Financial Advisor Training - Using Facebook & Linked In To Get Leads


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A transcript of a financial advisor training session I conducted with my client Robert Eldridge out of Las Vegas.
He's in the process of just launching his initial marketing campaign to test out the offer he created to generate cash value life insurance leads online using my Agent's Lead Machine system.

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Financial Advisor Training - Using Facebook & Linked In To Get Leads

  1. 1. Financial Advisor Training - Using Facebook & Linked In To Get Leads By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.Below you will find the transcript of a financial advisor training session I conducted with myclient Robert Eldridge out of Las Vegas.Hes in the process of just launching his initial marketing campaign to test out the offer hecreated to generate cash value life insurance leads online using my Agents Lead Machinesystem.If you are considering building out your own lead funnels online, this insurance training iscrucial to your success.You can get the same financial advisor training through my program and my direct help just likeRobert does.All you have to do is click the link below and enroll on the next page:Enroll in Agents Lead Machine here.Jason: All right, cool. So what do you want to talk about today?Robert: Obviously the Facebook stuff.Jason: Okay.Robert: I just started like a day-and-a-half ago, two days ago. And I want to kind of give youwhat I’m looking at right now.Jason: Okay.Robert: So let me know what you want me to read off, I logged in the back of Facebook.Jason: Sure. Well, why don’t you tell me what you’re getting for clicks and your cost per click.Robert: Okay.Jason: And kind of what your conversion rate, or your, yeah, your click-through rate is?Robert: Okay. Right now I’ve got 93 clicks.Jason: Okay.Robert: The click-through rate is .024. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Jason: Okay.Robert: And I spent $98.47, which comes out to $1.06 per click.Jason: Okay. And how many people have you had opt in on your squeeze page?Robert: None.Jason: What did you say?Robert: None. Zero.Jason: None. Zero. Okay. All right.Robert: Now, that could be a **** too, but, I don’t know.** Financial advisor training note **It is NOT uncommon to have little to no results on your initial test, especially when you areputting out a brand new offer like Robert did.93 clicks is also not enough data to have a statistically valid test either.Jason: No, that’s, you know, that certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Did you set upthe Google analytics on your account?Robert: No, I haven’t done that.Jason: Okay.Robert: Let me just grab a piece of paper here. Okay. All right. So just type in Googleanalytics and then put in the capture, squeeze page URL?Jason: Well, so first off, you want to pause that ad that you’re running right now, pause yourcampaign.Robert: All right, I’m pausing it right, I just did it, okay.Jason: Yeah, you should’ve had at least, you know, at least one person opt in by now. I mean,you know, you’re looking for, you know, at minimum you want to have a 10% opt-in rate, andeven at that, even at that level, you know, the economics aren’t going to really make sense on thecampaign. The campaign’s not performing in the way that you want it right now.Robert: Right, right. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Jason: So what we need to, the reason I asked about the Google analytics is because we need tounderstand what people are doing when they hit their page, so you can strategically decide whatyou’re going to do to enhance that conversion and get people to start opting in.Robert: Okay.Jason: So what you’ll have to do is actually set up a Google analytics account, so if you justGoogle ―Google analytics,‖ you can set up an account for free. If you already have like a Googleprofile on a Gmail account or any email, you can just log in with that and it’ll create the account.Robert: Okay.Jason: And just walk through the steps with putting in your domain. Once you have that set up,what you need to do is go into the back end of the Wordpress site we put up for you.Robert: Okay.Jason: And on the left-hand side, there’s a link for plugins.Robert: All right, hold on, Wordpress, okay, plugins, okay, yeah. Plugins, yep.Jason: And you want to do ―add new.‖Robert: Okay.Jason: And then search for one called ―Google Analyticator.