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GloBI @ Berkeley Institute for Data Science Feb 5, 2015


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Jorrit Poelen introduces Global Biotic Interactions (GloBI, at Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS, ).

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GloBI @ Berkeley Institute for Data Science Feb 5, 2015

  1. 1. Unleashing Species Interaction Data Jorrit Poelen Global Biotic Interactions 5 Feb 2015 @ Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) Tea food web visualization by Slyusarev et al. (2015)
  2. 2. Sea otter Sea otter lunch (c) edward_rooks, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC) accessed at on Feb 4, 2015
  3. 3. What do sea otters eat? ... is a surprisingly hard question to answer. Why? Data is hard to access due to cultural reasons. Ecologists (and their institutions) are still catching up to embrace open-data science as a way to accelerate ecological research. Soranno et al., 2014 @
  4. 4. Global Biotic Interactions ... is many things data normalization tool (in java/neo4j) online graph database (neo4j) online rdf/triple store (apache jena) various data archives (DwC, ttl/rdf) apis /libs (web api, R, javascript) open data + open source = a community of folks that share and use interaction data
  5. 5. demo
  6. 6. how to contribute data? take a picture, describe the interaction. fork/create a github template repo, add your data. Share an open-access dataset using, (or similar) and send the DOI to us. Publish an open-access (data) paper and share the DOI with us. Or, contact us and we'll figure something out.
  7. 7. how to access data? download data archives (darwin core, neo4j db, ttl/rdf) use library (javascript, R) use web apis (fuseki/sparql, neo4j/cypher, globi/api)
  8. 8. recent past, near future Sept 2014 GloBI paper published Dec 2014 GoMexSI / GloBI Workshop at Texas A&M Jan 2015GloBI funding renewed Jan 2015ropensci/rglobi published in CRAN Feb 2015 Jorrit presents at BIDS tea (now) Feb 2015 Stephen Gosnell presents on rglobi / ratlantis and ecosystem modeling ? Brian Hayden et al. (in prep) Global dietary niche width vs. biodiversity. more interaction data . . . incl pathogen/host/disease
  9. 9. acknowledgments Jim Simons; Jen Hammock; Chris Mungall; Brian Hayden; Göran Bodenschatz; Peter Roopnarine; Jeff Holmes; Cyndy Parr; Stephan Gosnell; Sergey Slyusarev; Scott Chamberlain; Malcolm Storey; Joel Sachs; Ken-ichi Ueda; Allen Hurlbert; Ben Raymond; Carolyn Barnes; Jarrett Byrnes; Colt Cook; José Ferrer-Paris; Anne Thessen; Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES); International Council for Exploration of the Sea (ICES); UK Species Inventory at the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity, the Natural History Museum, London; and many others. GloBI is supported by the Encyclopedia of Life.
  10. 10. learn more? Jorrit H. Poelen, James D. Simons and Chris J. Mungall. (2014). Global Biotic Interactions: An open infrastructure to share and analyze species- interaction datasets. Ecological Informatics. Jorrit Poelen
  11. 11. discussion topics How would you use GloBI interaction data? What prevents your colleagues from sharing their (species interaction) data? Why provides GloBI, a young project, one of the largest, openly accessible species integration datasets? Why didn't this happen earlier?