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Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That Work


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A transcript of one of these coaching calls done in August of 2012. The reason I post these transcripts is that I want you to see the genesis behind setting up online insurance marketing strategies that actually work.

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Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That Work

  1. 1. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That Work By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.
  2. 2. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkI have a handful of clients that I am working directly with through my Elite GroupCoaching package to help them implement the insurance marketing strategiesthat I teach in my Agents Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program.Below you will find the transcript of one of these coaching calls done in August of2012. The reason I post these transcripts is that I want you to see the genesisbehind setting up online insurance marketing strategies that actually work.It also will give you an insight into the advanced insurance marketing strategiesthat you can discover in my ALM program along with the benefits you can receivewhen you implement that into your agency.If youd like to start your own online insurance marketing systems, just like Robertand Russ, you can enroll in the ALM program by clicking the link below:Enroll in the ALM Internet Marketing Mastery Program here
  3. 3. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkAs a lead in here, Robert is using Facebook as one of hisinsurance marketing strategies, so we are talking about settingup a campaign to drive traffic to his offer.Robert: Yeah, I apologize for the background noise, I’mworking on my laptop right now, and just took a **** Okay.Jason: Oh, no problem. No problem. All right, so what didyou want to talk about?
  4. 4. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Well, I wasn’t sure how this works. Basically whereI’m at is I got that photo down with the red border. I’ve justgot to figure out how to resize it a little bit and then, youknow, we discussed the price. And I’m still trying to figure outhow I should do that, as far as like the budget.Jason: Okay. Well, let’s tackle the first thing. Have you donea Google search for “image resizer?”
  5. 5. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: [In the background: Hey, Dad, can you turn it down just alittle bit?] Okay. I’m sorry, what was that?Jason: Oh, have you done a Google search for “image resizer?”Robert: No, I haven’t.Jason: Okay. There’s a free website that shows up like when youdo that search and you can upload your image in there and resize itto whatever dimensions you want, that’s what I use for that.
  6. 6. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Oh, that’s perfect. Okay. That’s what I was trying to do.Jason: Yeah.Robert: Okay. Yeah. Because I got it, I got the red border done, Ihad someone do that for me, because I didn’t know how to do that,and then that’ll work perfect.Jason: Oh, and what I do for the red borders, like if you just openup your image in Paint, you can actually just use the Paint featureto paint the border right around it, that’s all I do, it takes a coupleseconds.
  7. 7. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Oh, really? Okay.[In the background: Let me know if you need anything. Okay. Okay. Iwas just letting you know if you need me, just call me.]All right. So that answers those two questions, because that was kindof, like, “How do I do that?” Okay. So that doesn’t seem to difficult.And I redid some pictures smiling, so that works, so I just need toresize it and it’s already got the border on it, so I’m set.Jason: Cool.
  8. 8. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkOh, yeah, looks like we got someone else on. Hey, welcome to the call. Who dowe have?Russ: Hi, thanks, this is Russ Sims.Jason: Oh, hey, Russ. We got Robert on the line with us here and we’re just kindof going over some of the things that he has questions on right now with hisinsurance marketing strategies. So kind of how this whole thing works is it’s reallyjust an open forum for you guys to answer your questions. So I’m going to finishrunning through these things with him, if you want to sit and listen and then we’llmove over to any questions that you have after that, okay?
  9. 9. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRuss: No problem. Okay.Jason: All right. Cool.Yep! So, Robert, you were also asking about the budget on yourFacebook campaign, right?Robert: Yeah.Jason: All right. What were you still trying to figure out with that?Robert: Well, I know you said like do 3 or 4 cents, or 5 cents abovewhat they say, for a minimum, right?
  10. 10. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Yeah, for the cost per click, yeah.Robert: And so basically in my area, I got 800,000-pluspeople, okay?Jason: All right.Robert: And I was just thinking, I should run it for at least aweek, what do you think would be, like on a daily thing, whatdo you think would be a good thing to do to just test it?