‖Robert: Google Analyticator?Jason: Yeah, it’s a free plugin. And, you know, upload and install that plugin and then activateit. And then from your Google analytics account in the admin area, there’s a link for trackingcode, and they show you how, I mean, when you upload the plugin, it’ll tell you step-by-stephow you get this tracking code. So once you have the plugin installed and your account set up,you just grab this, you just copy and paste this little piece of tracking code into a specific spot onthe plugin where they’ll show you where to put it. I mean, it sounds complicated, but it’sactually really easy.Robert: Okay.Jason: And when you do that, what it’ll do is it will install Google analytics across your entiresite. And then you’ll be able to log in on your Google analytics account and you’ll be able to seereally important data, like how long people are staying on your site and, you know, what pagesthey’re leaving from and stuff like that.Robert: Okay. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Jason: So what you’re trying to ascertain is, you know, how long are people, when they hit thatpage, how long are they staying on there? Are they watching your whole video, you know?Robert: Yeah.** Financial advisor training note **It is absolutely imperative with online marketing (or any marketing for that matter) to havesystems in place for tracking and analyzing your campaigns.Otherwise, you have no idea why things are/are not working and what you can do to change orimprove that.The beauty about online marketing is you can easily get more information than any othermarketing medium - and you can use free systems to do that!Jason: Because if they’re staying **** time to watch the whole video, then what it’s telling youis the offer isn’t strong enough for them to give you their email address.Robert: Okay.Jason: So then you need to adjust your offer. If they’re hitting the page and they’re bouncing offin like a few seconds and not even staying long enough for your video, then your video’s notengaging enough.Robert: Okay. That’s probably what it is.Jason: Another thing you might want to try to is, we got to probably test, I think we have thevideo on auto play right now, I don’t know if, when you hit the page, does the video start playingimmediately? I forget.Robert: I can tell you right now.Jason: Yeah, here I got—Robert: It does.Jason: Okay. On mine you got to hit the play button.Robert: Oh, really?Jason: Yeah.Robert: Because when I did it, it just started, okay. That’s weird.Jason: Let me re-try that. Yeah, I refreshed it. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Robert: That’s weird, because when I do it, I’ve done it from a couple different computers I wasworking on, and it starts every time I do it, it plays.Jason: Oh, you know what? I’m on the home page, that’s why.Robert: Yeah, it’s /Will You Retire with the hyphens in.Jason: Yeah, I forgot about that. Okay, yep. All right. So you may want to test changing thatout so that it’s not on auto play, too.Robert: Okay. So how do I do that.Jason: Yeah, that’s going to be in the code. When you’re in the back end of Wordpress, if yougo onto this page, and in the editor, if you click on the HTML tab, you’ll be able to view theYouTube embed code that’s in there.Robert: Okay.Jason: And there’s a command prompt that we inserted into the code where it’s after the videoURL it has an ―and‖ symbol and then it says, ―auto play‖ next to it?Robert: Oh, okay. Okay.Jason: If you remove that command prompt, it’ll turn the auto play off. It gets put in twodifferent places within that embed code, so you got to remove it from both places.Robert: So I would **** the whole auto, the command and the auto play code?Jason: Yeah. So it’ll be within quotation marks, so it’ll say quotation, an ―and‖ symbol, andthen auto play, quotation.Robert: Okay.Jason: Just remove that whole command prompt, which would be the quotation marks and allthat text inside of it.Robert: Okay.Jason: And it’s in two spots you have to remove it from.Robert: Okay.Jason: A lot of people on Facebook, you know, what’s happening is they’re looking at it atwork, and so sometimes the auto play, if it comes on, it’ll freak them out and they’ll pop off yourpage right away. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. ** Financial advisor training note **You have to understand the mindset of the person you are advertising to on a specific medium.For example:The way people react on Facebook is going to be completely different than when they are doinga Google search.Robert: Oh, yeah, okay. Okay.Jason: That’s something to test out, too.Robert: Yeah, I’ll definitely test that out. All right. So the first thing to do when I get back thisafternoon, go to Google analytics, set up an account, and then go into Wordpress, go intoWordpress and search Wordpress for the Google Analyticator, and then get that tracking codefrom Google analytics, insert it into that, on that, yeah. Yeah, okay.Jason: Yep. Yep, you got it.Robert: All right, cool. Well, yeah, I’ll see if it works, but I was just, it’s been kind of crazy,I’m like, man, you know? But, you’re right, there’s just so many ways to test this thing and atthe end of the day I might have to start over, you know, it’s like, ―Ah!