Brand Week Promotion 775 K Sales


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Brand Week Promotion 775 K Sales

  1. 1. Advertising and IN Store Promotion SPANX WEEK Newspaper Ad Banner running with divisional ads Special SPANX WeekEMAIL Blast Media Reel withDecember 5 SPANX week Graphics Inserted Collateral Shipped from sign shop to stores Badge Tags Please distribute at Saturday meeting Door Clings 12/6 - 12/13 6) 22 x 28 Posters High Traffic Locations
  2. 2. 3 Keys to A Successful Event 1. Complete Participation -from the top down. Store Man-agement should also give En-try Forms when asked! 2. In store promotion -SPANX WEEK announcements mustbe made frequently during theday - create the demand forthe register to win forms! 3. Goal Setting and Track-ing. Ask your associates onSaturday to commit to a num-ber of People they will talkto, over the next week aboutSPANX.** Check with them throughthe week to see if they aremeeting or exceeding theirgoals.**Please track number ofEntry Forms daily byassociate id and post resultsat the time clock so thateveryone can monitor theirPerformance on a daily basis.
  3. 3. Official Employee Rules 1. Anyone who receives a paycheck from Dillard’s can participate in the Gift Card incentive! 2. Associates can only give enter to win forms to customers. They cannot take the completed forms to the entry locations. The purpose of this incentive it so show customers our SPANX in both intimate ap- parel and hosiery. So... The customer must take their completed entry form to either hosiery or intimate apparel and actually put it into the red register to win box. 3. any employee seen placing an entry into a red box will be disqualified from the incentive. 4. Only one entry per customer / Household will count towards associate’s weekly total regardless of the number of times the customer or members of the same household have entered that day or week. 5. The employee with the most entry forms will be entered into a drawing for 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the continental united states and a $500 SPANX Wardrobe. (store mgr, please email top entry form winner’s name to Jeffrey Reed by Dec 17 - Draw- ing on Dec 18 - ticket winner’s store MGR will be notified on Dec 18.) Have questions??Thursday, Dec 4th at 3:00pm Central Time Dial (877)287-0283 then Enter 6 4 2 2 8 3
  4. 4. THE PRIZES for the number of completed entry forms with an associate’s id25–35 $25 Dillard’s Gift Card36–50 $50 Dillard’s Gift Card51–65 $100 Dillard’s Gift Card66–75 $150 Dillard’s Gift Card76–85 $200 Dillard’s Gift Card86–99 $250 Dillard’s Gift Card100–150 $350 Dillard’s Gift Card150–250 $500 Dillard’s Gift Card One Grande PRIZE Winner will Receive $5oo SPANX Wardrobe 2 Airline Tickets to anywhere in the continental united states!
  5. 5. Inside the SPANX Week Kit 1 White Envelope Containing... 2 SPANX Week media reel dvds 1 store meeting dvd 8 Register to Win box Decals 14 Style The Season Bag Decals CHECK that all 3 DVD’s play properly and completely. Call Jeffrey Reed 214-663-9284 ASAP if there is a problem. Note that media reels are for spanx Week only, calling out the chance to win $250 SPANX wardrobe give a way. These must play during the week only, then be discarded. TEMPLATE For producing SPANX WEEK register to win forms on copier COPY and CUT — 30 per assoc for initial amount . Also available in Docushare - MG 2XX Spanx Week
  6. 6. Inside the SPANX Week Kitbox... 15 Small Shopping Bags, stuffed with tissue to Call out SPANX Week At busy registers throughout the store. Tissue Paper 16 sheets Turquoise 16 sheets Fiesta Blue Shopping Bag SignsA grand total of 15 red mini shopping bags will be used assigns supporting SPANX week. 1 bag with decal attached foran example and 14 needing decals are in this kit. Aftersticking decals in the center of each bag (one side only),pull the inside strings of the handles to draw them up nextto the bag. Add one piece of Fiesta Blue and One Piece ofTurquoise tissue paper to each and place at busiest cashwrap stands throughout the store.
  7. 7. Hosiery Intimate Apparel Make TWO Register to Win Boxes 1) Hosiery 1) Intimate Apparel 8 x 8 x 8 Dillard’s White Gift Boxes **WRAP with** Red Croc Gift Wrap Paper **attach one decal on each of the 4 sides** Tissue Paper 1 Sheet of Fiesta Blue (cut in half) 1 Sheet of Turquoise (cut in half) Hint— wrap box upside down so you caneasily open the bottom to remove daily entries.
  8. 8. Get with store operator and / or record repeater announcements using the 11 announcement scripts provided. Ask Operator to Answer All Calls with something about SPANX WEEK: “It’s SPANX WEEK at DILLARD’s How May I direct your call?” Also available in Docushare - MG 2XX Spanx Week SPANX WEEK SUPPORT CENTER!Bill Creegan - Cell # (407) 977-3010203 204 205 206 208 218 224 229 230 233 235 238 243 252 253Patrick Carter: Cell # (404) 539-6438260 265 266 268 271 275 302 351 355 362 364 367 371 373 374 376378 387 401 421 422 425 427 428 430 433 444 445 448 457 460 463464 466 468 469 471 474Melanie Turner: Cell # (225) 241-7165239 241 242 247 249 760 761 762 765 766 767 768931 934 939 942 944 949 960 961Andrew James: Cell # (405) 708-8962403 405 406 408 409 410 411 412 419 432 484 492 493 495904 907 909 910 912 914 915Linda Hendrix: Cell # (972) 804-4496704 708 710 711 712 714 715 740 743 745 746 748 749Morgan Miles: Cell # (210) 213-8246722 723 726 727 729 735 736 738 924 926Tracy Freeman: Cell # (713) 447-2018730 770 771 777 778 779 780 786Rick Dunn: Cell # (913) 991-7390306 314 323 324 336 340 343 344 391 395 920 921 922
  9. 9. This is your chance to increase future FOOT Traffic - introducing a replenishable, hotter than hot, commodity to every woman in this store between Dec 6 and Dec 13 is the way to make that happen.Final Thought….. If you use this incentive to your advantage YOU will build a clien- tele for SPANX. this customer is loyal, she buys, and she buys often! All Employees are the key to SPANX Week! They will be the keepers of the REGISTER to WIN Forms. Customers must ask for or be offered one of these forms to register and win a $250 SPANX wardrobe from your store’s inventory. Badge tags will help start a lot of conversations, but a sim- ple, “hey, have you ever heard of SPANX?” will work as well. This Saturday’s ALL Store Meeting should be SPANX-LICIOUS! Focus solely on SPANX and kick off the week in a big way. The SPANX week store meeting dvd ex- plains the logistics of this in- centive and provides an enter- taining overview of SPANX it runs about 20 minutes.Upon entry verifications by ASM/Store Management, Dillard’s Gift card awards will be charged to D971.$250 SPANX Wardrobe will be removed from Store’s purchase journal after customer makes selections.Please email Jeffrey Reed with your store’s gift card awards — need associate name, number of entryblanks, amount of gift card in order to clear your 971 account (actual entry blanks must be kept forfurther verification if necessary). It is the responsibility of Store Managers to enter these giftcard winnings into the payroll system. Format for purchase journal removal – email dept/ mic /style #or SKU / UPC / Current Retail to Alissa James.