Distilling Insight Through The Shopper's Eyes


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KL Communications presents a case study at "The Market Research Technology Event" in which they show how they worked with a popular liquor brand to collaborate with customers in revamping in store displays.

Learn more at: www.klcommunications.com

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Distilling Insight Through The Shopper's Eyes

  1. 1. Distilling Insight Through The Shopper’s Eyes May 1, 2012
  2. 2. OutlineChallenges & Objectives Current Approach New Solution What We’ve Learned
  3. 3. ChallengeBehavior is measureable… …but what drives behavior?
  4. 4. Current SolutionsSIP has answered several key questions: WHAT? – Detailed sales metrics WHERE? – Analysis of channel & regional data WHO? – In-depth shopper segmentationBut WHY? This is the key to truly impacting the purchase decision
  5. 5. A New Solution Community EngagementSocial Media In-Depth Analysis Research Co-Creation
  6. 6. Community
  7. 7. Targeted RecruitingAge verification Application, not Registration
  8. 8. Social Media Listening
  9. 9. Co-CreationIdea Idea Idea IdeaIdea Idea Ide Idea Idea a Better Idea Better Idea Better Idea Great Idea An iterative process adds value to a collaborative effort that showcases a crowd’s creativity.
  10. 10. Distilling Insight
  11. 11. S.I.P Case StudyWhy did I choose unbranded approach?The decision to go “un-branded”Most have been ‘consumer’ oriented but we wanted tobe ‘shopper’ driven without big name biasUpside: Leveragable with the retailers, buyers, and distributors as unbiased.Downside: More care required to keep the brand bias out. Can not promote my own brands.
  12. 12. S.I.P Case Study Endless possibilitiesOptions....Pre-Shop Shopper vs Consumer Store Selection & Planning Ad browsing, Digital usage My Products vs Competition Usage/Recipe Ideas Pre-omnibus research vsIn Store Research Follow-ups Product Trial / Loyalty Purchasing/Shopping Can run a theme for months vs In Store Promotion 1-offs Planned vs UnplannedPost Shop & Consumption
  13. 13. S.I.P Case StudyCASE #1Market Structures and Consumer Decision Trees Pre - store Total Spirits Flavored Pre-Mixed / White Spirits Brown Spirits Alcohol RTD (Net) (Net) Beverages Cocktails Whiskey /In - store Rum (Net) Vodka (Net) Gin Tequila Bourbon Unflavored Unflavored Scotch Brandy / Flavored Flavored Cognac Cordials or Spiced Liqueurs
  14. 14. S.I.P Case StudyCASE #1 cont’Balancing the Quant and Qual With each ‘What’, you can ask the ‘Why’
  15. 15. S.I.P Case Study CASE #2Shelving initiative:
  16. 16. S.I.P Case Study CASE #3We don’t know what we don’t know...We are all experts in our product segments so we arebiased...Think back to when you were new to your category... You probably had lots of great ideas, New perspectives Brought new excitement to the game....This is the same fresh input coming into your world topossibly help shift your paradigm
  17. 17. S.I.P Case StudyCASE #3 cont’ Expected Findings We were expecting to find a new form of brand blocking, price flow, segment mixing, etc... We heard that the segments, brands, and price flow or not an issue – shoppers are too familiar with the existing format and generally do not want the disruption Unexpected Findings 1) Worry about breaking bottles 2) Light up the bottles with LEDs
  18. 18. S.I.P Recap1. It’s a relationship: people are eager to help if given the opportunity2. Its not just radio buttons and crosstab results: get open feedback3. Double check your existing information, better plan new research4. Find a fresh perspective
  19. 19. Thank YouQuestions