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PPT, on using triangulation to find an epicenter of an earthquake.

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  1. 1. Bell Work 11-08-061. The distance from Seattle to Tucson is roughly 1700 miles. How many kilometers is that? (5280—don’t ask!)2. What is the difference between magnitude and intensity?3. An earthquake in Tokyo has a magnitude of 6.0 and an intensity of VIII, what is the magnitude and intensity as recorded in Tucson?
  2. 2. What’s in a Seismogram? Where does it start?Where’s Where’s Where’s the thethe Surface Wave?diddy? snoop?
  3. 3. So What?• Stack seismographs together (100,000’s)• Run the image through some computer filters• Image the interior of the Earth•Charge oil companies lot$ of CA$H!
  4. 4. Plate Tectonics• Where are the earthquakes compared to plate boundaries?
  5. 5. Plate Tectonics• Where are the earthquakes compared to plate boundaries?
  6. 6. Plate Tectonics• So do you suspect any convergent boundaries here?
  7. 7. Plate Tectonics Plate Tectonics•• So do you suspect any convergent What about any convergent boundaries boundaries here? here?
  8. 8. Plate Tectonics• How do we find the epicenter?
  9. 9. Travel Time• Notice a pattern here?
  10. 10. Travel Time• Why so much noise? Shadow Zones!
  11. 11. Triangulation• Given the time travel graph, what can we tell about P wave and S wave arrivals?
  12. 12. TriangulationWhat does that information buy us?
  13. 13. Triangulation• So let’s try this!• Using the Time Travel Graph, figure out how far away the earthquake was from these seismographs: 1. 8 seconds between P and S wave arrivals 2. 9.75 seconds 3. 3 seconds
  14. 14. Triangulation• Now lets triangulate! 1. Find the distance from the epicenter using the Time Travel Graph 2. Adjust your compass so that the radius of your circle is the same as the distance to the epicenter 3. Draw a circle with the compass 4. Do the same for the second and third seismographs
  15. 15. Triangulation
  16. 16. U.S. Map
  17. 17. L.A.  3.5 Seconds
  18. 18. Seattle, WA  4.0 Seconds
  19. 19. Montpelier, VT  3.4 Seconds
  20. 20. You Try!• Hartford, CT  6 seconds• Dallas, TX  3.4 seconds• Ft. Wayne, IN  4.8 seconds• Where is the shakin’ going on?
  21. 21. Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-05• Plate Motion• Any guess onthe origin of thisMap?(Hint: Wegener’s Homies)
  22. 22. Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-05• What caused this Tsunami?
  23. 23. Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-05• Wavepropagation
  24. 24. Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-05• Verticalmovementof surface
  25. 25. Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-05
  26. 26. Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-05• Each circle is an earthquake, even the little ones are serious quakes!• Note the frequency and pattern of the subsequent aftershocks• The date and time are rolling on the bottom of the frame• PAY ATTENTION!
  27. 27. • kahler Affe – Bald Monkey• Felsen Herrn E – Mr. E Rocks• Schlaf des Muß nicht, der Clown ißt mich – Must not sleep, the clown will eat me• Warum tun wir dies? – Why are we doing this?