  11. 11. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Well, typically what I’ll do is I’ll set the budget at $500 a day.And then I watch—Robert: [Laughs]Jason: Yeah. But then I watch that thing like a hawk. Because like Isaid in the email reply, because, I mean, that’s a great question. Likethere’s two reasons behind that. One, if you set a really low dailybudget, Facebook won’t take you seriously as an advertiser and theywon’t display your ads as much.
  12. 12. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: What about $100, you think about $100, would thatbe okay?Jason: Yeah. You could even do $100. What I found in thetesting is if you set it at 500, they’ll actually show your admore. And the thing with Facebook is, the click-through ratesare going to be really low compared to other, you know, otheradvertising platforms. So you need your ad to show a lot inorder for you to get clicks coming to your site.
  13. 13. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkSo the thing you want to be careful of is you just want to monitor how many clicksthat you’re getting. So even if you set your budget at $500 a day, you may onlyspend 10 bucks in clicks.Robert: Got it, got it.Jason: But if your ad’s doing really well, you could get a lot of clicks, you just haveto watch that and if you get to a point where you’re like, “Oh, crap, I’m getting toomany clicks, not enough leads are coming through,” then you just pause thecampaign real click so you don’t spend a whole butt load of money on somethingthat’s not working.
  14. 14. ** Insurance marketing strategies note **You have to really understand the medium thatyou are using when running advertisementsonline.
  15. 15. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Okay. So the next thing after that, what should I do after Ihave that one all set up as far as, you know, doing more insurancemarketing strategies?Jason: Sure. So you’re going to want to run your Facebookcampaigns and optimize your funnel, you’re going to want to runthat for a while, probably a month.Robert: Okay.Jason: Or two.
  16. 16. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Okay. Okay.Jason: You may be able to get, you know, you’ve got 800,000 prospects thatyou can go after, you may be able to continually get the lead flow that you’relooking for and are comfortable with, just off of that one traffic source.Robert: Okay. So basically, just stick with that and then in about a month orso, just, you know, get on another call, talk to you about maybe my nextstep. Because I know there was that one thing you had about the free trafficfrom the other sites, which I thought was really cool. So I want to kind of playaround with that, too.
  17. 17. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Yeah, you really, when you start with a traffic source and you’re,because we developed a, you know, you developed an entirely new concept,right? That hasn’t been tested yet. So you have to go through the testing andthe optimization process before you start moving on to other traffic sourcesand other insurance marketing strategies because if you keep jumping aroundfrom thing to thing to thing, you’re not going to get the results that you wantout of anything. You know, you’ll get a little bit here, a little there.Robert: **** basically slow down. Okay.Jason: Yeah.
  18. 18. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: No problem, I hear you loud and clear, that makes a lot of sense.So I’ll just stick with this and work on it.Oh, by the way, did you get my email with the life insurance awarenessmonth stuff?Jason: Yeah, I glanced it over, I didn’t read it thoroughly yet, to be honestwith you.Robert: No, I just thought some of your guys might like it because there’s alot of good material that people could use for their marketing efforts, that’sall.
  19. 19. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Oh, okay. Yeah. Absolutely, yeah.Robert: That was a **** clients, that’s all.Jason: Okay, cool. Thank you. Appreciate that.Robert: Okay, cool. Well, that’s pretty much, I think that’s all I got right nowbecause as long as, you know, I’m there, so I just need to start testing it, itsounds like, and that’s about it.Jason: Yep. And so as you’re testing, you want to make sure that you’remonitoring all of the data and you want to try to achieve those conversionmetrics that I sent you on the last email.
  20. 20. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Yeah, yeah.Jason: That’s really where things start to make sense for youfinancially.Robert: Okay. That’s what I need to know. So just stick withthis plan and work on it. All right.Jason: Yep.Robert: Well, that’s good to know. Makes me a little biteasier, so, that’s all I got.