‖ But that’s cool.You know what I did is I actually added, before we even started, I went through a lot of myYouTube videos and I added that URL on it and I actually got a couple people from myYouTube videos that subscribed.Jason: Oh, okay.Robert: So that’s kind of cool.Jason: Cool.Robert: Yeah, yeah. You know, like reinvent the wheel. And what’s funny is on my annuitywebsite, even on my YouTube videos, the top ten videos on my YouTube videos, six of them arelife insurance. So, you know, I’m sitting there going, okay, if this doesn’t tell me I’m headed inthe right direction, I don’t know what is. I spent two-and-a-half years building out my annuitystuff, but then my life insurance stuff on that website is outperforming. So I went through everysingle account and I added the URL to my YouTube videos in the description, and I’ve got twopeople that signed up. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. And that was absolutely free.Jason: Well, you know, another thing, too, I would’ve expected that you would have had about10 opt-ins to your list out of those 100 clicks, and that’s why, you know, since you haven’t, I’msuggesting you look at this stuff.So what you’re going to need to do is reopen the campaign once you have the analytics stuff ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. attached and probably let it run for another 100 clicks or so and see what you’re getting for thatdata.Robert: Okay.Jason: Because another weird phenomenon when you’re doing paid media and stuff like this is,you’ll see different results when you have a larger set of data to look at. Because when peoplewill start seeing a new offer for the first time, you know, they’ll see your ad, they’ll click on it,they’ll check it out, but what ends up happening is, you know, people will opt-in if they keepseeing the ad, they’ll come back, and they’ll end up opting in.Robert: Yeah.Jason: So your data will change.Robert: Right, right, okay. Just like the newspaper ads for businesses, you know?Jason: Yep.Robert: It’s like, ―Oh, I’ve been in there for years, you know, and that’s why I’m here.‖ Oh,okay. Okay.Jason: And that’s the real danger in making assumption based off of low amounts of data,because I know you got to balance that whole thing of, ―Well, crap, I spent 100 bucks, I haven’tgotten anything yet,‖ against, you know, it’s still really not enough data to make any assumptionsfor certain on, you know, what’s wrong with the whole funnel yet, if there is anything wrong.Because, I mean, we don’t even know, I mean, if you ran it for 1,000 clicks exactly the way it is,you could end up having, you could still end up having 250 people opt in. And I think you’dconsider that to be a pretty big success.Robert: Well, yeah, exactly. I mean, like I said, I mean, I need to hook up the analytics anywayand change the YouTube thing which after that it’s just, you know, maybe my offer’s not strongenough after that.Jason: Correct.Robert: Yeah, so basically you’re just saying to tweak it a little bit, get some more data, tweak itagain, keep tweaking it, and then hopefully it works. Yeah. I wasn’t expecting, personally, Iwasn’t expecting a whole lot to begin with because I figured, you know, I’d have to tweak itsomehow, so. No worries. Okay.** Financial advisor training note **This is really the secret to making online marketing work. Test, tweak, refine. Its a continualprocess. If your expectation is to put something up and have it work like gangbusters right away,you are in for a serious heartbreak. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Thats why youre frustrated with every marketing system youve tried or used that isnt justbuying a lead. Because this testing, tweaking and refining process applies across everymarketing medium.Jason: Yep. So we’ll get it for you and that’s really the thing, is getting, it’s just, you know, yougot to stick with it and get that offer to work and once it works, I mean, it’s just set it and forgetit basically.Robert: Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for. And I got a guy in Charlotte and one in Dallas thatI’m going to, once this works, I’m going to start advertising in those areas for these guys, andjust make them partners.Jason: Cool.Robert: Yeah, and just make them partners. They’re pretty happy. I’m like, ―Well, let me justtweak it to the next month or so, then I’m going to learn more traffic ideas anyway,‖ so, youknow, I’m going to have a lot of stuff I’m going to be learning in the next couple months.Jason: Do you do anything on LinkedIn at all?Robert: No. No, not really.Jason: Okay. I haven’t done any advertising on LinkedIn or Google. I’m just, just likeeverybody else, I’ve done Facebook a little bit, but I understand, to me, Facebook’s probablymore of like the base in my mind, because I can target market my local area. And then all theother different ways to get leads that you’ll probably end up showing me down the road, youknow, I understand now, you know, I need to get my feet wet with this.Jason: Absolutely.Robert: And so, like I said—Jason: The reason I ask is I’ve been tinkering around with doing some stuff that you can do forfree on LinkedIn.Robert: Okay.Jason: That’s been working really well for getting out offers.Robert: Oh, wow.Jason: Yeah, and what I’ve been finding, too, is I get better conversion with people on LinkedInbecause business owners are more serious and they’re easier to, you know, do business withonline than consumers are. You know, like more business-minded professional people.Robert: Yeah, yeah. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Jason: So if that’s something you wanted to try, you know, sending traffic through that methodinstead of picking back up the Facebook campaign to, you know, see if you are getting opt-ins,you know, if the offer’s working, it might make more sense than, you know, dumping a bunch ofmoney in on Facebook to find that out.Robert: Yeah. I’m definitely open to it. The nice thing is since I got you, I don’t have to do alot of the guesswork. So if that’s what you’re saying, I’m all on board, because it’s not just me,you know, doing something on my own, you know what I mean? So if that’s what you’resaying, you know, shoot me an email or whatever, I should start doing that in the next coupledays and I’ll get that up and running.Jason: Okay. Okay.** Financial advisor training note **If you can find different avenues to test your offer in mediums that dont cost money for thetraffic, that is always best.Robert: And either way, I still got to add the analytics and change a couple things on thisFacebook stuff anyway. So it doesn’t matter, I still got to do that regardless of which way I go. Imight even do a combination of both, who knows, you know? I mean, **** today, I’m open toall opportunities to get people to opt in.Jason: Yeah. The only drawback to the LinkedIn one is, you know, you can’t geotarget it. Butbasically how it works is you build a LinkedIn profile and then you go and join as many groupsas you possibly—because they have these groups of people that are on there. And you go andyou join all of these groups that are related to the market that you’re going after and then you justmake a posting in that group each day that has something relevant that they’re interested in, andthen you have a link that goes over to your site.Robert: Oh, so you like a whole new profile.Jason: Yeah, so you just put your own, your own LinkedIn profile, right? If you don’t have onealready.Robert: Yeah, I have one already, but you’re **** a separate one on this one, right?Jason: No. No, just use your existing profile.Robert: Oh, okay.Jason: Yeah, and you just go in there and you join a bunch of groups for, you know, the marketyou’re going after. So, for example, when I, you can do like a search on groups on keywords,and so I just did a search on insurance and there’s, I mean, there’s all kinds of insurance groups,there’s like groups for people selling insurance, leads on LinkedIn, I mean, there’s insuranceagent groups, there’s all these people that meet my target market. And so I just signed up for all ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. those groups and then I have a virtual assistant doing this, but he goes in there each day, becauseonce a week I write five postings for him to put on there where I’ve got some kind of unique,interesting thing that’s related to my offer. And I have him go in and post those, those thingsdaily on each of the groups. It takes him about 30 minutes to do it, but we get anywhere from 70to 150 visitors a day to our website with that method. And it’s all free.Robert: So I wonder what group I should, I mean, from a retail perspective, I wonder whichgroups I should join. Obviously it’s not insurance agents, you know?Jason: Well, I mean, if there’s like a certain kind of business owner that you work well with thatyou’d want to go after, that’s one easy way to get it. If there’s, you know, look at the people thatyou’ve done business with and you’ll find some commonalities. Like there’s crazy groups inthere, like there’s one for people in California that enjoy stand-up paddle boarding. You know?Like maybe you’ll find that a lot of your clients really enjoy paddle boarding or hiking or, youknow, maybe they’re dirt bike riders. And, you know, there’s all kinds of different groups likethat that you can join and show some affinity to them and get them to come over to your site.Robert: Right. Okay. Well, I tell you what, I’ll work on this other stuff, if I get caught up inanything kind of crazy, I’ll just email you and let you know, ―Okay, where’s this code again, youknow?