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Digipack reasearch

  1. 1. Knaye West My Beuatiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ‘My Beuatiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ is the fifth studio album by American Rapper Kanye West. The album cover is simples and contains an image which is a cartoon drawing of a women in a black ballerinas costume hold a glass of red wine. This image is on a plain background of red with the parent advisory warning in the bottom left corner. The cover art doesn’t really suggest that this is a hip hop album as it breaking the general stereotype of the upfront nature of the genre.The main thing is the noticeable absent of the cover art is that there is no album title and artist name present. The aim of the artist is to make the album that iconic that the fans will notice it is a Kanye West album without actually saying. The actual product has the same style of cartoon drawing but is more disturbing has there is a black man the represents West and a creature that has elf like ears and sharp teeth and blood around the mouth. Furthermore the creature has wing like a unicorn while sat astride the man with a bottle of alcohol in his hand with a devilish grin. This pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable and change people’s view of the genre of music and what it’s about. The back cover of the album conventional has the track listing on the back but the way it is presented
  2. 2. iscreative and unusual. The albums title and artist name creates a portrait picture in an old fashioned frame in a san serif font. The tracks on the album are in the middle of the frame also in a san serif font. The shows that the artist wants his music to be the only thing focused on as in like its art like Picasso would produce. The colour scheme is consistent with the cover art with a red background. The text on the track list is a gold colour which furthermore makes the album title and artist name to look like a canvas frame Oasis Definitely Maybe
  3. 3. The cover art for the Oasis Deffinatly Maybe has the whole band present in a living room all in different stances. One of the band members is lay on the floor horizontally and on of the in the middle of the room with what looks like a glass of red wine to the right of the band member on the floor. The band member on the couch is holding a acoustic guitar which indicates that the band are a indie rock and roll band. The band member with the guitar in his hand has a another empty wine glass, ashtray and cigerrette lighter. The conventional band name and album title are on the cover art. They are place on the top of the ablum cover. The title is in a sans serif font while the band name is in a bold serif font with the text in white which is on a black background. The cd is a plian metallaic grey design which is a sign of the band arent really fused about making the cd look appeling as is not that important. The band name is on the cd with the album title and track listing. The track listing is in a balck serif font while the bands name is the same as the cover art as it the bands logo. The back cover of the digipack is convetional again with the trackilisting beging present in the bottom left hand corner of the back cover. The mise en scene of the shot is the same as the front as the band are all in the same living room but the members have all move positons. The lead singer of the band has got his hand underneath anworld that is hanging down from the wall. This suggests that they believe that they have the world in their hands. The barcode is on the left right hand side of the back cover out of the way from so attention remains on the band.
  4. 4. Justin Timberlake Justified The album cover art is dimly lit maybe which creates a little bit of darkness in the songs on the album. The artist is present is a white male in a black leather jacket in a profile shot stance but his head is turned towards the camera.The mise en scene of the cover art puts the artist in the middle of a hilly desert while clouds are rolling in over the horizion. This could possible show that the artist is currently feeling alone and his music in this album is going to discus the matter. The artist also very conventional as the album title are put on the album cover. The name of the artist is in a serif font all in capitals in a white while the album name is in a light blue colour also in a serif font and all in capitals. The top of the t in justified is has been elongated to underline the artist name that is
  5. 5. placed on to of it. The cd is black with which has the tracking listing of the album in blue which is reapeted numourus times in the shape of the artist intials. The tracki listing is seperated by the album title which is in a white bold serif font. The back cover of the digipack is again has the same mise en scene but there is an addition of a water pipe which to me suggest that the ablum is emotional. The track listing is down the right hand side of the back cover and is looks like it is the same ruggedness of the landscape that is around. The barcode is in the bottom left hand corner of the of the back cover again out of the way of the main goings on.