  21. 21. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: You’ll really get yourself overwhelmed if you’re trying, especiallywhen you’re just kind of getting into doing online marketing if you try todrive multiple insurance marketing strategies in to your website. Because ifyou don’t have really good tracking systems in place and you don’t reallyknow what you’re doing yet, you won’t be able to know what’s working andwhat’s not working and you won’t be able to optimize your funnel properly.So, you know, now it’s send traffic in, see what happens, make little changeshere and there, resend more traffic in, see what happens, and just get it towhere it’s giving you the leads that you want.
  22. 22. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: That’s perfect. That’s what I need to know. Okay. So, justslow down and work on this for a while. That works for me.Jason: Yep, yep. You’re past the rapid fire working stage now.Robert: Thank God, huh?Jason: Yeah.Robert: I appreciate your patience, I was just like AHH! You know.Okay. Cool, well, I’m there.Jason: No, I understand, it’s a lot in the beginning.
  23. 23. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Yeah, I was, I’m like, “Oh, my God, what am I doing?” So, that’s all Igot, the other gentleman’s on the phone, so I’ll stick on here and listen towhat he’s got to say, too.Jason: Okay, great. So, Russ, why don’t you let me know what questions yougot at this point?Russ: Yeah, well thanks. You know, when I first purchased the course, I dovein and started looking at course content. Everything looked great and thenyou helped me work through a couple of technical glitches I was having as faras getting my website, you know, landing page, website, and so forth.
  24. 24. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkBut then I got really busy at work and so I kind of had to put it on hold for thelast couple of weeks. So I’m just now getting back into it, I suspect thatprobably next Thursday, I’ll probably have a whole slew of questions becauseI’ve got specific time donated, or devoted, to implementing, and that’s whatit’s all about now, as I just need to implement.Jason: Yep.Russ: But one question I have is, when it comes to optimizing, I know thatcan be, you know, a science. And is there any help available on your end asfar as helping us do that?
  25. 25. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Yeah. So we have the optimization videos in the members website.And so with each traffic source, you get three videos. You get setting upcampaigns, managing campaigns, and then optimizing campaigns. So that’soptimization on the campaign level. Then we also have some optimizationstrategies, videos, I think it’s module eight. It’s locked right now because—the reason, the reason I lock is you need to get your stuff up and going firstbefore you start watching optimization videos, because that stuff can reallykind of like screw up what you’re doing in the set-up process, if you knowtoo much.
  26. 26. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRuss: Yeah. Yeah.Jason: So that stuff will be released at like day 45 of your membership and then you’llbe able to go in there and look at those.But the other forum for helping with optimization is the group coaching that you’reon. So, you know, we can get on these calls, you can ask questions aboutoptimization, I’ll help you with that. You can send emails to that personal emailaccount of mine that you got, you know, with links to your pages and a description ofwhat, you know, what troubles you’re having. And I’ll take a look at what you’re doingwith your insurance marketing strategies and give you some suggestions and, youknow, ideas on what you can do to optimize.
  27. 27. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkBut just to give you kind of a general overview of optimization. Really, when you’reoutside of the campaign level, there’s a few things that you would optimize. So thefirst thing is going to be your offer. So when you’re building a new concept and a newmarketing funnel from scratch, it’s all about your offer. And that’s what you’re getting,you know, what you’re using to get people to opt into your list, it’s what you’re usingto get people to try to, you know, to become an appointment or to contact you, that’syour offer. So you always want to start there first if you’re not getting the conversionyou want. You know, change up the language you’re using on the offer, change up theway you position the offer. Maybe add in some bonuses or additional things to makethe offer more attractive, that’s where you start first with optimization. Okay?
  28. 28. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkThen you have optimization with the actual design and layout of yourwebsite. That doesn’t have as big of an impact on conversion in thebeginning, but, you know, once you’re to the point where you know youroffer’s converting well and when I say, “well,” you’re getting, you know—depending on how you have your funnel set up, I’ll use Robert’s funnel, forexample. What we’re doing is we’re sending people to a squeeze page andthen he’s getting them to give their email to get a video mini course series.And then each video, his offer is to have them contact him via phone, email,or another web form for a consultation. Okay?
  29. 29. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkSo what we’re striving for on his funnel is to get 25% of thepeople that give their email to be on the mini course. Wewant 25% of those people at minimum to contact him for thatconsultation. Okay?So, you know, what you’re going to be doing there is trying tooptimize that offer until you get to the point where you’re atthat kind of conversion rate that you want. Okay?
  30. 30. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkThe design will play into that a little bit, but it’s not nearly as much asthe offer. So, I mean, there’s things you can do on, you know, whereyou put buttons on the site and, you know, where you put phonenumbers and lay things out and colors and stuff like that. I mean,there’s a lot of different things that you can test to try to optimize that,but I mean, they have a small impact compared to the offer.Russ: Yeah.Robert: Okay, by the way, what line of business are you targeting withyour insurance marketing strategies?
  31. 31. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRuss: I am going for life insurance, specifically index universal life.Robert: Okay. Okay. I was just wondering.Russ: How about you?Robert: I’m going to be going after the, more of the whole life, using acouple different things. I love that UL stuff you have, Jas, so I can’twait to get that from you, by the way. I just didn’t know if you haveanything for whole life as well, but I love that stuff that I saw when Igot the email. I’m probably going to offer **** from you.
  32. 32. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Actually there are some presentations like that for whole life that areup in the member’s site in the tool section, in the pre-done Power Points.Robert: Oh, okay.Jason: Yeah, there aren’t any scripts to go with it because the language is allright on the slides.Robert: Okay.Jason: But yeah, so you can use those. If you’re looking for something morethan that, I do have some other ones that I use personally that I couldprobably package up for you, like I did for the UL One.
  33. 33. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: Yeah, I love that. Because, you know, I was going to do bothand then I just wanted to pick one, so I thought I’d do, start with wholelife first and then maybe do another in six months from now, for IUL,so, that would be cool.Jason: Okay. Cool.Robert: I just want to focus on one thing, you know, get it down.Jason: Absolutely.Robert: Cool, appreciate it.
  34. 34. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRuss: Jason, you know, right now my offer, as far as, you know, attractingpeople to my landing page and focused on IUL, would be, you know, you haveproduced a really good webinar, be inviting people to that. Or also your book,you know, the short e-book.Jason: Okay.Russ: Do you see that as being feasible offers?Jason: Yeah, absolutely. You know, the e-book is a great one and the whole, Idon’t know if you opened it up and read it or not, but the whole thing really—Russ: I haven’t.
  35. 35. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkJason: Yeah, okay. So the whole thing is really positioned to get people tomake, you know, cash value life, particularly the IUL, really attractive. So, youknow, the messaging is still very relevant right now. What I would do on yourlanding page is, you know, take some quotations and a lot of proof sourcesfrom—Robert: Was on my second computer, had totals—sorry.Jason: Some of the prognosticators that are, you know, predicting that themarket’s going to, you know, totally tank again. And so if you’re going to usesomething like that, you got to really have a lot of proof sources from credibleplaces to back it up, to get people to opt in.
  36. 36. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRuss: Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. And boy, that’s not hard to do this day andage.Jason: No, no. No.Russ: So, okay, that does make sense. Okay. Like I said, probably I’ll have,you know, quite a few questions on our next call, but that, you know, that’shelpful to me for right now.Jason: Okay. Great. Do either of you guys have anything else you want tocover today? Otherwise we’ll call it a call and we’ll talk again next week.All right, cool.
  37. 37. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkRobert: I’m good. Thank you, sir.Jason: All right. You’re welcome, guys, happyselling.Robert: All right, you, too.Russ: Thanks, Jason. Bye.Jason: All right, bye.
  38. 38. Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That WorkI hope you enjoyed this Elite Group Coaching session withmy clients Robert Eldridge and Russ Sims.Im sure you can see that insurance marketing online is aprocess and that its hard to accomplish that processsuccessfully on your own.Thats why I create my Agents Lead Machine InternetMarketing Mastery Program - its the mostcomprehensive training on online insurance marketingstrategies available.
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