Insurance Prospecting – 5 Steps To Beating           Lead Company Dependency                                     By: Jason...
By putting personality into your business you’re giving prospects something to connect to. Thatconnection is more importan...
That’s why you HAVE to automate your insurance marketing systems online. That way you do the bulkof the work one time and ...
This symptom is a doozy - “I spent a bunch of money on a website already and I don’t get anything fromit”.The core of this...
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Insurance Prospecting: Short And Sweet


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Insurance Prospecting: Short And Sweet

  1. 1. Insurance Prospecting – 5 Steps To Beating Lead Company Dependency By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.Step #1 to beating lead company dependency.In previous posts on my blog, I had showed you the things that people believe are preventing them fromachieving their goals as an insurance agent. In order to succeed with insurance prospecting, what youhave to do is eliminate those symptoms and the underlying problem that causes them.So here we are going to tackle them one at a time, starting with “I need more leads”.To get rid of this symptom, it takes a slight shift in mindset. You see, the lead companies want you tothink that it’s a numbers game and that you need more leads. But that’s not the right way to approachit.What you actually need are more qualified and pre-sold appointments.This is what I was referring to in previous posts. You’re never going to have as many qualified, pre-soldappointments as you will leads. However by having less leads and more appointments, you’ll gaingreater success as an insurance agent.That begs the question: How do you get more appointments then?It all boils down to marketing yourself. It’s your personality and unique qualities that can set you apartfrom the competition.It’s how you create expert positioning, qualify your prospects and pre-sell them on meeting with youspecifically. You’ll never get that from the lead companies.To illustrate my point, here’s what marketing expert John Morgan has to say:“One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not understanding that people want to do business withpeople. If there’s no personality in your business then it’s hard for prospects to connect and care aboutwhat you do. Take Pepsi and Coke for example. Sure, there are people who have their preference, but ifI’m at a restaurant and I order Coke and they have Pepsi, then I’m drinking Pepsi and not thinking twiceabout it.It’s easy to jump ship to a competitor when there’s no real connection. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. By putting personality into your business you’re giving prospects something to connect to. Thatconnection is more important than credentials or experience. Once people feel connected to you, it’shard to break that unless you totally screw up.Another benefit is that people remember personality more than they remember content. I attended a 3day seminar once that probably featured 30 or so speakers. All of them delivered great content. But Iremember 2 of them. It should be of no surprise to you that those 2 really put their personality into theirpresentations and a year later I’m still thinking of them and doing business with them.The biggest advantage you have in business is YOU. So find elements of your personality to put out therefor people to connect to.Personality makes you stand out, and makes you human. Your competition can copy your product, copyyour price, and copy your website. But they can’t copy you. That’s why it’s so critical to put yourpersonality into your marketing and your business.”The fastest, easiest and least expensive way to market yourself in this way that generates qualified, pre-sold appointments is online.To market online you only need to master three basic concepts: traffic, conversion and optimization.Traffic is simply advertising to get the right people to your website in an affordable manner.Conversion is getting your traffic to respond to your marketing message on your website.And optimization is the process of improving your traffic and conversion strategies.Step #2 to beating lead company dependency.This has to deal with the belief that “I don’t have enough time to do insurance prospecting”.Again to cure this symptom, it starts with a change in your mindset. You probably believe that sales isthe most important part of your business. But that’s not the case…Marketing (or prospecting) is the most critical component of your business because sales don’t existwithout it. The definition of marketing is making people aware of your product or service – if they don’tknow about it, how can they ever buy?And Peter Drucker, the godfather of business thinkers once said that “The aim of marketing is to knowand understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” In other words, bydoing your insurance prospecting properly, you won’t have to do much selling – if any at all - to makesales!The majority of your time should be spent on marketing, but I totally understand how it can get put tothe side because of meetings, appointments, family etc. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. That’s why you HAVE to automate your insurance marketing systems online. That way you do the bulkof the work one time and it keeps producing results over and over again. All you’ll have to do is a littlemaintenance work and management each week.By doing this, you’ll actually reduce the amount of work you do and increase your marketingeffectiveness at the same time.Step #3 to beating lead company dependency.Next you have to get rid of all the confusion about what to do and how to get started with insuranceprospecting online. The simple solution to this symptom is getting guidance, coaching and training fromsomeone who has walked in your shoes and understands your business.Someone who has a proven track record of success that can simplify the process for you and show youwhat really works right now.I’m sure you know who this guy is, but if for some reason you don’t… it’s Tiger Woods the man whomany consider the greatest golfer to ever live. Now I’m certain that very few of you – if any know whothis guy is… it’s Sean Foley – Tiger’s swing coach.Why am I showing you this?Many agents I talk to take the “I need to do this myself approach”. Some can succeed with this method,but the overwhelming majority will fail.So I challenge you to ask yourself – If Tiger Woods needs a coach for golf – and he’s the best to ever playthe game, should I have a coach helping me to market my insurance business online?Step #4 to beating lead company dependency.Let’s address this common symptom: “I don’t know how to build websites”.Really what people are saying here is that they know they should be insurance prospecting online, butthey lack the knowledge and skills they think they need in order to do it successfully.Here’s the truth. You don’t need to know how to build a website to market online! In fact, you don’tneed any technical skills whatsoever. I personally couldn’t code an entire website nor should I…What you need to understand are the principles of online marketing and part of that is what goes into asuccessful website. Then you need a simple system for leveraging cheap outsource labor that will do thedirty work of creating them for you.I also recommend that you have some templates to study, modify and use. This will significantly shortcut the learning process.Step #5 to beating lead company dependency. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. This symptom is a doozy - “I spent a bunch of money on a website already and I don’t get anything fromit”.The core of this symptom is really a fear of additional failure or loss. Now if you can identify with thisstatement, let me talk about your current website…I can say with 100% certainty that it wasn’t developed by someone who has sold insurance andunderstands insurance prospecting online. It probably was put together by a graphic designer whoknows how to make a nice looking website for information purposes only. That’s why you spent a bunchof money and get nothing out of it.The other side to this story is that just having a website isn’t enough alone. The more important piece isgetting targeted traffic to your website.In order for any website to be successful, it must be designed by someone who understands how to sellyour product or service and you must know how to drive targeted traffic to your site so it can do its jobof creating you appointments.Now if you only get one thing out of this blog post, you need to get this: “the single biggest cause ofinsurance agent burnout and failure is becoming dependent on lead providers. Only the agents that canleverage online systems to automate their insurance prospecting and marketing will be successfultoday.”It’s actually pretty simple to get started insurance prospecting online. In fact, I have put together a freevideo that will give you the #1 secret to generating exclusive qualified and affordable insurance leadsonline.You’ll be able to take this secret and apply it immediately in your business to begin the process ofbeating lead company dependency.You can get this free video by simply clicking the button below:Click here ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved