on Hl/ ‘vlids in Ltrica IriEluCllI'lg the one . ‘.Dt| d liledla Award person '0l"ld‘idE every 40 seconds. I "HO report finds ‘ V _ __ _ _ K III‘ 0 ~ ‘' l * ilvrltelfmdihe European A hug section at the Lorenzo 4 Sec 2014: Some or Nalallpllle awarded 5» worst-aftecled countries ' I‘ - - (H the European , have suicide rates .10 rial .1 In : commission ' times hiorierthan those where tewsst oeooie kill themselves ‘_ ' E - _ _ Q 137 i: om"ieril5 " . . ‘ ""-"Bi “'31 Ebola outbreak: call to send in military to west Africa to help curb epidemic 2 sen ZEN: Head oiiitsdecins sans Frarilieres sais the world is losing the cattle ‘ as cases and deaths continue to surge « 1 . :u"im-ants ASl1_‘a King: sad outcome ofa breakdown in trust 1 Sen 2014: Five tear~old ooi ooing treated in iiataga hosoitai underuultce guard white parents in pteverlfl/9 oustudr in soanishiaii Today's best video . —sh_'a King's tragic tale is hard to understand amid hospital silence ‘ _ i l 3 . iuit. i 1 Sen ztmz Rules on patientconnoentiairtr prevent ooctors exoiainino their actions «N “gt ; out there has ctsartr been a rare ioss oi trust /9 ' ’ « Ashya King case: parents face dilemma over treatment of child. hood cancers __ _ _ 31 Aug 2014: Families oi Children with cancer live with anguish oi atiowrnc A British hostage will be next to die, That was lite-savingtreatrnenithatcouidaiso uamsgemungsters
  44. 44. So how do we Commentate? T». U
  45. 45. #brightonseo @johnhutson Get your sources in order Search Engine Joumal or , ~ v.15‘-V 222%. ‘. . , @. ... ... ..L‘§. “.“° M: 1", '"'‘'”‘”" . A ; (e/ MS’ «?0“/ '0“ 6 a/ Mot sew/ has & 6,/ ;fl . ... W. .. ... ... m 0 new cum. mm mm Fm Myw-n you 7255 6)fia’(’(&/ Y3 §5§’. ‘,“; .'L. ’.§". ‘§‘. ’.: ... “°. _ MnnYWnIer5. one Voice VouvBrInd by@5herIs: iu Discover new content. .. Using browser extensions such as Similar Sites you can coliect more sources of information from within your sector
  46. 46. #brightonseo @johnhutson Utilise video f! hy? Well let’s take YouTube alone. .. More than i billion unique users visit YouTube each month P’ Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s 6 almost an hour for every person on Earth @ 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US ‘ , W4.’ According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable l. ‘i ‘ network Source: youtubecom
  47. 47. H : ?auTB racherj Ch ernaark. Lazy Blogget . -.. . _’j ‘‘ #1 : ‘£_'’_ _ _ Got a webcam and mic? Then make video. Gather a group together to discuss and offer opinion on the latest news and content from within your industry
  48. 48. #brightonseo @johnhutson You want more reasons to make video? * It’s the most versatile format 1 Kg) Want a Podcast? Strip out the audio I f Want a blog post? Get the transcript
  49. 49. #brightonseo @johnhutson So why Commentate? -l-l Helps increase your search engine visibility Helps build authority and trust -* Attracts discussion and coverage of your brand <
  50. 50. #brightonseo @johnhutson So why Commentate? Q Helps increase your search engine visibility . Helps build authority and trust Q Attracts discussion and coverage of your brand Oh - and it’s bloody cheap and bloody quick too
  51. 51. <- V #brightonseo @johnhutson In closing '2; You don’t always have to create content from scratch You can gain just as much coverage, authority and links by curating and commentating Can work as a fantastic supplement to existing content creation
  52. 52. Oh — and it’s bloody cheap and bloody quick too ®
  53. 53. Thank you