‖Jason: Okay.Robert: Because I’ll have to get that set up.Jason: Right.Robert: And then once that’s set up, in the meantime, I’ll start looking today and tomorrow andthe different groups. Because I belong to a ton of groups on LinkedIn and a lot of them, well,not so much any more, but they used to be insurance related when I was a wholesaler. And rightnow, it’s not that, so it’s mostly just retail stuff. So I’ve kind of switched my groups around.But let me see how many groups I’m in. Yeah, medical professionals, corporate lawyer network,cosmopolitan connections, European jobs, yeah, a lot of insurance groups. I think I’m going toget rid of a lot of the insurance groups. Las Vegas networking, Mustang enthusiasts, New YorkYankees fan club.Jason: Yeah! I mean, those are all groups that you could post that stuff to. I mean, especiallythe ones where they’re interested in something that is expensive, because you know they gotmoney and they’re interested in this kind of stuff that you’re promoting.Robert: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Well, yeah, I’ll start going through that kind of figuring out—I’mgoing to try to find some local business groups, I think, see where that takes me.Jason: Okay. Cool. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Robert: So, all right, so, man, I appreciate your time today, and then like you said, I’ll startworking on this on the next day or so, and if I get stuck, I’ll just simply email you, maybe youcan, you know, help me out.Jason: Perfect.Robert: And then I’ll start with looking at these groups and redo those Facebook ones. I’m stillgoing to go with Facebook, too, I just, because I want to make sure it’s working anyway.Jason: Yeah, absolutely. I just wanted to throw that out, this LinkedIn thing, out there for yousince it’s been working really well for me and it’s a way to kind of get stuff going withouthaving to spend a whole bunch of money.Robert: Right, right. All right, bud, I appreciate it, thank you so much. You have a good day!Jason: Cool, thanks. You, too, Robert.Robert: All right, Jas, bye-bye.Jason: All right, bye-bye.I hope you enjoyed this financial advisor training session with my client Robert Eldridge.Im sure you can see that insurance marketing online is a process and that its hard to accomplishthat process successfully on your own.Thats why I create my Agents Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery Program - its themost comprehensive financial advisor training on marketing online available.Normally I charge $97/month to be a part of my ALM Internet Marketing Mastery program.And if you use the link at the top of this post it will take you to the order page for that price.But I have a special offer page where you can get into the program for a one time payment ofonly $277.If you enroll at the special one time discounted price, Im going to give you two HUGE bonusesto help you achieve your goals with annuity marketing online.Bonus #1 - 2 Free 30 Minute Jumpstart Coaching Calls ($194 value)Youll get two calls just like this transcribed call with Robert where Ill help get you on trackwith your internet annuity marketing so you can be successful like him.Bonus #2 - Free IUL Sales Presentation & Ads ($47 value) ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Youll get a complete online sales presentation for IUL that I created for the largest producer ofAviva IULs back in 2010.It includes a full powerpoint presentation and script to go along with it. You can record it into avideo to put on your website or use it with a client one on one over Go To Meeting.Plus, youll get a full marketing package with several ads that you can use to drive traffic intoyour funnel and turn them into leads.All you have to do is enroll in my program by clicking the link below and completing yourenrollment on the next page.After you have successfully completed payment, please forward your Paypal receipt to support[at] safemoneyoption [dot] com with the subject line "Send My Bonuses".One of my staff members will contact you within one business day to arrange for your bonuses.Enroll in ALM for the discounted price and get your annuity bonuses here ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved